My 2017 Side Hustle Report

Welcome to the 2017 edition of my Side Hustle Report since I have been receiving this question from my friends or people who I just met when I tell them I do a lot of stuff on the side.

Here's some context for this. Since I was a kid, I always had some "Entrepreneurial Tendencies". I copied the street vendor selling candy/cigarettes and did the same thing in the classroom before it was confiscated. In highschool, I got to experience my first job in Jollibee as a service crew through a summer-of-service program where I earned my first salary with half going to charity. In College, I manage to sell seats to seminars before the school prohibited payments for it.

After college, I tried to go all in and launch a digital service start-firm which led to some success until I was dragged into the family business which led to the failure of both. Tried for 11 months in the Call Center Industry before settling for now in the IT-BPM Industry as a Project Management Support. While having done some Public Speaking, blogging and social media as well as selling various things like insurance and pre-loved items too.

So basically, I’ve been earning extra income on top of my day job by doing work in the sharing economy, gig economy, on-demand-digital economy, or whatever else you want to call this new style of earning money. This is the first time I am sharing this and my hope is that:
People will have a paradigm shift and think beyond the four walls of their day job and that they too can earn doing these sharing/gig economy gigs while also holding down a full-time job, and
I want to inspire those of you that need extra money to go out there and get it for yourself. Hustle!

Now I have not explicitly made a goal to track monthly so let's start this report that will showcase my activities for the year 2017! Here’s a breakdown of my side hustle earnings:

As a Content Creator:
  • Google Adsense - $7.27 (Php367.70) - "Unrealized" (Paper Gain/s)
  • Sponsorships - Php18,900
  • Digital marketing X-Deal (valuation) - Php25,200
  • Long form and video content - Php48,000
  • Products - Php5,000
  • Pre-loved items (clothing, gadgets..etc.) - Php26,000
  • Insurance - Php22,275
  • Stock Realized Gain - Php24,255.61
Loan Dolphin (Cause I'm nice yow!):
Total invested - 60,000
Total withdrawn - 73,000
Total income for the year = Php13,000

Idle Income Streams:
  • Real Estate - 0
  • Speaking - 0
Total of Php182,998.31

A quick self-feedback, I think I could have done more but humans as we are, I also went through some mood swings this year that affected my productivity significantly as well. But I guess that's not bad for income on top of my full time job right?

So let's break these down further:

Content Creator is the collective term for someone who makes content online or even online. This may include creating content for yourself, for others and get paid directly or indirectly for it. Google adsense is from google obviously for running ads on my blog (not as profitable as before but I didn't optimize it properly either - that's just passive income).

Sponsorships, products, X-deals, long form and video content creations can be classified under the banner of "Creator Partnerships" which is born from my reputation as a blogger/media-company for about 15 years (This was not some instant thing).

Sales - I don't consider myself as a good salesman but merely an average one. As an Introvert who later became an Ambivert, it is still a learning experience for me everytime I do sell stuff and hustle. Pre-loved items are a no-brainer since all of us have this and it's just a matter of you willing enough to let go of them for a price.

Disclaimer: I am a Licensed Financial Advisor under Sunlife Financial, Inc. and I do sell Insurance. This is pretty straightforward too.

The last one is the realized gain from a stock I sold. This is basically the only thing I sold this year from my stock portfolio since I pretty much exceeded my target price for it. I bought 50 shares of "PF - San Miguel Pure Foods Co. Inc." stock at Php218.50 and sold it at Php489.00.

Despite all that, I did not have any paid speaking engagement this year and no sales for real estate this year as well. I was not actively seeking speaking opportunities this year and was not also that actively selling in the real estate space even with the existing land listings I have. Despite being a Real Estate Broker, it's still a struggle for me to do sales and find agents to help me utilize this income stream further.

Now to give you some context once again, that six figure amount seems big but that's just part of the story of one's financial picture. If we removed the "Valuations" (Products, Xdeal, Sponsorships) as well as the adsense gains, then the true cash amount is about Php157,430.61 (US$3,134.44) for 2017.

BUT that's just the gross income part, I haven't told you my lifestyle expenses and how much was re-invested either. That's another story to tell I guess! :)

For next year, I need to utilize the idle income streams and maybe set bigger goals!!

Thanks for dropping by and continue to hustle this 2018!!
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