Maxicare brings specialized digital healthcare via PCC & HealthHub in Cebu

Maxicare Healthcare Corporation, the country’s leading healthcare provider, extends their world-class services to its Cebuano members with the launch of its new Primary Care Center (PCC) and second HealthHub in Cebu.

The new Primary Care Center will give members living and working in the area convenient access to the most relaxing healthcare experience through top notch doctors and amenities.

“Access to quality healthcare is – and will always be – our priority in Maxicare. With the launch of our newest HealthHub and Primary Care Center, we can now give our Cebuano members convenient access to top-notch healthcare service that Maxicare is known from all over Metro Manila and Luzon,” said Maxicare president & CEO Christian Argos.

Each Maxicare PCC is staffed with well-trained customer care representatives, certified healthcare professionals and Primary Care physicians who specialize in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, OB Gynecology, ENT, and Dermatology.

Other services available at the PCC include various lab tests and diagnostic procedures supported by e-medical records for a seamless processing, among others.

The new Maxicare HealthHub in Cebu is a one-stop Maxicare facility that utilizes cutting-edge technology to streamline the process of going for a medical consultation. The new hub features a new-generation of self-service utilizing an HMO-owned healthcare system that offers a relaxing and convenient way for members to access their benefits.

The automated health hub offers Maxicare members a convenient and time-saving way of getting their letter of authorization. It has a fully digitized system to manage patient queuing and make gathering of initial vital signs quick, accurate and hassle-free.

Maxicare HealthHubs in other partner hospitals will soon be launched to help improve patient experience when going for a check-up, as well as to provide a more efficient and seamless ways to access their benefits.

About Digital Health

Digital health is the convergence of digital technologies with health, healthcare, living, and society to enhance the efficiency of healthcare delivery and make medicines more personalized and precise. The discipline involves the use of information and communication technologies to help address the health problems and challenges faced by patients.

These technologies include both hardware and software solutions and services, including telemedicine, web-based analysis, email, mobile phones and applications, text messages, wearable devices, and clinic or remote monitoring sensors.

Generally, digital health is concerned about the development of interconnected health systems to improve the use of computational technologies, smart devices, computational analysis techniques and communication media to aid healthcare professionals and patients manage illnesses and health risks, as well as promote health and well-being. [via Wikipedia]

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Maxicare brings specialized digital healthcare via PCC & HealthHub in Cebu Maxicare brings specialized digital healthcare via PCC & HealthHub in Cebu Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Sunday, March 03, 2019 Rating: 5

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