COL Financial is now a 'fund supermarket'

There is buzz in the business and financial world here in the Philippines since last year when it was first announced. The middle of last year became really exciting when news of COL Financial became a 'fund supermarket'! ONLINE brokerage firm COL Financial Group Inc. has launched its mutual fund trading platform last year, offering new products and services to its clients.

Online Fund Supermarket:
Marvin Fausto, COL consultant on business development, said the company will kick-start its mutual funds trading platform “COL Fund Source” as the first “funds supermarket” in the country.

COL Fund Source, which will be accessible through COL’s portal, will enable clients to self-trade bond funds, balance funds, money market funds, and equity funds at the same online trading site, Fausto said.

The fund supermarket will feature 25 mutual funds, accounting for 98 percent of the available funds in the market.

Brokerage Fees:
COL Financial Group Inc is waiving the front-end fees when it launches the country's first fund supermarket in the next few months.

If you invest through COL, there should be no front-end fees as compared to going straight to the fund houses where you will be charged with front-end fees. The brokerage has a share in the management fees of 1.5-2 percent.

Fausto said the online brokerage firm has already signed memorandums of agreement with the six major funds in the country, cornering 92.1 percent of total assets in the Philippines.

Partner Mutual Fund Providers:
COL Financial is by far the number one online stockbroker, and is now distributing and serving mutual funds of Philequity (PEMI), Sun Life Asset Management Co., Philam Asset Management Inc. (PAMI), ATR Kim Eng (ATRKE), and BPI’s ALFM.

COL has signed agreements with the mentioned mutual fund companies to distribute shares of their mutual funds through COL’s online platform. Among the Mutual Fund investments mentioned are:

Philequity Mutual Funds:
  • Philequity Fund
  • Philequity PSE Index Fund
  • Philequity Dividend Yield Fund
  • Philequity Peso Bond Fund
  • Philequity Dollar Income Fund

Sun Life Mutual Funds:
  • Sun Life of Canada Prosperity Bond Fund
  • Sun Life of Canada Prosperity Balanced Fund
  • Sun Life of Canada Prosperity Philippine Equity Fund
  • Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Advantage Fund
  • Sun Life Prosperity Money Market Fund
  • Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Abundance Fund
  • Sun Life Property GS Fund

Philam Asset Management, Inc.:
  • Philam Bond Fund
  • Philam Dollar Bond Fund
  • Philam Managed Income Fund
  • Philam Fund
  • PAMI Horizon Fund
  • Philam Strategic Growth Fund
  • PAMI Global Bond Fund
  • NCM Mutual Fund of the Phil.
  • PAMI Asia Balanced Fund

ATR Kim Eng Mutual Funds:
  • ATRKE Equity Opportunity Fund
  • ATRKE Philippine Balanced Fund
  • ATRKE Alpha Opportunity Fund

BPI’s ALFM Mutual Funds:
  • ALFM Peso Bond Fund
  • ALFM Dollar Bond Fund
  • ALFM Euro Bond Fund
  • ALFM Money Market Fund
  • ALFM Growth Fund
  • Philippine Stock Index Fund

COL Financial will have in place a fund rating system that will assess funds based on their historical performance, risk metrics and track record. The brokerage will also help clients select funds through a risk rating system and research.

About COL Financial:

COL Financial, formerly CitisecOnline, is the leading and fastest-growing online stockbrokerage firm in the Philippines. COL Financial is currently the eighth largest stock broker accredited by the Philippine Stock Exchange, rising in rank from its 9th place in 2013.
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