Adventure @ Papa Kit's Marina & Fishing Lagoon

Me, together with some Minglanilla & South Side residents went to Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon on a Sunday last month for a get together chillax day. We wanted to try their Zip-line and we also ended up having our lunch there! Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon could reach as much as 200 people while on weekends. Holidays are especially high Php1,000.00 to 1,300 people (This usually peaks on the afternoon as what we saw).

Entrance Fee in Papa Kit's Marina & Fishing Lagoon was 100 pesos per person across the large property, whilst for the rest of the facilities, you may have to pay additional. They have 2 restaurants, one resto fronting the sea is also connected to a rest house-type-with-conference area. There were plenty of things that you could do and these would include horseback riding and fishing at the lagoons/ponds just to name a few.

First off, the FOOD: 
We were really hungry and add to that he waiting time was quite long, -->perhaps an area of improvement; but the place is still having on going constructions here and there, expansions and the like so it maybe understandable. So far, the food was okay. A little improvement in customer service and that will make it better!

You are not allowed to take the Fish that you FISHED, but they are allowed, so you still get to order and taste it? xD
Guess what? it's not chicken~it's fried shrimp!! HAHAHAHAHA
Barbeque Pork Chop!? I think...I forgot..

This was my 2nd time to do ziplining but I was still excited. The zipline indeed crossed a part of Silot Bay. You have to climb a four-storey structure and once you get to the top, then a harness is attached to you then off you go~for only 200 pesos back and forth, and twice the amount if you want the superman position that is!

these are the times when I want a normal DIGICAM!!!

While hanging suspended for about 800 meters, you get to appreciate Silot Bay's Coast which features a rich diversity of mangroves ecosystem in the area. Aside from that, if it's a sunny day, the SKY and the SEA gives you a good and awesome view wherein you can really appreciate the beauty of nature and an appreciation for our environment!  

soooo highh naaa wahahahha

Other Facilities:
As previously mentioned, ziplining is the main attraction but their are other stuff to do as well. You can choose to do fishing with about four ponds to choose from while two of these ponds are simply game fishing; when you catch the fish, you'd have to return them back to the pond. Fun fishing are done in Pond 5 and 4. If you want to catch bangus you go to pond 5 but if you like to catch tilapia then go to pond 4. They have fishing rods with the reel and accessories for rent at only Php50.00 and baits cost Php10.00 only. If it gets destroyed you'll have to pay for it at Php800.00 based on the current market price of the rod and reel (ZOMG! DKML? DMD~LRJ!).

Fishing cottages are available for rent with prices ranging from Php100.00 to Php1,500.00 for the biggest cottage. You can also go for horseback riding (Horseback riding is only Php50.00 per 10 minutes, I believe), cycling (bicycles are available for Php50.00 for an hour use), boating and the like or just randomly get lost and explore the place and go on a vain-picture2-spree!

The boating is also among the well favored activities in the property with rental ranging from Php200.00 for an hour for a paddle boat or a canoe, Php300.00 for 30 minutes for their 5 horsepower dinghy, Php350.00 for the eight horsepower dinghy, Php400 for the 15 horsepower dinghy and Php600.00 for a 30-minute ride at their glass bottom boat which can accommodate up to 10 people. There is already a Mini-Zoo when going towards  the Zipline area.

There is also a Blue house that can accommodate up to eight people and costs only Php2,800.00 per night.  

this is free but many wants to ride this since the place is quite big indeed!

How to get there?
To get to Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon in Cebu, well you have to get to Lilo-an first the once in the area where you can see the Town Hall~you can ask by standers or vendors where to go next since it's a relatively famous place and it's near the main road or when you see a sign that indicates the entrance to Papa Kit's. xD

Future Projects: They say, there will be a planned freshwater swimming pool and a saltwater swimming pool for those who also want to go swimming; a soon wakeboarding project area as well! EXCITED!!!

So what are you waiting for? TRY IT OUT!

Special Thanks to Sponsor Ma.'Jumpi' R. & Photo Credit to Constantine R. ~Lady & Lords of the Lands of Baking, Minglanilla! :P
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