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Monday, April 07, 2008

Philippines Top Bachelor Courses

Monday, April 07, 2008 Posted by vernon go

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) has listed the top sought-after bachelor degrees/courses in the Philippines today. Guess what's first...Nursing comes first with the highest number of projected students/enrollees this school year 2008-2009. Here are the top courses with the expected enrollees this year.

1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) - 497,000
2. Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management - 134,600
3. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - 100,700
4. Bachelor of Science in Criminology - 96,900
5. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - 95,300
6. Bachelor of Science in Accountancy - 89,500
7. Bachelor of Science in Business Management - 82,800
8. Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education - 67,000
9. Bachelor of Science in English Education - 52,300
10. Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering - 48,200

Really surprising why only one engineering course manages to be in the top 10. Hey, where are the IE’s and other engineering courses?

1. BSN – Health Industry Boom!! On other countries that is, while the Philippines’ needs are neglected. Sometimes I think nursing students are somewhat selfish since most of them have the mind-set of “Easy Money” or “Going Abroad!! Weee!!”. The Irony is, our health care is declining and most of these students are thinking of going abroad and perhaps some of them do not even have the passion for the profession. But I cannot blame them since people do what they need to do to provide a better life for their families.

2. BSHRM – ok I cannot deny that our tourism industry is developing quite well, the only thing that bugs me is that why is it that some “Potential” Tourist spots are being “ignored”, maybe it’s budget constraints or whatever but I want to see our DOT head guy to go into Local Tourism or better yet Eco-Tourism. Wait this is HRM we are talking about, I’m quite interested about this course too but maybe I’m just thinking of eating and living in a hotel or something.

3. Comp.-Sci – ICT and BPO’s are expanding and more foreign investments are raking-in, in this industry.

4. Wow more Policemen/women!! I hope their training is like the Army’s since I hate to see a Police patrolling around w/ a big belly!!! What’s up with that?!

5. Information Technology – Same as Number 3

6. More CPAs hopefully, I salute these people since IE’s have around 3 subjects in accounting.

7. More owners hiring Business Managers to manage there businesses? But as what I recall from my Teacher, he said most of business studies graduates do not get into business, he doesn’t know why…he has an MBM btw.

8 & 9. ESL teachers and the like, Irony again, our Public/Local Education System needs to be changed. (I’ll post my opinions on this on a separate post.)

10. BSECE – I guess they are included in the ICT Industry boom, my goodness what about the other Engineering courses? Are students really that afraid of Math and Sciences these days?