Why Mar Roxas for 2010?

I got to “guest post” on the website of Kevin Ray Chua’s Weblog. Well to avoid confusion Vernon Go = Me (iggy – my nickname) and I'm simply exercising my right to freedom of expression (Don't be Hatin').

I'll keep this short and simple. If Senator Mar Roxas would run for president this 2010, he would definitely get my support for maybe a thousand and more reasons (you can search for his achievements in wikipedia or the like sites). He simply stands out among the rest of the probable candidates. Even right now, without a clear platform, you know his focus and direction based from [Read More…]
Why Mar Roxas for 2010? Why Mar Roxas for 2010? Reviewed by vernon go on Thursday, March 20, 2008 Rating: 5


  1. Why Mar Roxas?
    Sabi niyo:
    Honest: wala pa siyang kinasasangkutan na isyu na nagpakita ng kaniyang katapatan.Katapatan kanino?Sa administrasyon?Oposisyon?sarili?o sa mga Filipino?

    COmparable to late Magsaysay: sino ba si Magsaysay? Sunod-sunuran yun sa Amerika nung panahon niya? Katulad ba siya ni Mar?

    Check his credentials: nagkaroon na tayo ng presidenteng drop-out, presidenteng kaklase ni CLinton, presidenteng ekonomista, nasa credentials ba talaga ang basehan?

  2. Last time I checked, Erap wants to squeeze his plundering ass back to the Palace. How would you react? :)

  3. I read you post. You have good points in supporting Mar Roxas.

    I think, when it is time for Roxas to "lay" his "concrete plans" for the country, it is right for us to conclude that he is the best option. The 2010 elections is tough, and many equally qualified presidential candidates will contest on the position.