Good Advice Project: Jowanah Lyn Nacar #21

Good Advice Project: Jowanah Lyn Nacar #21
This chapter of the Good advice project comes from Jowanah Lyn Nacar #21; Adventurer, Community Relations Officer, 1 part HE, 2 parts SHE. Daghan Salamat sa pag share! :)

"Appreciating the small things"

In a world where everyone is pursuing crazy goals, or that rare, once-in-a-lifetime-events, we may miss or take for granted the 'present moment'. We tend to think of life as the passage of days, weeks, years and decades. But, in essence, life is made up of moments and we almost all the time fail to appreciate that.

Appreciating the little things in life for me means practicing gratitude for those everyday things that are easy to take for granted or miss altogether. Adopting this outlook won’t stop negative events from happening, but it may help prevent us from over-emphasizing their importance in our lives.

Happiness doesn’t come from groundbreaking, life-changing events. It can be little things as simple as maintaining social relationships that matter, perhaps even a routine of proper segregation of garbage and making small ripples that help others; it could be the act of following once heart by continuing to learn something new or getting out of one's comfort zone, exploring new experiences or possibilities.

Sometimes you just need to adjust your perspective a little bit, that can make all the difference.


Gratitude is indeed easier said than done; but I have written a speech about it way back in college: "Gratitude is the memory of the heart."

What do you think of this good advice?

About this 365 Good Advice project:
-My own version of a 365 project;
-reconnecting with the willing 1,400+ friends of mine (based from facebook)

-"Good" I mean the exact opposite of selfish. How can we give people good advice in order for them to care about others and not just of themselves.
-my friends share their "Good advice” – one every day or every other day or every after coffee talk.

For more information, do read the main blogpost on 365 Good Advice Project: Coffee Talks/Dates
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