Amar Delon's HAPPY: Have you found yourself yet?

I was lucky enough to join a coffee-meet-up with the malaysian author, NLP Trainer, Actor, and many more~ Amar Delon! Amar was promoting his new book called "HAPPY: have you found yourself yet?" It was a really unique experience all in all to have met and chatted with a person like Mr. Delon who is really experienced and wise.

To think I was talking to a person who is an International Speaker, Author, TV/Film Director, Actor, Producer, Screenwriter, a certified NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming, Timeline & Hypno Therapist, Trainer, and Life Coach...whew that was a mouthful! You don't get to meet people like him everyday, I was at an awe with his experiences and principles.

He had his ups and downs, despite being able to achieve all that he had achieved. He even tried washing cars and sold car cleaners at a certain point in his life due to his own arrogance and doing; which led him to reflect and bounce back to become the person he is today~ and also, the book he wrote, shows some of his experiences and how he and you can over come it as well!

About Amar Delon:

Amar Delon as he is known to his colleagues and peers, is the Creative Director and Chief Executive Officer of AD ACCESS WORLDWIDE which was established to be the prime outfit in providing formative influence for individual and organizational advancement through innovative and customized Training and Consultancy services..

Some quotes from Amar which I find really helpful and awesome! (See Below):

Success to me is about going where you want to go at your own time, while failure to me is seen as a lesson that needs to be learned before achieving success.

It does not matter where and how you start, but people will remember you for how you ended it all!

Destiny is not yet written, history is not yet proven, because the journey & not the path is what's waiting in the end.

If we really want to take ourselves out of the rut that we are in, the only way is to really take ourselves apart and find out who we really are.

Though his book is based from his experiences and have some references to religious teachings, it is not by all means a spiritual book but an Inspirational one. I found his explanation regarding this, very profound! "It doesn't mean that I borrowed some quote from Buddha or Jesus Christ that this book is religiously exclusive or something, I lived in malaysia, a multi-cultural-religious environment; and that I have come to embrace and understand the multiple facets of it all. But it doesn't mean that acknowledging a good quote from a religious prophet makes it religious or speaking in behalf of that religion, it is simply by all means, a good philosophy; which we can use to better ourselves."

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