Dalaguete's Watch Tower: Casino or Lugsanan Peak in Cebu

The ragged peaks of Mantalongon Highlands Range is among the most picturesque mountain peaks not only in Cebu but perhaps even in the entire Philippines (maybe! :D). The mountain range borders the towns of Badian and Dalaguete and covers various sitios and barangays of the two towns. It is "branded" as lugsangan peak (aside from Casino Peak) by the local/s government as it is located in Sitio Lugsangan in Barangay Tabon, Dalaguete, Cebu.

It features countless conic peaks a bit similar to that of Bohol’s Chocolate Hills and that place in Albay.

This is my third time vising the Mantalongon Highlands but always with different peaks. See the following posts for more info about Kandungaw peak as well as Osmena Peak:

For years, Casino or Lugsangan Peak has remained a secret while Osmeña Peak of Barangay Mantalongon has gained popularity and has even been included by the local government unit's tourism initiatives. I have known of this peak for quite some time already but lacked to willing and able companions to visit the place. But when we arrived there, the government has erected a poster already.

I visited the place together with a Travel Blogger - Johanna, visit here blog at www.beanintransit.com
I take this as the early signs for it to be developed by the local tourism authority although there was no fees yet when we arrived there. But perhaps there will be in the future once the volume of visitors picks up.

The tower-like Lugsangan Peak
Lugsangan or Casino peak looks like a imposing watch tower below as well as on top as there are two edges in which there are different views. One side shows the jagged mountain peaks while to other edge shows the coast showing the neighboring town of Badian, overlooking the towns of Ronda, Moalboal, Argao and Alcoy, and the islands across Tañon Straits as well as part of the jagged mountain range.

This is Bean-in-transit's signature pose but that's not the point. This is the coastal view.
This is the different angle from the side while the picturesque jagged peaks is shown on the first Image of this post above.

Like other sitios in this hinterland of Dalaguete, Sitio Lugsangan is typically rural and laid back. Its high elevation makes the climate temperature fairly cold/cool and making the soil ideal to grow high value crops such as lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, beans and onions, among others.

Getting There:

There’s basically two ways to visit this place. First is you go to OPeak and hike towards Casino Peak or from the highway (or Mantalongon Market), you hire a motor-taxi (habal-habal) to directly bring you to Sitio Lugsangan; that is if you are commuting. The other options is by private vehicle. Or perhaps you can ride from Maloray, if you came from Kandungaw Peak.

You don't have to visit everything in one go unless if you are in peak physical condition and if you are planning to camp in one of those peaks (Opeak or Kandungaw). I don't think there's a proper place to camp near Casino as it's really rocky and civilization is within reach as there are houses below the peak.

You will be needing a guide or assistance from the locals specially if you are first timer and you decides for the long trek. You may need a guide if you are coming from OPeak.

If you are commuting from the City, you either ride a Ceres bus (At south bus terminal) which drops you off the highway corner heading to Mantalongon or ride a bus from Colon that will take you directly to Mantalongon Public Market - these will cost you about Php120-150.

If you came from the highway, it's even more expensive since you will pay the Habal-habal driver Php150.00 one way so that's Php300.00 back and forth (It's more expensive now compared to the first time we day-trekked to Opeak). If jumping off from the Mantalongon Market, the cost is about Php40-50. Might as well walk from Mantalongon Market, yes? If the budget is really tight that is. :D

Check out the VLOG I made on this Day Hike below!

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