Do your finances spark joy?

Marie Kondo has been trending for a while now, and I can’t seem to escape her. Marie Kondo has written four books on organizing, cleaning up people’s houses and lives, and is known for saying the phrase ‘Does it spark joy?’ which is part of her organizing philosophy and strategy.

Kondo’s strategy, known as KonMari, requires declutterers to place all similar items (like books or clothes) on the floor and then touch them one by one. If an item doesn’t “spark joy,” when it’s touched, the person should thank it for being a part of his life, and then donate or trash it.

I can add to this by selling unused items at home. A few years ago, OLX commissioned a study that revealed untapped potential wealth of Filipino households. The study found that there are around Php21-billion worth of household items—slightly used but still in good condition–stored away in Filipino home.

For most people, their finances do not spark joy, mostly because they do not feel in control over where there money goes or that their financial future is heading in a positive direction. And decluttering can be daunting, and it’s a process that requires a lot of time and energy. But I believe it is a necessary process as well.

Does everything around you spark joy?

I’d like you to take a pause and instead engage your emotions with self-awareness to unlock gratitude. Say goodbye to things we don’t need, so we can gratefully hold on to what we already have that sparks our joy.

If we shift our focus to affording more of the things we love, as Kondo suggests, rather than cutting back, perhaps managing our money can also become a process driven by joy rather than sacrifice.

Living life based on others’ opinions do not spark joy

This is not limited to money but can be applied to people too. Most of us are living based on other people’s opinions. By asking the question, ‘does this spark joy?’, you become one step closer to the financial goals you actually desire instead of what other people tell you.

Do you really need that house? That Car? Or are you buying those things just so you can flex and brag about owning one? Is that really what you want? Or is it something that our parents, friends told you that you should have and is the definition of success?

What about your hopes and dreams?

The Joy of Peace of Mind

Although necessities like rent, utilities and health insurance might not feel particularly joyful, the effect of such purchases—safety, shelter, warmth and the safeguard of good health care—certainly do.

Similarly, financial to-do’s like paying off debt and saving for retirement might not seem inherently joyful, but consider what satisfying those financial to-do’s can afford you: the extra money to take a dream trip or the funds you need to finally launch your own business.

Defining your financial goals through the framework of the joy they can afford you will help you find the motivation you need to achieve them. Start by identifying what you love in life and what you want to enjoy in the future— flexibility to travel, more time to enjoy with friends and family.

You only live once after all.

Also, did this short read sparked joy in you? Let me know!

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