One Cebu Sustainability Summit ~ Lessons

I definitely learned a lot in attending this summit. Especially from the Speakers like mr. Montxu Aboitiz, Tony Meloto Jr., Alex Lacson, and Arch. Alexander Lacson. Also, Mandaue City mayor Jonas Cortes also left a message that We are not measured by what we gain, but what we have given.

I learned a lot from all speakers from different aspects, perspectives and applications! (See below for some of the things I got from them)

Elisea Gozum - Avoid the unthinkable, adapt to the unavoidable; Business as Usual is not an option! there is no business future for destroying nature and eventually life on earth!

Montxu Aboitiz - Variable pricing of electricity from different time of the day

Maria Goolsby - In relation to initiating a project or campaign for CSR/Business: It starts with and idea and passion, then start finding people with goodwill but are at the same time, excellent professionals. And we venture into the unknown, first we believe, then we hope, and finally we love-for love is patient, is kind, is not envious, is courteous and not rude, it does not seek its own interest, nor rejoice over wrong doing but rejoices with truth. We learned that we have nothing to do with the choice of the gift, but we have everything to do with the use of the gift-that is, to do what we are supposed to do, when we are supposed to do it-with passion, persistence, patient endurance, perseverance and prayers.

Tony Meloto - IT makes business sense to end poverty for market expansion; There is no absence of caring and generosity, just an absence of trust.

Arch Felino Palafox - Development should not initiate without any proper infrastructure (Very profound statement, it's not limited to urban planning but to systems and organizational development as well)

Brad Reddersen - The Social Movement~READY-FIRE-AIM

Alex Lacson - 12 things every filipino can do for his country; 1st Gift of God is Life and 2nd is Freedom

Call to action from multi-sector partners and representatives
Those are just the general thoughts I got, but for the more deeper learnings, I guess I must reflect on them for my future new self and projects! Till the next One Cebu Sustainability Summit!
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