Daily Rant #1: Not enough time..seriously

I should be having my peaceful weekend right now but instead, things are getting a little bit annoying, weird, out of control and simply frustrating. Here is a list of what's going on in my life right now:

1. Internet Connection – I go crazy when my internet connection is busy, can’t blame ISP sine many people are getting there service! RAWR

2. Adjustment Period - I am now a professional but I am still not that focused on it yet, I even have a back log in making my own system to adjust with my job of being a technical support engineer and the work schedule I have somewhat adjusted but not totally, it could be never.

3. Nothing to Blog - It's pretty obvious that I don't have any topic today to post. Writing these down helps me ease the boredom, frustration and the disappointment I feel. Technically I have a lot to blog about, it’s just I have niches now and I do keep a schedule/quota per week to blog per niche its just that I’m still adjusting? I dunno..

4. Slow implementation of plans – I have so much going on that I get frustrated if a planned endeavor is not yet implemented, I only have to blame myself for this but I could blame other factors on some endeavors, such as: getting a government issued ID (passport, nbi clearance-after 48 yeas jud!), Bank account creation (don’t have requirements yet and I need 4 bank accounts from 4 different banks!), YMA project (Stalled, literally), commitments (to CIT-CES..it’s getting there..I hope and for some reason i became an organizer for ALEx's activities), business proposals (uhm..everything is on draft..at least but still not good enough)

5. Waiting for Windows 7 to arrive – damnit where are you!??? I want my windows 7 and netbook now!!!!

6. Brown Outs – I’ve read the news that there will be rotated brown outs since the VERCO people are fixing something/maintenance.. DAmint DOE please make some wind turbine power plants or solar power plants or any alternative power here in cebu!!! It’s sustainable and friendly to the environment, can’t you understand that?

7. Sidelines – maintaining them is hard enough, I need to try harder dammit!!

8. My crazy Brain/MIND – my brain is throwing out lots of ideas lately, although they are good, it’s frustrating when you can’t implement them.

9. The Holidays are coming – Christmas is stressful why? I’m on a tight budget, lots of parties to attend and gifts to give (please for a change ako napoy mu receive pwede?)

10. Blogging world – The demands of this world are ever increasing, the need to explore and act upon Online endeavors is stressful and frustrating (Income generating ventures, freelance, niche, and the like..)

So many things to do..so little time…rawr!!!
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