What is a Jejemon? jejeje

At first, I thought a Jejemon are people who simply type "jjejejejeje" but I was dead wrong. As I was lurking around the web I found out slowly but surely more about these so called Jejemons.

They say Jejemons are basically a variation of homo sapiens sub-species "Jeje" that originates in the Asia-Pacific nation called the Philippines. Also, "Jejes" on the other hand are of the pure, original and is claimed to have originated in what we know today as Latin America (allegedly).

This is the face I make when faced w/a Jejemon

One observation I have noticed as I was researching about these JEJEMONs is their use of language. Jejemons can only be distinguished by their writing language, the Jejebet (Jeje-Alphabet) therefore it is almost impossible to distinguish them among normal Humans.

The Jejebet is a combination of the English alphabet and counting numbers which is a strange mix of character substitution which in turn makes these words that are understandable only to the Jejes, Jejemons and also Jejeologists (normal humans that study everything about the Jejemons). An Example of their communication is that they usually turn or interpret the number "6" as letter "G"; Number "3" is seen as "C"; and (one) "1" is turned to Letter "I." Here is a sample of there intricately simple yet complicated communication:

yUckNesZ m9a g@nyAn pOowThaA vuTi nA LnG di akEw ganYan! EwEeWneSz An0 vah yahn!

Here are some words that I can barely translate:
aQcKuHh - means me/ako
lAbqCkyOuHh - means I love you/Love ko you?
yuHh - you/ikaw
jeJejE - laughter of a jejemon although these I find to be contagious (Sometimes normal non-jejemon humans are vulnerable to this which sometimes the anti-jejes will mistake you to be a jejemon)

Normal people like us, must take a crash course in Bachelor of Arts & Sciences in Jejetyping and Jejepretation (Which they say is similar to writing Caligraphy) in order to understand these individuals, as deciphering and interpreting their text would cause a lot of frustration, and sometimes some nosebleeds. Jejemons are often seen clustering around social networking sites such as Facebook, Friendster and other social networking platforms from around 8pm to 4am (and on rare occasions, beyond the said time frame) Philippine Time.

They say there is even a jejeland, the supposed promised land for jejemons and also Jejenism the official jejemon religion.

Source: Former Jejemons, Jejeientists, Jejeologists, Jejebusters, Anti jeje groups and Grammar Nazis on the net.
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  1. bwahahaha mao d.i nang jejemon? :))

  2. Bwahaha! You made it sound like you made a scientific research or something. LOL

  3. lol! great research, keep it up!

  4. Gianne Kitz C. VenturaJanuary 9, 2014 at 1:09 AM

    i hate jejemons! they are language destroyer! isn't it?