New SM Eco Bags

SM ECO Bags ~ Spark, Renew, Breathe and Flow!

SM Cebu just recently launched their newly conceptualized SM ECO BAGs. August 6, 2010, SM City Cebu simultaneous with all other SM Malls in the Philippines launched the SM Eco Bags that helps save and conserve our resources.

It was commonly called as GREEN BAGs which can be bought at the Super Market. Now, they have released 4 designs for the SM Eco Bag signifying the 4 elements: air, earth, fire and water.

Here are the new ECO BAGs:

SM ECO BAG FLOW. Whenever you buy FLOW Eco Bag, proceeds go to efforts in saving and conserving our water resources. The Flow – represents the element of Water

SM ECO BAG SPARK. Proceeds would go to efforts in helping conserve and produce energy.. The Spark – represents the element of Fire

SM ECO BAG RENEW. Proceeds go to efforts in recycling. The Renew – represents the element of Earth

SM ECO BAG BREATHE. Proceeds would go to efforts in cleaning the Air! The Breathe – represents the element of Air

This project is for a cause to help our Mother Nature! Every time you buy an Eco Bag, you can help save and preserve our environment. SM ECO Bags are sold for only Php35.00 each! It wouldn't hurt to buy and use these neat, cool, environment friendly Eco Bags and help save our planet!
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