Social Media Influencers Summit 2013: Be Involved!

In my bid to return to blogging after a relatively inconsistent updates and long time hiatus, I'm gonna share to y'all an interesting event, which is the Social Media Influencers Summit 2013. I know I promised not to post anymore event-type-blog posts but this one's an exception, I'd say.

The Social Media Influencers Summit 2013 is an interesting event since it's gonna gather not only thought leaders, but also social media influencers in one place, in this case, Cebu. The Social Media Influencers Summit theme will be focused on “#TrendingForward”. As posted on it's site, here's their explanation for their chosen theme for the Social Media Summit:

“Trending” means “the general direction in which something tends to move.” Each individual or company may have separate goals, but the ultimate goal of any “Social Media Influencer” is to create a buzz for its cause to make it appear on the “trending” topics of the social media networks.

Forward” is being used to depict the innovation/presentation that each social media influencers should do to reach and influence the target audience. Buzz is not created by all. It is practiced by those who had mastered it. And this craft is fast changing with the dynamic preference and attitudes of the social media users.

The Social Media Influencers Summit 2013 will be happen at the JCenter Convention Hall, JCenter Mall, AS Fortuna Avenue on March 16, 2013 (Saturday). A sneak preview of the speakers is shown below (these are only some of the speakers since these are the people whom I'm very interested to listen to :D):
  1. Maria A. Ressa is the CEO and Executive Editor of Rappler, a social news network which uses a hearts and minds approach to news through a unique mood navigator. Rappler combines the best of professional journalism with citizen journalism and crowdsourcing. 
  2. Fitz Gerard Villafuerte is a business, investments and personal finance advocate best known for his award-winning blog, Ready To Be Rich. An entrepreneur by heart, he now works as a consultant for several traditional businesses, helping them create online marketing campaigns through social media.
  3. Hannah Almira Amora is a finance educator by heart, financial consultant by profession.  But when told that her family needs to raise one million pesos as soon as possible for her son’s much needed open heart surgery and not having the financial resources for it, she sought out the help of her Facebook friends and hoped to create a community who could help them raise the funds. Thus, Maven’s Heart Fund was born. 
Note: Profile summaries are taken from the Social Media Influencers Summit site

This event is organized by iNewMedia Online Network and co-presented by JCentre Convention Hall, JCentre Mall; SMART; Platinum Sponsor - BLUEWATER RESORTS: Sumilon, Panglao, Maribago; Bronze Sponsor - Click Photo Club; with partner organizations: Cebu Blog Camp, iloilo bloggers, and GBG - Cebu.

So if you wanna participate on this unique social media event, you may want to visit:

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