Teachers are repeaters?

Teachers are repeaters as per Rossana "Osang" Roses during showtime's episode in which she belittled the teachers and in my opinion, indirectly towards the students. Rosanna Roces’ comments against teachers are too harsh to say the least. She treated all teachers as rotten tomatoes without considering that there are teachers who are doing their job professionally with some even sacrificing their time and comfort just to teach students in the remote areas of the country and she has the nerve to say "teachers are repeaters".

"Huwag kayo makukuntento sa mga itinuturo ng libro at ng teacher. Kung magtatanong kayo, hindi masama iyon. Dahil ang mga teacher, they were just repeaters. Tinuturo lang nila kung ano ang itinuro sa kanila. Hindi na nila itinuturo kung ano ang gusto malaman ng mga bata,"

Vice Ganda, contradicted Osang in an attempt to save the show from the anger that will be generated by the comments against teachers. Vice said that not all teachers are bad teachers but there many teachers that are excellent in their profession but the damage has been done.

Showtime is a highly entertaining show watched by many Filipinos. It helps promote and showcase the creativity and talent of normal Filipinos nationwide, uplifts their spirit and provides opportunities to improve their lives.

The Movie & Television Review & Classification Board (MTRCB) on Monday placed the ABS-CBN talent show "Showtime" on a 20-day preventive suspension, after an incident involving one of the show's judges.

I will quote a speech I composed when I was in college in which I thanked my teachers:

In order to succeed, we must first believe we can; but how can we believe in ourselves when no one believes in us first?... that is the role of our beloved teachers. It is to believe and help us become more than what we are and also to be able to develop our potential…Teachers affect eternity; they affect eternity because to teach is to touch lives forever….

…William Arthur Ward said… “The Mediocre teacher tells; The good teacher explains; the superior teacher demonstrates; And the great teacher Inspires” …

See complete speech HERE

I have a high regard for teachers since I was in high school to college and even up to now; to make a point on the quoted message above, teachers have basically have the power to shape the lives of our youth, our community, country and world. Without teachers, we wouldn't have much of a society to begin with, who will teach lawyers, engineers, and the like then? I am even planning one day to go into the field of education in order to impart not only the things I have learned in my experiences in industry and of my profession but as well as life lessons.

It is partly true that there are some teachers who are corrupt or do not teach their students well or at all. There are teachers who are preoccupied with their sidelines that they forget their duties as teachers. There are teachers who use their authority to abuse their students. However, few rotten teachers are not enough to represent all teachers.

I normally don't judge people and as much as possible avoid it but this is just sad. We need better role models and better leaders, we need an education oriented president and as per Jose Rizal it is the key that shall bring us out of our Colonial mentality which has enslaved us for the last 100 years!

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  1. teacher baya ako mom...and she's a very good one...:P bantay lang ka osang..hehe

  2. Although presented in the most thoughtless way, I believe that Osang has point . Indeed, this is a concern that we should look into. I am also a teacher and temptation to repeat what I just learned is almost irresistible. I always find ways to teach students to think than be gullible because I know that learning does not start and end in me.

  3. Thanks sa post, Iggs!!! I just had a dose of the latest buzz...

  4. Maybe Osang was just too exposed to the like of the teachers she mentioned. It is possible as well that her ability to generalize and to do a hasty conclusion is a learning she got from her teachers (is she ever went to school). :)

    and by the way, I just dont find (whats the name of the show again??) ... showtime? entertaining. It's like a "for compliance" show.

  5. Erratum:

    (if she ever went to school)