Britain's Got Talent - Andrew Johnston

A 13-year-old boy bullied at school over his love for opera is being tipped to become this season’s winner of the UK reality talent show Britain’s Got Talent. Andrew Johnston last week sang an emotional rendition of Pie Jesu , a performance which moved judges and the audience to tears.

Before he sang, Johnston revealed he suffered at the hands of school bullies over his love of opera. His mother also revealed how they lived in poverty, eating just bread and milk at times. His performance wowed judges Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan and left one of them, actress Amanda Holden, in tears.

One of the judges, Simon Cowell asked him how he dealt with the bullies, he added: "I carry on singing."

Holden told him: "You could knock all those bullies out with that voice."

I almost cried when I heard this kid's song and voice...

Somethings wrong with my Video Upload thingy, so click to see the video Here

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