Colon by Night

Ka-Bino briefing the Youth Group
Have you ever wondered what Colon was by Night time? This was by far the most interesting Colon by Night experience that I ever had. I had always went to colon when I was little with my mom, sister, or even with cousins to shop or buy some stuff. I can still vaguely remember that at the time Ayala and SM were still starting up and Colon was still the Center of Leisure, Entertainment, and Commerce. FYI-Colon is a rich Cultural Heritage destination being the Oldest Street in the Philippines!

We met with Ka Bino Guerero together with a youth Group (FLOW Team?) where we met up and had a quick chit chat at the new 138 Mall at around 6PM. After that we walked along Calle Colon, then to Teatro Oriente, then Vision Theater and not for long arrived at the Carbon Market.

Corners of Colon with old small streets
We not only moved in and around the old colon area but also through time! Carbon Market is also alive at night though I expect it to be as active at dawn but maybe its the December Rush in this area. The smell of fruits, buwad and some ginamos can make you stomach feel uneasy.

Amazingly, there are divisions of the market which has been there for perhaps even before the American Occupation such as a section purely for vegetables, there are sections devoted for fresh fruits and for metal works and so on..

At the Carbon Market with almost all kinds of fruit choices
While walking, what was so amazing was the various secrets: The heritage buildings scattered all over the district. There were just so many, I lost count. Although I have already seen some of these buildings before, seeing them again under the moon and the activity of people is really something new to me. Amidst all the activity, just like in the movies, if you just stop and observe, you can see the place as if it was alive!

Some veggies and spices
Passing through the street everyday has been kind of a boring habit and what makes it more boring is the dirty and chaotic scene in the place. Through our walking night tour of Colon street, I learned to appreciate what we uniquely have as Cebuanos.

I found the tour so enriching as a Cebuano because I had the chance to immerse at the real scene and at the same time, learn new (old) things about the place. I got the very unique and fun filled opportunity to learn about the hidden and taken-for-granted structures and stories of Colon. I realized that we have so much to be proud of as Filipinos and as Cebuanos.

I would've wanted to put some pictures here but it is really different and difficult to explain if you toured the place yourselves with an expert or tour guide of course..=)

This type of tour is a must experience when in Cebu City for the Holidays! Thank you to Ka Bino for letting us experience this great walking tour!

To contact Ka Bino, please SMS him at 0919 380 5853
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  1. is ka bino doing something like carlos celdran -- giving a tour of intramuros?