Want to be a Millionaire? - Go to Zimbabwe

Why you say? What’s out there? I don’t really know but take a look at this..

The photo (above) of a beggar boy holding wads of Zimbabwean dollars (around 200,000 ZD). He was happy to have his one (1) U.S. cent changed! You read it right. One U.S. cent is equal to 200,000 Zimbabwean dollars. Four more cents and the boy would be a millionaire!

One amazing fact is that the Zimbabwean dollar was once 1=1 with the U.S. dollar. That was way back in 1983. Amazingly, after over 20 years, the exchange rate rose to 1 US dollar = 20,000,000 Zimbabwean dollar. Amazing amount indeed - twenty million for just a US dollar?! You can click on the photo to get a clearer view of the numbers. See the exchange rate history of the Zimbabwean dollar.

Okay. Time to pack my things and head to Zimbabwe...just joking. Now for all you fellow pinoys out there, here's something to reflect about. Stop complaining about our poverty and the like, we must be grateful that we have not reached there situation, we should not take for granted what we have today and we must be motivated and empowered to work together for a better, brighter and greener Philippines!!!!!!!

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  1. I think I've seen a similar story in CNN the other day, though I'm not sure if it was Zimbabwe, because the lady was talking about needing more than a 10M dollar bill to buy an apple. Pretty sad indeed. And we thought we had it bad in the Philippines.

  2. nice article. great message.