Bloggers Gather for a Camp--published article

I wrote an article on the recent Cebu Blog Camp 2011 on a local paper. I basically incorporated some of my experiences from another blog post on the camp and then constructed it with what other bloggers experienced as well. The title is "Bloggers Gather for a Camp" Please see the full article quoted below:


Bloggers Gather for a Camp

“Every artist was first an amateur.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

We must accept the fact that we greatly influence those around us. If the same thought is used, we can influence and persuade others even it’s only through our point a view through writing or blogging. A blog is basically a personal yet public journal; your blog is like an almost unedited version of yourself; Blogging is not rocket science, it’s about being yourself, and putting what you have into it.

“Blogging is best learned by blogging…and by reading and learning from other bloggers.” – George Siemens; And if given an opportunity to connect with other bloggers, the insatiable desire of humans to travel, connect and share kicks in, hence, a gathering happens and that is what Cebu Blog Camp is all about!

The 2011 Cebu Blog Camp was held at the Sacred Heart Center last May 28, 2011. The Cebu blog Camp is an event organized annually by the Cebu Bloggers of the Blog and Soul Movement which is the educating leg of the Philippine Blog Awards Inc. which has been running for already four years. This is the largest gathering of bloggers in Cebu with the theme: “Learning New Skills, Experiencing New thrills!”, Evanjohnn Mendoza , the head organizer said.

Though the event was created for cebu bloggers, Prominent bloggers from Luzon, other parts of visayas and Mindanao also graced the event.

The day started with it’s 1st speaker, Paul Gothiong from CDP – Cebu Digital Photographers to talk about Photography 101. Then, the co-founder of a Technology Start Up, Eric Su followed it up by introducing their digital product,, which was a good tool to use for bloggers in doing some photo blogging were discussed.

Many bloggers were excited for the next speaker to talk about Travel Blogging, which was Estan Cabigas. Estan is a DLSU Manila Professor, freelance photographer and multi-awarded blogger based in Makati City but is a true blue Cebuano. A former telecoms engineer, who specializes in travel, architecture, documentary and sports photography with his works exhibited locally and abroad. He has also contributed images and articles to local and international magazines and websites including CNN Go, National Geographic Magazine and Geo (Germany). His talk, was simple yet compelling!

For the 2nd year, Aileen Apolo-de Jesus, Google Country Consultant for Philippines, shared her knowledge on Blogging and of course the latest free tools offered by Google which can be very useful for old and newbie bloggers or even netizens alike. Another one who came back was Janette Toral (www.bloggingfromhome. com), founder of Digital Filipino, columnist and author of Blogging from Home. Seeing the need for bloggers to level up, she talked about Bloggers’ Etiquette especially in joining or covering events and showcased possible opportunities to become not just professional but also influential bloggers.

Since bloggers blog about their passion, the next speaker was very qualified to talk about it and at the same time about food reviews. Chef Anthony Gomez worked as Head Chef in Ativo Italian resto and also in Marco Polo Cebu and now he is sharing a guide or how to’s for bloggers to use for their Food Write-Ups.

In the span of less than a year, the whole blogosphere has been shaped and reshaped mainly by google, facebook and twitter, to name the popular social media platforms. And just recently Philippines was declared the Social Networking Capital of the world! With that, Coy Caballes, Social Media Manager from Globe Telecom graced the event to educate bloggers as to how to utilize, analyze and optimize these tools for whatever uses we may have for it like advocacy, business, branding and the like!

After Coy, Ruben Licera Jr., a PR specialist turned Internet Marketing Expert supplemented Coy’s talk by discussing Social Media Success with Facebook where he informed bloggers of the proper use and optimization of such a platform: “Just because anyone can use it, doesn’t mean anyone can manage or optimize it!”

Wrapping up the whole day event was Ruffy Heredia, who headed the Mozilla Firefox Cebu Community where he discussed the benefits of the new Mozilla Firefox 4!

Aside from drawing lessons learned and inspiration from the speakers, newbie bloggers and bloggers outside cebu shared their thoughts about this event!

Yuri Baral Lao, a blogger based in Manila said ( “My Cebu Blog Camp experience needs a part two as I crave for more knowledge, and more opportunities to network with like-minded individuals.”

Issa Perez, Nursing Student and Fashion Blogger ( based in Cebu shared “CBC 2011 was the best experience that has ever happened and could ever happen to a blogger hoping to meet new friends and opportunities.”

The event truly provided an avenue for bloggers online to meet offline and introduce each other, share their learnings, establish connections and of course finding new found friends!

~Bloggers Gather for a Camp was Published in the FREEMAN-June 15, 2011 page 24 (Half Spread) --online link to follow..You may see a larger picture via my Piclyf Life+Stream HERE
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