How to save money shopping online


 By now, you would probably already know that we’re living in an increasingly digital world. From how we work, play, live, and even die (choy!), being immersed in technology has become part of our daily lives. It is very obvious now that online shopping has long surpassed shopping conducted in physical stores and likely to be the new normal for years to come.

Considering the fact that you and just about everyone else in will be doing more and more shopping online especially during this quarantine period, whether computer, tablet, or smartphone, it's important that you learn ways to save money when shopping online, which you can do without changing the types of purchases you make.

The Advantages of Online Shopping

Not only does it open more potential market for micro and small business owners, it can also save you the consumer some time spent in commuting as well as having more access to deals.

Online shopping is a great resource for finding products that are from past seasons or that are being liquidated. This practice can then result in significant savings for customers who do not need to purchase the most current products.

Communication with online shoppers is often streamlined with automatic responses to questions and faster feedback and follow-up loops. The speed and convenience is way better than waiting in long lines or searching aisles for a store associate.

7 Tips to save money during Online Sale days

If you are a smart deal hunter or would just love to get major discounts without a lot of efforts, try using these clever online shopping tips to save your hard earned money!

Since the lock-down, quarantine happened more more pinoys are now shopping online
#1 - Budget, Plan your purchases / know what to buy - I’d say this is pretty basic.

#2 - Do pre-sale-day shopping then just add to cart - Add items to your cart or wish list and then leave. Many retailers will send you discounts and incentives to come back and complete your purchase. This "shopping cart trick" requires some patience and restraint, but it could save you a bundle.

#3 - Day before sale day: Check items, categories going to be on sale and determine whether you will buy any of those - This can prevent impulse buys.

#4 - Take note for discount codes and collect all vouchers - These are stackable, so use multiple vouchers to shave off more money from your purchase.

#5 - Buy from the same seller - There are store promos you can take advantage of like discounts and free shipping which saves you cash since your orders are delivered together.

#6 - Utilize memberships or the like bank promos and credit cards - Perks not offered to the general public will sometimes be offered to members of credit card companies and airlines.

#7 - Check price drops, flash sales & livestreams for more vouchers, discounts, rebates - Always take the time to visit different marketplaces and compare shops to get the best deal. Consider Signing up for merchants' newsletters or email lists, as many online retailers offer discounts just for giving them your email. You can always unsubscribe later, but many sites only offer discounts and promos the first time you visit, so take advantage.

Doing all these will save you some money as well as reducing impulse buys IF you stick to budget.

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