Do you still remember how to vote this May 2016 PH Elections?

With only a few weeks left to election day, this post is just a quick guide on Voting come election day!

Social Media is one of the major battle grounds this election season with so much mudslinging not just from candidates but also supporters! And I noticed the minimized emphasis on voter education lately compared to 2013 and 2010. So the question now is do you still know what to do come May 9?

  1. Before election day, [Make sure you are registered >_<] check your precinct through COMELEC’s precinct finder app (
  2. Be sure to already know who to vote for: 1 new president, vice president, 12 senators, one district representative, one party list representative, and provincial/city/municipal officials. Do not delay and be mindful of other voters too! :)
  3. Come early as much as possible. Voting is only from 6 am to 5 pm. Or in some cases or locations, the crowds diminish when the SUN is at it's maximum heat.
  4. Look for your name in the voters' list posted near the precinct. And also verify if you are in the correct precinct location before joining a queue (Feel free to ask questions or guidance from the assistance desk).
  5. You can bring a list of your candidates for your personal guidance but not campaign materials.
  6. You cannot wear campaign materials (ballers, shirts or the like) as well, since the campaign season is over and it's time to vote!
  7. The Comelec will provide you with a ballot secrecy folder and a marking pen. Also, make sure it is new (clean, not crumpled and free of marks) and not tampered.
  8. Shade the entire oval/circle corresponding to your choice of candidate using a special marker. Be careful in marking because you will not be given a new ballot if you made a mistake and to ensure that the machine can properly read your votes.
  9. Don’t tear, smudge, or crumple your ballot. After marking your choices, personally approach the Vote Counting Machines or VCM and insert the ballot in the VCM entry slot yourself.
  10. Then, return the ballot secrecy folder and marking pen to the poll clerk (You can't take it as a souvenir since it's an election offense).
  11. Unlike the PCOS machine (As I remembered), the VCM will flash names of the candidates you voted for and SHOULD RELEASE A PRINTED VOTER'S RECEIPT (wait for the poll clerk to cut it - it's no ordinary receipt that you can just tear/pull/yank).
  12. After that, the ceremonial Indelible ink marking will be applied on your forefinger nail in which the poll clerk will then hand you your voter's receipt.
  13. Another "New" step added is that we will be instructed to go near a "Voter's Receipt Receptacle located beside the VCM.
  14. Make sure to check your receipt if it reflects your votes correctly and immediately inform the poll clerk for any objections.
  15. If everything is correct then you need to drop the receipt on the Voter's Receipt Receptacle (You can go to jail if you bring it with you).
  16. You are done! You can also PRAY FOR THE FUTURE OF THIS COUNTRY!!! :D

Prohibited Actions

  • Vote Buying and Selling - DUH
  • Vote Trade / Undue Influence (vote for this candidate and be
  • promised with a position/employment)
  • voting under threat (Voting for a candidate under
  • threat,intimidation and other forms of coercion)
  • Taking the Voter's Receipt with you
  • Unlawful electioneering - basically you are not allowed to solicit votes or undertake any propaganda for or against any candidate on election day (once again that includes, bringing tarps or wearing propaganda related materials: shirt, stickers, caps, ballers..etc.)
  • Carrying of deadly weapons (Knives, firearms and the like)
  • Taking pictures inside the precint is an election offense (to prevent vote buying/selling)
  • Return also the secrecy folder and marking pen.
  • And many more! (For specific individuals: government workers, canvassers, elected officials and the like)
  • For a more detailed list (offenses, penalties..etc..) you can access it here:

Treat your vote as if it is an investment in the future of this country!

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