A not-so-good Color Nite Run Cebu

Out of all the night fun runs organized, I had to choose this one for my first not-for-a-cause-run and boy I was stressed, pissed, disappointed & feeling whatever! I chose the 5K category for a freakin cost of Php750.00 and to think I had to do rock climbing the next day.

The Color Manila Race definitely came to Cebu with so much hype coming off from that successful Color Manila Run Cebu; I guess it can't be helped that people became patient in buying those damn slots online or bought that prepaid card thingy and shell out some 700+ cash or credit which could have been spent wisely like 1 month child sponsorship through World Vision Philippines, 2 bucket meals to be spent on friends, perhaps 2 races, movie tickets, sing your heart out in Red Box, or perhaps some fine dining for two.

This Fun run was meant to be FUN and not for some for-a-cause thing but really I was that pissed, simply because of not only spending some ridiculous amount to commute to SRP, but also because IMO, the organizers this time screwed up. The promises fell flat and they have the Customs to blame, but the runners only have them to blame (To think that there are still some relief goods stuck in customs). There were no medals at the finish line, no neon glasses; instead they gave away some glow in the dark sticks & ballers which were some what cool except that they freakin gave too much to those damn teenagers and quite a number of runners, like myself, didn't get any damn glowing stuffs.

1 color chalk mmmkay

So with that in mind, I decided to just get on with this really expensive run which I could have done for free in IT Park and finish it as quickly as possible. Based from the images I saw in their promotions, as well as in their facebook, there was supposed to be some colored chalk powder throwing still and some party music in the route. From my count there was only one station towards the finish line that threw those powders and 1 custom car with heavy speakers making noise. Seriously?

BFP on the scene, pouring some H2O on the crowd

I should've gone trail running since the damn route was flat, dark and not much views except the selfies or groupies all around.

But to be fair, after crossing the finish line, the free food calmed me a bit, just a bit. I wanted to get the hell out of there but waited for the promised party2 to start but I had no intention of finishing that too. And when most of the runners were finished and the party started, some good things started to happen.

The saving grace was the party although at the back of my mind I was still thinking it was a shitty night. Good thing I saw some familiar faces to talk to and enjoyed the fireworks. So the run started bad but finished for me some what so-so. I guess I learned my lesson, no to runs for just FUN which was purely business and profit. So I guess I'm stuck with Trail runs that we can promote the beauty of nature and gathering awareness or raise some funds for runs for a cause!

"We must ask, not just is it profitable, but is it right?" - Barack Obama

A not-so-good Color Nite Run Cebu A not-so-good Color Nite Run Cebu Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Saturday, June 14, 2014 Rating: 5

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