KICK for LIFE: Football Marathon 101

Here's an interesting event happening this coming December 2 to 6 2014 called KICK for LIFE: Football Marathon 101. It's a Guinness World Record attempt to play 101 hours of non-stop football this Dec 2-6 at the San Roque Parish Football Field, Subangdaku Mandaue City. This event is not only a world-record attempt but most of all it aims to raise awareness for children with Congenital Heart Defects (CHD).

Let it ECHO, a non-profit org, is the sole-beneficiary of this event. Kids with CHD usually require life-saving open-heart surgeries which are very costly (average of P800,000 PER surgery). There are around 30 kids who have asked help from our org and we need your help to help them raise some funds to address the surgery cost for each child.

About Let it ECHO
This is a non-profit organization dedicated to help sick kids with congenital heart defect/s. They consist of heart parents and individuals who have gone through the ordeal of having children with congenital heart defect/s. Let it ECHO

About KICK for LIFE: Football Marathon 101
An attempt to set the LONGEST FOOTBALL MATCH for 101 HOURS, promote football in the community and raise awarenes and funds for kids with CHD. KICK for LIFE: Football Marathon 101

This campaign was launched officially last September 29 at the Ayala Active Zone, Cebu City. United Kingdom set a 72-hour football marathon in May 2013 which was just recently bested over by France with 73 hours although there's no official announcement yet. The group will opt to break that record and raise the bar higher with 101 hours of football game to be held in San Roque Football Field in Mandaue City- the neighbor of Cebu City and part of the Cebu metropolis.

Here are some ways to help!!!
- Help spread the word to your friends via social networking sites or your own personal blog; or even perhaps join by writing about the event, either during the actual event or even pre and post event.

- You may donate some funds prior to the event and with that you get these in return: These will allow you to pass through the cordoned area on the actual event:

Php350 donation - you get a "I support Kick for Life" white shirt
Php200 donation for non-students - you get a baller band
Php100 donation for students - you get a baller band

- Make a pledge/donation for every hour the game is played and you get the ff:

Php500 - a Let it Echo shirt
Php1000 - a Let it Echo Shirt with baller band
Php5000 - a Let it Echo shirt, baller band and Kick for Life Hoodie

- Lastly, you can also Volunteer your time. They need volunteers to help out on Dec 2,3,4,5 and 6. Here are the different areas where you can help:

1. Kitchen - Biggest challenge so far is having a kitchen crew who can help out in feeding 120 pax round the clock for 5 days..
2. Medics - to monitor the BPs and wellness of the players

If interested, here's an online form where you can register and it will help us determine the undermanned hours. Click on the link below and register to become a volunteer!

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