SanRemigio Beach-Club & Cafe Gloria

We did a quick stop-over at SanRemigio Beach-Club & Cafe Gloria for dinner-breakfast in our journey towards Bantayan Island, Cebu. The place was quite interesting for it was quite tranquil and quiet which can really make you think, relax and reflect on a lot of things.

arriving via the reception
the place we slept and stayed overnight
2 bed room, with simple design, and its well maintained and clean!
The San Remigio Beach Club is northern Cebu's answer to life and leisure combined. They have 51 rooms ranging from the comfortably spartan to the gratifyingly luxurious, food outlets serving up savory cuisine, a wide choice of sports facilities, all set up in refreshingly natural surroundings of coconut trees, sand , shore and sea. But they boast on the island's beneath the surface, and see beauty that takes your breath away. Scuba diving off the waters of San Remigio is an experience certain to give you many beautiful memories (I did not try this though).

Stayed and listened to the wind here @ Bahia Vista area
Facilities & Activities
  1. Pool and Sea-pool Party Area
  2. Convention hall
  3. Clubhouse
  4. Billiard Hall and Basketball Court
  5. Cafe Gloria and Open Cottages
  6. Bahia Vista & Skipper's Lounge
  7. Land (Bus) and Sea Transport (Pump Boat) even horses
San Remigio Beach Club Accommodation and Packages

Accommodation Rates HERE.

Group Tour Package
Php 1,920.00 per person per night only (minimum of 4 persons)
  • Room Accomodations: four (4) persons per room
  • Meals / Drinks: Breakfast only
  • Free Use of Resort Amenities
  • Coastal Tour and Sand Bar Excursion for one (1) one hour per day, depending on tide and weather conditions
  • Round Trip Transportation
  • Resort Souvenir
  • Special Packages for Two (2) or Three (3) persons can be arranged.
  • Kids below five (5) years old are free of charge, kids between five (5) to nine (9) years old could avail of 50% off.

Day-Tour Package
Php 1,100.00 per person per day only (minimum of 4 persons)
  • Free Use of all amenities
  • Round Trip Transportation
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Snack
  • Coastal Tour and Mangrove Excursion
  • Snorkeling
  • Special Packages for Two (2) or Three (3) persons can be arranged.
  • Kids below five (5) years old are free of charge, kids between five (5) to nine (9) years old could avail of 50% off.
You can find the rest (Wedding, Honeymoon and the like) HERE. And they also have diving packages HERE.

Outside Cafe Gloria
Entrance of the Cafe
The place for a buffet
right behind it is the BAR
Ready to Eat
About Cafe Gloria

Cafe Gloria is the veritable heart of San Remigio BEach Club. Each and every dish that comes out piping-hot from its kitchen is certain to warm not just your belly, but your spirits too. The food is nothing short of fantastic. Tasty, savory and delectable. And very reasonably-priced. The Cafe Gloria is simply perfect for any occasion, making even the ordinary quite special. Their menu range from Filipino to American and other famous foreign food.

Seafood Scrambled egg
Mixed Seafood kebab
Grilled Porkchop
Lechon Kawali
Buttered Chicken
Sizzling Chicken
Here comes the desert Banana Split
Leche Flan!!!
Here, we (Yes WE, I can't eat everything obviously but I had a taste XD) ate our dinner and the next day's Breakfast! The price range in Cafe Gloria are from Php150-200.00 which are comparable prices to restaurants in the City of Cebu. What surprised me was the serving, which was quite big and heavy, but then I realized most of the clients they have and present were foreigners so I just ate away.

About San Remigio

Home to 44,028 peace-loving people, the municipality of San Remigio in the island of Cebu is famous for its unspoiled beaches, gentle people and peaceful environs. History books traced the beginnings of San Remigio's modern historical account way back in the latter part of the 17th century. In those days, San Remigio was then known as "Kanghagas". A tree which grew abundantly in the place. Kanghagas was then just a barangay unit of Punta, later re-named Punta Isabel in honor of the Spaniush Queen Isabel II.

ants ;)
Punta Isabel was en enclave that was once part of the municipality of Bogo. During the time of the Spanish conquistadores, the Kanghagas trees were cut down paving the way to the establishment of what is now the vacation town of San Remigio.

The town got its present name from the commander of the Spanish sentinels, Remigio Multon. San Remigio lies in the northwest seaboard in the island province of Cebu. It has the disctinction of having the longest coastline in the entire province. To reach the municipality, visitors take the main highway for a little over two hours, covering the whole 109-kilometer drive from the central district of Cebu City.

During the invasion of the Moro pirates in the northern part of Cebu, the commander of the Spanish sentinels, Remigio Multon, valiantly organized the townsfolk to fight the invading pirates. His bravery and heroism during the fight endeared himself to the locals who also added the word "San" to the commander's name as a sign of their appreciation and honor to him. Eventually, the place was named San Remigio, the seat of the local government replacing Punta Isabel.
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