Harbour City Dimsum Treat

Harbour City Dimsum has changed over the years due to the changing of times. The Harbour City Dimsum I knew was a restaurant, noisy but with class. These days, Harbour City Dimsum is still named a restaurant but due to increasing competition and the emergence of Fast foods they had to adapt.

Even though the restaurant has changed over the years, i still like the chinese food they serve. Personally I would prefer the previous Harbour City Dimsum restaurant layout and designs but know its a bit livelier but maybe it was a suggestion from the customers to change there presentation.

Any way, my favorite sio mai to chow down is usually my big three: Mushroom, Plain and Quail Eggs sio mai. And the usual thing my family eat are those and some times shrimp sio mai with lumpia, sweet and sour pork/chicken/fish. Whenever I eat dimsum, I always remember my family and my past, it is just so nostalgic.

And this time around I went with friends and was treated in Harbour City Dimsum, SM City Cebu by Sinjin! Thanks B-day Boy and together with Mikyu (B-day Girl), Clado, Prince and Atty. Ethelbert.
Harbour City Dimsum Treat Harbour City Dimsum Treat Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Saturday, November 28, 2009 Rating: 5

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