Sinulog Grand Parade - Part 1

Just imagine - you wake up to a bright but breezy Sunday and gear up for the once-in-a-year experience of a Sinulog Festival. You step onto the streets and realize… you don’t know where you’re going. Exaggerated as this may seem, you sure do not want to face this dilemma on the big day. So take some time to familiarize this route. Whether you want to take pictures, observe the dance movements, get heart-thumpingly near to the drum-and-bugle choir or simply enjoy the atmosphere, it will be well worth it. Bring a map, or you can download it at the sinulog website. You don’t want to be stranded in the wrong place during Sinulog, so better be there when the throng shouts, “Pit Senyor!”

Traveler’s Guide for the Sinulog Festival:

What to wear?

Comfortable clothing but not too comfortable, It’s a religious festival after all

Light colored to reduce heat from the sun

Fit to feet, walk tested slippers/shoes/sneakers to avoid blisters

Protect your skin, wear / apply lotion of sun block

Wear SInulog Loud and Proud! (Sinulog clothing and the like)

What to Bring?

Small light / Strap-on bags / backpack (bring necessary things only: MONEY; do not store money in one place: feet, pocket & bag)

Bottled water / juice or any liquids for hydration

Bring some candy or finger foods

Bring some tissue paper (you’ll never know when your body’s got to go release something)

Keep an eye on your mp3’s, cell phones and digital cameras

Bring some friends or in a big group, sharing the experience makes it all the more memorable (they’re good back up / body guards too)

For the Parents / Individuals

Be on guard, do not leave your things or children unattended

Educate each other and your children on what’s happening

Always prepare in case of emergencies

Make sure to know where the nearest food stall, water and medical stations are

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