Fernando Buyser (Cebuano Hero)

Fernando Buyser was born on May 30, 1879 in Merida, Leyte. Fernando was a secretary of patriotic leaders in both the Revolution against Spain and the Filipino-American War. Fernando Buyser later worked as a ship official then as a priest of the Philippine Independent Church in 1905, and, in 1930, elevated to the position of bishop in Cebu.

Buyser was the most prolific author of books in Sugbuanong Binisaya. His output included poems, stories, songs, speeches and plays, which explored varied subjects such as romance, dreams, love of country, everyday things and the plight of the working class. Not satisfied with traditional poetic forms, he experimented with oriental and western styles.

Consequently, he was able to come up with a form akin to the first sonnet which became known as the “sonanoy.”

Sources:  got it from a recent "Mga Bayani sa Sugbu" Exhibit from the CASA GORORDO MUSEUM, CEBU.
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