Good Advice Project: Maria Reyna Sabandal #22

Good Advice Project: Maria Reyna Sabandal #22
This chapter of the Good advice project comes from Maria Reyna Sabandal #22; Barista, Post-Graduate Student, QUEEN. Daghang Thank you sa pag share! :)

"Pursue Something that fulfills you!"

As I get older, I am now more inclined to do the things that fulfills me. An example of this is my journey in my post-graduate studies. I wanted to do it right after graduating college.

I had my grandmother who totally supported this decision but things changed when life decides to throw a curve ball at you - she died. And I had to adapt and change my plans: I had to find work, learn to be independent then maybe later on take masters.

It was a struggle since one had to do adulting, then have this goal or desire at the back of my head that keeps staring at me. I later contemplated in giving it up since I thought I wasn't able to start early or achieve that goal I always had and wanted.

Slowly, but surely I was able to save up, talk to my friends and even found some motivation from colleagues who were working while also studying. After almost a decade, I finally was able to enroll myself --- but then life happened once again - reality hit me hard. I realize I had to do a lifestyle change since when we work, we meet new people, people we never thought we'd meet. Friends that we hang out with all the time. And I almost always went out chilling or partying during weekends and the realization that I had to give that up was really hard.

But I reminded myself that "Ginusto ko to!" Now I am living the goal that I set all those years ago, although it took a while but I did it!

I don't know what I'll do next after I finish this current endeavor but I'll definitely look forward to whatever it is and I will make sure that it is something that fulfills me since most people go through life regretting the things that they did not pursue when they were younger.

I believe that it is very important that we all have to aim for something; in whatever you do, make sure you have a goal and working towards a fulfilling purpose.

What do you think of this good advice?

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