Electric Uno Bike

A young Canadian inventor named Ben Gulak has created an innovative new electric motorbike that takes some of the lessons learned from the Segway device, but implements them in cooler package. The bike, called the "UNO", looks from its profile like a strange powered unicycle but actually employs two wheels side-by-side (It's like a Unicycle-Motorbike-Segway-Hybrid Electric Transport). Riders lean forward to accelerate -- a feature used by the Segway, and can hit a top speed of 25 mph in its current configuration. The Uno also makes use of a set of gyros to enhance ease of balance, and the wheels are independently operated making turning much more precise.

Operation of the 54.4 kg (120 lb) machine is simple, in fact it's so simple there are no controls except for an on-off switch. To go forward you simply push your body weight forward to tilt the machine. To back up, just lean back on the seat to tilt it backwards and back it goes. The farther you lean, the faster it accelerates. The gyro tells the ECU how much to accelerate and that in turn delivers the proper amount of current to the electric motors, one for each wheel.

Gulak, who’s 18 years old, says that the Uno is relatively simple to ride but, “takes a bit of getting used to because you have to learn to trust it.” The young inventor is currently courting investors for his Uno project, and truly believes that the vehicle might one day provide a green alternative for urban commuters.

“It has a range of about 2.5 hours and it is designed for the commute to work through busy towns” says Gulak. “ I believe this could be electrical alternative to the car. I’m just looking for an investor to help me get it into production.”

Ben grew up around his grand-father's basement machine shop. While he doesn't have any formal training, yet, Ben has spent much of his life making projects like 'model trains, rockets and other cool stuff.' The education he gleaned from his grandfather, who was an engineer, and from simply being a tinkerer prompted Ben to enter into a grade nine school science fair with a 'real simple magnetic car that shot around a track using accelerator coils.'

A 2006 trip to China prompted Ben to consider a project in electric transportation after seeing the damage done by the internal combustion engine. "The smog was so thick, we never saw the sun," Ben said. He then realized that some form of electric transport was desperately needed in the same compact form as a motorcycle or bicycle to help ease congestion and save the environment.

Damn, I want One!!!!

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  1. hmmm.. is this already existed? or just a prototype? dli ni joke2x lng? heheheh

  2. Woah, where is the other half of that bike!?!?

    Very cool prototype. I can't picture hopping on the freeway with one, but that's a great and it looks sooooo much better then a 'moped'.

  3. Now that's innovation, and the fact the inventor is only 18 - younger when he got the idea - is truly amazing.

    A few more young designers like him and the planet might survive after all! ;-)