I Hate-Love Social Media (Digital Fatigue)

Yes, I got issues lately. First and foremost, DAMN you facebook, the fudge LinkedIn? raaawrrr 9gag! Hmmm tweet tweeet tweet; google+ huh? !@#$%^&*() Instagram!!! I could go on all day but no, this is a bloody rant which needs to be out of my system. I think I'm having a watchumacalit... Social Media Fatigue!

Aside from the image above, there are many 'other things' that I'm not liking as far as my social media engagement is concerned.So, let me list it down for yah:

The increasingly-annoying "personal branding" process - although it used to be advantageous to brand onself as a particular type of person (for business purposes), once it crosses the personal part, the over-OC-disciplining of oneself can be a bad thing.We slowly become an overly edited-version of ourselves because we want to project certain type of professionalism or what-not, and self expression in it's purest form is threatened by weird laws or even overly sensitive people who think I'm talking about'em -_-? seriously?

TROLLS EVERYWHERE - Gone are the days that I want to just rant/express myself on any social network, I always have to: "edit-my-post" for fear of trolls, grammar nazis, too-many-VAIN-people [I went thru this phase too but BLOODY HELL!] and the like (well not really fear -it's just really annoying). You can argue that most people need a sounding-board-person to talk or express their problems, frustrations; well I'm not most people, so screw you!

Diet, budget, lives ruined?

Digital Social-Envy - blame it on smartphones or the increasing availability of mobile internet but yeah this shit happens everyday now--as long as your connected. It could be food, travels and the like, these sorts of things ruin - LENT, diet, self/social esteem, and whatever other things are ruined.

Trip2 laag2 >_< I'm so broke-I'm such a loser, my life sucks
You don't get things done -nuff said (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ [kudos to Social Media Managers who have not fallen]

Stalking - it's bad for your health and has become mainstream

I know nobody lives such perfect lives but (it appears, it is though) when yours isn't that perfect human tendency is to compare and then you are screwed. Perhaps a lesson for me here is to stay away from facebook when your life is not necessarily on the upside.

I guess, we all want to be appreciated and loved but sometimes it gets annoying that to some extent I think or over-think that the positive-part of me is being welcomed and that there's this weird-underlying eerie-expectation that I can probably solve my own crisis/problems or whatever and people have this assumption that I'm carefree and have no problems; then, when I tell the truth (which is most of the time) it seems/sounds unbelievable? Perhaps I dug my own grave and that olden habits/mechanisms took over and I just by default shut-out people.

Yeahp this blog has been a sounding board for me, which is a good thing! Which brings me to the things that I gained through this area of engagement: New friends, additional/alternative income, a different lens/perspective, new learnings, emojicons, baby animal photos, memes, inspirational videos/quotes (Ted.com), TALES FROM THE FRIENDZONE, disaster mitigation applications, crowd-funding..etc. to name a few...

I now know what my non-Netizen-friends feel when I was doing all those things back in 2010-2012 --for that, I apologize for being insensitive/arrogant :P AND THANK YOU for those who bothered to listened to my worries last 2011 who took a moment of their precious time to chat and render advice (from another country at that!)

Dear Social Media,

Here's what I'm gonna do. I'll let go, laugh more (not just type LOL); hang-out with friends PHYSICALLY; move, being more 'mindful or in-the-moment,' being more patient with myself, others & the world, and scream YOLO!

Now, it's time to grow once again, change-anew, and keep moving forward! ^_^

Best Regards,
-Fatigued User

-- Quick self cheer/reflection/prayer: Dear Lord, when feelings of inferiority, insecurity and self-doubt creep into my heart, help me to see myself the way You do. Amen :D

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