Birthday Weirdness and Roles

my sister w/ my cake from friends and bloggerHats
Here's the long delayed Birthday post! My Birthday had some lots of Weirdness and Roles. First, it was a long time since I had my birthday on a sunday so t'was a bit weird. At church I somewhat felt that God's gift to me was as always, something new and I bet that he was definitely having a good time watching me trying to figure it out (Sorry, It's between us).

After that I did not expect someone would literally stalk me that day and ended up having a quick feeding program for the needy. Also, friends who knew where I lived ambushed me with a surprise greeting!

Dear mga migo ug miga, friends, romans, countrymen, acquaintances and stalkers, thank you so much for greeting me via email-facebook-inbox, twitter, plruk, FBwall, text(SMS), call, advanced greetings, piece of papter/card, telepathy and Dream-Inception. I made the effort to reply sa tanan sa facebook wall pero di mada sa tanang social technologies! Sorry it took so long to blog. Without doubt, this has been the best-weirdest birthday evah! WEIRDEST birthday! I love you all! May God bless us always. ♥☺☻♪♫

In the span of one year, I have already gained so many new experiences and I have never been this close to my dreams. Hopefully I can still muster enough strength and inspiration to push on forward! Don't stop believing, hold on to that Feeling!!!

Got this from GlobaXchange Concert for a cause!!
Here's a quick reflection mode: The roles I've played in my life so far.
parent (salamat wala pa intawn)
teacher (Student-teacher, hopefully mu level up!)
janitor (pag higschool og elementary intawn)
maid (When we no loner hired one)
gardener (Kung suguon ni mama)
brother (Number one [1]!!!)
sister :> (nope)
friend (yeap)
enemy (When I become evil from time to time)
stalker. (sometimeskidding)
photographer (noob)
secretary (sexytary :P)
Love Doctor (Witch siguro)
the “patient” (When I was hospitalized)
cameraman (Actually tig gunit rajud ko wako kibaw naunsa to)
director (katong pag elementary)
editor (of my own blogs and blogs I contribute :D)
Leader (frustrated Servant leader)
Speaker (magyawyaw og rant)
angkul (adopted)
Ambungan nga IE
and the list goes on.
So, what roles have you played in your life so far?

Birthday wish? si BRO lang ang may alam..I'll wait lang BRO..pramis!
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