CebuDoc Group strengthens Wellness Complex


CebuDoc Group strengthens Wellness Complex in its pursuit to be the most trusted, lifelong partner in healthcare. The Wellness Complex is located conveniently at Medical Arts Building 2. CebuDoc Group has committed to the community to deliver only the excellent healthcare everyone deserves – one which is compassionate, high-quality, innovative, and anchored from respect.

The Wellness Complex houses the CebuDoc Dental Institute, Center for Aesthetics and Laser, and in addition to these brands are the newly launched Center for Digestive Endoscopy and Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.

"Our goal is to introduce to the public that healthcare is also about preserving our wellbeing. Thus, we introduced the Wellness Complex in 2018 intending to holistically provide health and wellness programs accessible to everybody," said Dr. Potenciano "Yong" S.D Larrazabal, III, CebuDoc Group President and Chairman of the Board.

"And as we gear up to accomplish our plan and strengthen our position in the industry, we will also build a laboratory in the complex very soon. We will also open a new pharmacy and other outpatient services to become a one-stop-shop for health and wellness," he added.

Hailed as the country's Most Outstanding Hospital for Level 3 Private, CebuDoc assured the patients with excellent care that will provide their needs and comfort effectively without compromising the efficiency of the procedure.

 Healing Lives through Outstanding Patient-Care 

CebuDoc Group's Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders is managed by top-of-their-field specialists and sub-specialists, each with a specific area of expertise. They offer a range of special services and programs that will help the family cope up with the treatment from pediatrics to adults.

"To serve to our Cebuano Cancer Patients, we ensure a proper or the utmost care that we can offer through the proper handling and safe administration of chemotherapy," said Dr. Noemi Alsay-Uy, Head of Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders-Adults.

"The new location is strategically located outside the main hospital to separate immunocompromised patients from other patients. We are taking more active measures to protect our patients, as well as our healthcare workers, to ensure the continuity of providing quality services to our patients especially during this unfortunate time of the pandemic," she added.

At the New Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, they have continuously provided the quality care
that patients deserve. The center is patient-centered and has focused on organizing support groups physically and emotionally to help cope up with the fear, feelings, and their journey during the treatment.

"We assure our patients that we will provide them the quality care, compassion, respect, comprehensive care, and innovative treatment options. It will help put their mind at ease during their journey," said Dr. Jose Antonio S. Quitevis, Section Head of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology.

"Our goal is to provide a framework on what is Quality Medicine which involves safety, efficiency and effectiveness, equitability, and patient-centeredness," he added.

 Continuously Providing Quality Patient Care

CebuDoc Group's state-of-the-art Center for Digestive Endoscopy is designed to provide a comfortable environment that allows its patients to experience the best care. Its center has well designed 5 procedure rooms and 5 recovery rooms equipped with advanced endoscopy technology. It also has Negative Pressure Air Flow, Hepa Filters, and UV Light Sterilizers.

"We provide the kind of care that ensures our patients' safety, comfort, and well-being, giving them peace of mind. With the on-going pandemic, we have ample space for donning and doffing that ensures the safety of our patients and healthcare workers," said Dr. Leilanie Salgado, Director of Center for Digestive Endoscopy.

The Center for Digestive Endoscopy is the home of a talented group of professionals with years of combined experience in the diagnosis and intervention of a wider range of digestive disorders.

Our vision for the Center for Digestive Endoscopy is that we will be one of the top endoscopic centers. We will be improving in terms of innovative machines or types of equipment that we can use for better diagnosis and therapeutic maneuvers for patients," said Dr. Judy Lao Tan, Former Chairman of Gastroenterology Society - Cebu Chapter.

The Center for Digestive Endoscopy holds its highest standard in providing quality and compassionate care where patients feel reassured with the warmth of the professional and caring staff.

"The qualities of a good doctor we have are compassionate, competent, committed to the
profession, humble, and honest
," Dr. Tan added.

To know more about the new Centers, Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders is open from Monday-Friday (8 AM- 4 PM). The Center for Digestive Endoscopy is open from Monday to Saturday (7 AM to 4 PM), conveniently located at the Fifth Floor of Cebu Doctors University Hospital Medical Arts Building 2. You may contact 253-7512 local 278/280, and 117 for inquiries and reservations.

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