Chasing the awe-inspring Tumalog Falls, Oslob Cebu

If you find yourself traveling south of Cebu, then I would recommend dropping by the awe-inspiring Tumalog Falls in Oslob, Cebu! Indeed the Cebu province is blessed with having of such great natural wonders such as mountains, beaches, rivers, waterfalls and the like. The Tumalog Falls is also known as “Mag-ambak Falls” or “Toslob Falls” is a must-visit place – with a multiple cascading waterfalls with an umbrella-like stone formations due to the water almost constantly falling down and hitting it.

You can already see the falls from a distance

I have done some research before going to the place, and have seen pictures but nothing could prepare me once I actually saw the Tumalog waterfalls. Literally, my heart skipped a beat or you could say I was breathless for a few seconds. And the cold winds were somewhat an added bonus.

In the entrance with some vendors to buy some snacks and buko juice from!

The Tumalog Falls is a good place to swim. It’s just a waist to neckline deep… so it’s definitely safe for everyone esp. for land creatures and non-swimmers like myself? (I'm still relearning fools!)

A closer look from a distance

An added amusement are foreigners; whether they are asians or westerners, the look in their face makes me even more proud of what we have here in Cebu. All the more for balik-bayans (it's pretty obvious from their look and slang speaking) being amazed not just with the Falls but with them talking about how much they spent just to witness something almost magical!

One of the first areas you will see once you reach the falls are the mini falls!

Things to do once there:
1. Just chill in front of the falls or the nearby Cottage
2. Bring a banig and just stare at the Tumalog Falls in awe (though this totally backfires if it is really windy but during summer, it shouldn't be a problem
3. take dip, or a shower, if not let the falls massage your back as if you are meditating or meditating for real like a zen master
4. Take a proper Self portrait, a selfie, a groufie, or take photographs or video of the falls
5. or if you are lucky you can just sit back and enjoy some vitamins for the eyes -- I'm talking about foreigners, balik-bayans walking by with their "beach bodies" (mostly weekends)
6. pray, yes; take it all in, breathe in and out, reflect on your life and be amazed with God's creation!

The best way to say 'I was there' is with a selfie
another one but down below with the mini falls and pools of running water
I found me a mini bamboo forest!

Getting There: Ask around :P

For spending an amount people normally spend in a mall, I'd say this is more worthwhile and money well spent indeed!
Chasing the awe-inspring Tumalog Falls, Oslob Cebu Chasing the awe-inspring Tumalog Falls, Oslob Cebu Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Monday, March 02, 2015 Rating: 5

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