Witnessing GK Bayani Challenge 2011 (Gawad Kalinga)

Around eight houses were built during the six-day Gawad Kalinga's Bayani Challenge 2011(Kalinga sa Bayan) held at Bantayan Island last April 9. The rest will be finished by the beneficiaries as there counterpart for the program. There were many teams from a group of friends, family, individuals and companies like Globe and SingTel which in total of about 2,000 volunteers that spent time in attending the different events of the GK Bayani Challenge 2011. GK and the event is aimed at building a network of volunteers and fostering a spirit of volunteerism among Filipinos that goes beyond building houses for the poor.

Bantayan Central School
This year's Gawad Kalinga, seeks to emphasize the Filipino's capacity for nation-building by volunteerism and “bayanihan” or community participation. Among the activities held were Island Greening, School Build/Rehabilitation, a sports Clinic (Paraisong Pambata), Home Build, Farm Build and a Health Mission. This also include fellowship activities for the Volunteers such as: Beach Competition (Filipino Games and Sports), Blogging Rights DAY (Alright!), Empowerment Talks, and Fellowship Night. There are also Special Events such as the Bayanihan Race, Master Kusinero, and the Culminating Concert!

From Hagnaya port
in the RORO boat~my 1st
Fishermen huts
Halfway There!
Arrival at Sta. Fe Port
We arrived at the build site and rested a bit from the loooonng journey. The sun was definitely BLAZING like there is no tomorrow but It was worth it anyway.

At the built site with other teams and houses
Work Work Work
Bayan-Anihan site
definitely reminded me of Farmville XD
You can meet different people from different walks of life. From 27 provinces in the Philippines, and also from Brazil to American, Australian, Singaporean, some from Luzon and Mindanao; Bloggers, Engineers, Journalists, and the like!

Globe, Singtel, GK officials and Volunteers with Brother Armin Luistro, incumbent Education Secretary under PNoy
Hey Mikyu!! pangapply na! bwahahah
Nangaon na sila...ako kay workx3 pa
About the GK1MB Bayani Challenge:

2006 - Started and the theme and aim then was A Heroic and Massive Response to the Dire Need of our People. This was in the wake of the Southern Leyte (Ginsaugon, St. Bernard) Mudslide where we saw multi-sector participation~ A true feat of Bayanihan.

2007 - Building Communities, Rebuilding Lives. GK Travelled to Bicol and Marinduque in the aftermath of Typhoon Reming. With 3,000 volunteers with 230 Teams built homes and in effect a new community and a fresh start in their lives.

2008 - Building Long Lasting Peace. Beyond service and commitment, GK ventured into conflict-ridden areas in Mindanao not just to care to poor Muslim families but also Christian and all Filipinos. This led to 5 GK Sites in Bukidnon, Wao, Lanao Del Sur.

2009 - No one will be Left Behind! GK and Volunteers journeyed into Sulu and Zamboanga which showed the commitment of 300 (Brave Souls) GK Volunteers who courageously built homes for the Tausugs. While 500 Volunteers ventured into Zamboanga.

2010 - Explore, Build, and Protect. An army of 1,000 volunteers from all over the world arrived in Sitio Bohoy and Culimbawang, Riotuba, Bataraza, Palawan for 100 Palau'ans Families which is in the southern part of Palawan.

2011 - Kalinga Sa Bayan at Bantayan Island! We have so many beautiful islands and Bantayan is one of them which will make you fall in love with it. Despite its magnificent splendor, it is difficult to truly appreciate it with poverty around the corner.

WEH! Humana sila?! Less than 5 days..WOW! Possible Talaga!
We met some of the Beneficiaries :)
Some of these beneficiaries lost their nipa hut to typhoon Frank. Most of them live with other relatives that have homes but are of course making do with a crowded home in  Barangay Tugas, Madridejos town in the northern island of Bantayan. One of them stated that they were so happy about this program called Gawad Kalinga since they have never heard of it. They just happened to enlist something in the Baragay Hall and then, the next thing they were called and was told about this. “This is our chance to start a new life,” of them said, grateful as she watched volunteers from different parts of the world work under the sun’s scorching heat, which also inspires them to also help out.

Every after build, there is always fellowship activities and since this is bantayan~ the beach is the venue!
This was a very inspiring experience to say the least, aside from new experiences, new friends were also gained and of course more Inspiring and Happy Memories!! Got to find me another GK Build around here..
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