Isolated Bloggers at Bacalla Woods Campsite in San Fernando Cebu

I got an invite to join a 1,000 peso challenge organized by Miss Bean-in-Transit to go to Bacalla Woods Campsite in San Fernando here in Cebu (This was the 2nd one she organized). This is not my first time doing a 1,000 peso challenge since me and my workmates have done this in the past although mostly day hikes and the occasional overnight camping; however this will be my first time joining a challenge organized by another blogger together with other bloggers.

If you're wondering about the title, to put it simply, the area was without cellular signal and therefore, no internet connection. Is that good thing or a bad thing? For bloggers or even most of us who spend a lot of time online these days, that sounds torture.

Me chillin Photo Credit:
The camping (and the waterfall chasing the next day) was planned but everything else was not. So we somehow managed to get passed some awkwardness and "connected" with each other somehow and bonded the rest of the Day and night after exploring around Bacalla Woods Campsite.

We did some GTKY activities, which was made long by me, because these bloggers have interacted more with each other through the Cebu Blogging Community group while I did interact online but was mostly being a 'Lurker'; If you want to know how it's like when bloggers meet, this should be a great example: "Hello, I'm, and I'm on and so forth". HAHAHA

We also had some interesting card games, but most of all the most exciting part was the boodle fight as we were the first to arrive, even before the 'organizer', we were already famished after exploring the place, talking with each other or for just being restless for a couple of hours.

Having a briefing and chat and Ian of Bacalla Woods Campsite
Bacalla Woods is a camping site located in Libo, Ilaya, San Fernando and accessible via habal-habal from iskina (corner of) San Isidro, San Fernando as well. It is a place artists, environmentalists, adventurers, or nature enthusiasts gather and chill. It is located about 1 kilometer from Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort in San Fernando, Cebu.

Boodle Fight!! Photo by: Miss Bean of

Everyone's shy from GTKY Photo By: RadySetGo

Serious Talk, Bloggers edition Photo By: Miss

Yoga Dance in the morning with fellow guests who are yogis

Cooked by Sean of HisHiddenLetters I believe and Photo by RadySetGo
Oh, how much did I spend? About 500++.. cool huh, I should get a prize or something.. but then again, I had the advantage since I started from Minglanilla while the others from Cebu City, or maybe even Mandaue City.

Also, it was nice meeting (again?) these bloggers, it is always good to actually meet in person and put a living-breathing-talking-face to the URL names. Thanks Johanna (Bean in Transit), Rome (Basta Bisaya), Sean (His Hidden Letters), Ryze (Synergium Real Estate Solutions) and his wife. Rea (Blissful Snapshots), Rady (RadySetGo), Jazmine (Cebu Spa and Wellness Guide), Chanel (Channel Marie Ph) and Roneth (The Fickle Feet) and her boyfriend, Hernan,

Here's a video I put together after this trip:

The 2nd Day of this adventure was we went and explored Bugho Falls which was somewhere in Bugho of course but was already bordering Pinamungahan I was told. More on that Here.
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