Online & Text scams in 2019

In this fast paced information era, knowledge is very abundant and yet, some people still fall online and text scams in 2019. Since most of us has smart-phones, all of us have become potential targets for both SMS/Text scams and Online scams.

Here are some types of online and text scams that still infiltrate our inboxes today. I’m combining the two as these types of scams can be sent to our emails as well.

SMS/Text/Email Scams

Raffle Scam – a type of scam where the text message claims that you have won in a raffle. The scammer will rush you into sending them money so that you can claim the prize right away. The ‘source’ can be a well-known company or even government agencies get dragged into it as well.

What to do: Always try to remember whether you joined a contest or not. If you didn’t, then it’s most likely a scam. Contests will never require you to give them money or load just to claim your prize.

Discount Billing Scam – Everybody wants to save money or wants to get a discount, so this can still lure a lot of people. This is a type of scam where the fraudster claims that you are eligible for a discount on your postpaid/electric/whatever bill. But the message is actually making you send money/load-credits to an unknown number.

W.T.D: Reach-out to the company first of they have such offers instead of complying.

Missent Load Scam – A type of scam where the text message appears similar to a Pasaload, Share-A-Load, or Give-A-Load notification. But afterward, you’ll receive a text saying that they mistakenly entered their new prepaid credits to your number and then they’ll ask you to return it to them.

W.T.D: Do nothing.

New Roaming Number Scam – This one is a certified classic but somehow it still gets people. It is a type of scam where the con artist claims to be a close family or relative and requests you to send them load. They usually start by sending a text message informing you of their new roaming number and asking for load.

W.T.D: It’s highly likely that your overseas relatives wouldn’t text you their new roaming number nor ask you load.

“I got into an accident and I need load” - It is an approach wherein someone claims to be a close friend or a relative who has just been injured in an accident and was just borrowing someone’s cellphone.

W.T.D: Just use some common sense on this one. Always call your relative’s mobile number first.

Online/E-commerce Scams

This whole casual social media e-commerce thing gives people less accountability.

Substituted Items - This happens a lot in e-commerce sites. Where they show a beautiful product but the actual product is really bad or worse.

Social Media sellers - They are not bad and I get that we need to start somewhere but they can just disappear/take down the page tomorrow and run away with your money unless they are a legit and registered company.

Fake Identity Sellers - Someone impersonates a real person and sells various things in that account from common items to even investment scams.

Consumers should also think twice about giving addresses or bank information online and always report the account after verifying suspicious activities!

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