365 Good Advice Project: Coffee Talk/Dates

I have always wanted to do a 365 Days Project. You can do a photo-a-day, commit something like document a learning/reflection each day. But for me, none of those resonated with me. You see I'm the type of person who sets multiple goals when pursuing something. Like the job I have right now, I had at least 5 goals to fulfill coming into it. And ohh sometimes I do crazy side-projects like the 2011 and 2012 Free Hugs campaign.

So why a 365 Good Advice Project?

The first answer for that is of course, this is the 365 Day project that I want to do. Second, I was inspired by a TED Talk I watched by Simon Anholt who talked about The Good Country Index. The index primarily looks at which countries contribute the most to the world in which we live and humanity in general - something, anything.

By good, not morally good but not the opposite of bad either. Good but not Best (because best is something else). But good the opposite of selfish.

Now the next problem I had was execution. I could just choose and email 365 or all of my friends in facebook and solicit for their 'Good Advice' but based on past experience, and knowing some of my friends, it will probably involve a lot of waiting and hoping and their was no incentive for them to write. And not all of them are writers or articulate as I wish them to be. This leads me to the solution that came to me.

I read an article about a guy from Melbourne Australia getting coffee with all his facebook friends! So I wanted to that too, not just as an incentive for my friends but as a way to 'connect.' So the only problem I have left is the cost, but I'll wing-it and figure something out somehow. (This is my way of practicing READY-FIRE-AIM)

What is The Good Advice Project?
Like Simon's point in his talk, by being "Good" I mean the exact opposite of selfish. How can we give people good advice in order for them to care about others and not just of themselves. More than my goals and the benefit to me, I think this also helps my readers and my friends by having to dwell on random life questions like: getting that good advice that we may need, because I believe, a good advice comes not from one's ideals, but from ones heart and values; the things we hold dear close to our hearts, the important things in life. But who knows really, I'll probably expect to be surprised!

The goal for this are as follows:
-Fresh and interesting content for my blog. [DUH] :P
-A method of learning - I will most definitely learn a lot from this.
-Re-connecting with friends and strengthening networks/relationships :)
-Find some collaborators perhaps?
-A 365 project just for me?
-A reason to finally settle that 'Treat' I supposedly owe some of them (I really don't remember)
-Coz I'm Batman Crazy-Awesome!
-I lost my thick face somewhere in 2011 so I need another one - with less emotional baggage
-A change of pace -- something new, crazy, new; an experiment to myself (and my 'friends' or some acquaintances shhh)!

Guide Questions:
-What Good Advice can you share?
-or What principles do you hold dear to your heart which you can clasify as a 'good advice' (that's a bit deep)?
-Side topics: How's life? What are we into these days? Wanna collaborate?
-What 'good' life lessons you have learned that you wish to impart to others?
-It can be in any category so long as it has to fit the criteria of 'Good" (as defined above)
-I'm avoiding the use of quotes since I have googled 'The Good Advice' and their is already one in existence that does exactly that, good advice through quotes that those people share, so no quotes. #SorryNotSorry

Expectation Management:
-I'm not gonna do it everyday because there's this thing called #Tingbits
-If you insist that you pay for your own coffee, I insist that you do! ^_^
-Keeping a free-er schedule doesn't add stress to my already complicated life :)
-I'll update a photo in my instagram or facebook to declare my progress, the blog post will follow
-I'm not necessarily a coffee drinker, so don't be insulted if I don't drink myself and only treat you!
-I have friends from different times of my life, some may know me as an introvert, some think I'm perfect, others are so blinded with my awesomeness and there are some who see me FIL-AM: Half Filipino, half AMazing, and a dear few see me as normal (I'm super normal) and the random ones who can see through me or as an ambivert -- so book a schedule so I'll have time, budget and some extra courage!
-I will probably make another reflection-blogpost after this challenge/project has finished.

Estimated Damage to the Pocket:
-The Cheapest coffee to buy is probably from Dunkin Donuts (they taste good I hear) = Php35.00. Multiply that to 365 which is at Php12,775.
-Starbucks or Bo's coffee should be pegged at about Php150.00 * 365 = Php54,750
-Things I do for my goals and FRIENDSHIP!!! T___T
-Crap I need a sponsor! (Deep breathing and repeat to yourself, relationships are priceless, repeat!)

Lastly, I'm tired of hearing great or the best advice possible. Why? Well sometimes, or most of the times, those types of advice are the 'IDEAL' and bias in a way --which makes them totally taxing to apply to our own lives and sometimes, its not even applicable, realistic and practical. A good advice that comes from the heart, from what matters most.

So why not give out advice for the benefit of others? --Makes sense to me!
Lez Do Dizz! :D

But really, who knows what the outcome will be!
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