Hugging for the Heart

Rain or shine for Free Hugs 2012
This post is an offshoot of my print published/online article 'Hugging for your Heart. ' I started with a few friends last 2011 a Free Hugs Campaign during the Sinulog Festival here in Cebu and this post is about the follow up for this year together with my sister and new friends!

“Knowing that a simple act of human kindness can mean so much to someone in a time of need inspires me to keep offering free hugs,” said Juan Mann of From that, we decided to share and do our part by giving away HUGS.

Scenes from 2011 Campaign
2011 Free Hugging
Benefits of 'Touch or Physical Contact':
With the advent of the internet and updates in technology, we have become less physically social and are sometimes content with just the mere online interaction. Research have shown that physical contact or 'touch' for it is a form of language for love. Not only that, scientists have shown that the amount of body contact (touch) plays a vital role in people's mental and physical development as infants and in our happiness as adults.

My sister and friends join in this 2012
surprise hug!
Hugs are a great way to communicate to someone. Humans need to touch and be touched, just like they need food and water. It is a way of communicating to our hearts, lifting their spirits, and experiencing happiness in their lives. Without it, people experience sadness, loneliness and isolation.

standing out within the crowd ;)
bumping into strangers and friends along the way
we get tired too you know, but the campaign goes on
You could say that “Hugging” is an under utilized resource with magical powers. Since Pinoys aren't really the HUGGING TYPE, perhaps I say "'WHY NOT HUG SOMEONE?" 

When words are not enough, we hug to show our love and care.

Hey, I just met you and this is crazy but here's my BLOG URL so HUG me maybe? :)

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