I Fell asleep and saw Inception

I Fell asleep and saw Inception. Well based from the trailer, I thought that the movie was about stealing information from the brain, but I was wrong. Inception = mind-blowing, mind bending, mind twisting, mind boggling, memory lapsing, brain freezing, exciting, bold, imaginative, crazy, intuitive, deep, paradigm shifting, ridiculously brilliant! T'was worth every peso I spent after my last day at work. I have never been so intellectually engaged in a movie for a time. Oh and by the way, I opted not to watch through IMAX since it would probably give me more pain than pleasure? I just took the vibrating chair which was another 1st for me!

The concept of pure creation within a mind was totally awesome, there was a scene where the "Forger" Dude said: "Don't afraid to dream big.." then he came up with a grenade launcher and fired upon the projections. EPICC!!!!!

Now I smell that there should be some sort of inception sequel? I mean come on, The "Architect" can bend or surpass the laws of physics within the mind, so why not over exagerate with the fight scenes like MATRIX-y scenes or something. But that's just me, I don't usually do movie reviews but this one gets All FINGERS up? hehehe :)

On a deeper note, inception gives out a new definition of living one's life. I mean, aren’t we walking around everyday not really knowing what’s going to happen next. Some of us may not do a lot of action but more on dreaming. Not that its a Bad thing but perhaps I can even go as far to say that people should do or work more on synergy or synchronizing both worlds to have a fuller life.

You create the outcome of your life with the choices you make in your present. Make better choices, have a better life. Don't just dream, keep the Faith. Fight for your dreams, and your dreams will fight for you.

Oh, and people are complaining about the ENDING? The way I see it, it was meant to be open ended and I liked the Inception ending.
I Fell asleep and saw Inception I Fell asleep and saw Inception Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Monday, July 19, 2010 Rating: 5

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