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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Badian's Lambug Beach in Cebu

The town center of Badian in southeastern Cebu is a good 96 kilometers from Cebu City and going to Lambug is another 15 minutes travel. Lambug beach is a 400-meter walk from the parking area if you want to explore all of the beach coast.

Lambug Beach has a fine white sand and clean aquamarine water, in which you can’t help but feel you are not in a public beach! Unlike the other overcrowded public beachfronts of Basdako in Moalboal, Lambug offers and has a slightly peaceful and different appeal. 

You can play some beach volleyball
swim or sun bathing

Have a photo shoot! >_<
Even these visitors are bearing with the heat!

Staying there:
There are two ways to stay: either you camp in or stay in a small resort. There's Magic resort, there are other resorts along Lambug Beach like Grandeur, which is located right beside Magic. A few resorts offer air-conditioned accommodations as well. 

From the parking area

Getting there:
Getting to Lambug Beach is fairly straightforward. You can get a bus ride from the Cebu South Bus Terminal to either ride available buses going south. For the pleasant seeking traveler/tourist, Ceres Bus is for you. You can even inform the driver or dispatcher to drop off or inform you once you are near Badian.

You can ride a tricycle for hire to Lambug Beach and that's pretty much it!

Take a groufie!

Budget: This is usually a secondary travel destination for most people coming from Kawasan Falls. No entrance fee, just the fare in getting there!

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