Webinar: Becoming a Blog Entrepreneur

Last September 16, Thursday, 8 to 9:30PM, Ms. Janette Toral, author of Blogging from Home, had a free webinar in which I attended. While viewing the webinar, I can also see some of my friends in facebook, plurk and twitter who were also part of the audience since some of them were plurking/tweeting some of the thoughts they got while the webinar was on going.

Business firms these days are slowly shifting alternative means of marketing and engagement. Some are slowly starting to utilize blogging in updating employees, current customers or clients, on what’s happening with their business, product lines or the like.

I really learned a lot from the Teaser Talk on the Certified Blog Entrepreneur Program of Digital Filipino and Ateneo de Mania University! This has compelled be further to pursue and push-on in continuing my very own Blog Marketing business venture via this.

This program combines face-to-face lectures, online course access, hands-on activities, and consultation with trainer Janette Toral and guests.

The Certified Blog Entrepreneur Program by Ateneo and DigitalFilipino.com has 3 modules:

Module 1: Blog Launch, Copywriting, and Basic Promotions
Module 2: Blog Marketing and Advertising
Module 3: Blog Monetization and Business

Although I still can't afford the said program, there is always Social Practice, I'll do some roughin' it in the field since experience will definitely be a good teacher as well!

You can also view the slide presentation and recorded video of the Free webinar. Thank you Ms. Janette for a very informative-awesome webinar and Good luck on the new program!

Any readers who wanna ring me up for a crazy blog marketing adventure? :P
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