Meeting Lorenzo Reyes Tañada III

Meeting Hon. Lorenzo Reyes Tañada III was truly a great honor. As I always say, we don't really meet politicians or public servants all the time especially ones who are not directly impacting our lives here in our city, province or municipality.

We met him during an event organized by the USC STAND Alumni Foundation wherein the group expressed their support the Hon. Tañada's governance advocacy which shall eventually becomes an instrument for social justice and meaningful change. Now on this third term at the Lower house, Tañada has a string of laws on human rights, environment and other social concerns that he helped formulate and pass for the betterment of our countrymen.

About Lorenzo Reyes Tañada III:

Born on 16 August 1963, Lorenzo Reyes Tañada III or "Erin" as he is fondly called by friends, represents the third generation of Tañadas in the field of politics. he is the grandson of the "grand old man of Philippine politics" - the late Senator Lorenzo "Ka Tanny" M. Tañada, known for his fiery speeches, great oratorical and debating skills and fearless stand against the Marcos dictatorship. He is also the son of former Senator Wigberto "Ka Bobby" E. Tañada, the Senator who led the fight to rid the country of the US military bases in Clark and Subic and later, put up a valiant stand to stop the country's earlt accession into the GATT-WTO in 1994.


The USC Stand Alumni Foundation Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit organization composed of alumni of the STAND of the University of San Carlos, Cebu City. USC Stand is the student political party which is involved in campus politics and which seeks to provide the students a venue for the expression of their desire to participate in campus reforms and changes in society. Having been established in December 1982, it may now be considered as one of the oldest existing student political parties in the Philippines.

Special thanks to USC STAND (Student Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy) ALUMNI FOUNDATION for the invitation!
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