Sun Life and Kenneth Cobonpue

 Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) Inc. has found a new ally in promoting financial literacy in Cebu and the Philippines. He is our very own, home grown and world renowned industrial designer Kenneth Cobonpue. Sun Life’s partnership with Cobonpue was announced mid last year and now I was given an opportunity to listen in to a talk he recently gave here in Cebu.

Kenneth lead a business opportunity forum for entrepreneurs interested in becoming Financial Advisors in line with this year's 120th anniversary celebration of Sun Life Financial Philippines!

In his talk, he shared his story and journey in how he achieved the success he has today. Aside from that, he also shared the world-renowned designs he created as well as his passion for it.

Kenneth Cobonpue also talked about The Hive, a collective of like-minded Filipino and international designers—predicating both on the use of natural materials, an organic aesthetic, and intense hand-making. He shared that we must be passionate in what we do and have focus to see it through!

Cobonpue is known to always mention that “ideas are infinite”—a person, a brand, even a design is a story told over and over again in many different ways.

“My pieces carry all these values: valuing quality, integrity, and legacy. I don't design just for the present. I look at them as treasures that can be passed on from one generation to the next – just like Sun Life’s products.”

He also teaches his own employees to manage their finances, so they can save for the future which has led him to become Sun Life's new ally in promoting financial security in Cebu. He said: "Financial education is key to avoiding being saddled with debt. Now is the time for people to understand the need to save."

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