Podcast Network Asia & AdSpark partner to fuel the Skyrocketing Growth of Podcasts in PH

The Philippine Podcasting Landscape with its surge in listenership, is massively growing. To allow more businesses and brands to engage with the growing Podcast community, AdSpark partners up with Podcast Network Asia in order to help accelerate the potential of Philippine Podcast Advertising.

AdSpark, Inc. is part of the portfolio companies of 917Ventures, the largest corporate venture builder in the Philippines wholly-owned by Globe. The company leads digital transformation of marketing services by creating a more diversified and holistic approach in media planning - addressing user creative fatigue across other channels, and giving businesses the opportunity to reach potential customers through highly-audible formats.

This newly minted partnership gives brands an exclusive access to branded podcast production services, and even advertising, to leverage on chart-topping Podcasts and locally-produced shows under PNA. Advertisers can also optimize this medium through Podmetrics, and develop based on data and insights. This is also a way for podcast creators to thrive and find value through in-depth listenership insights.

The Philippines is ranked 6th in terms of fastest-growing country by podcast listening. This is at around 31M listeners in the Philippines alone, with the majority coming from a 23-34 age range. A key factor is, due to the pandemic, screen fatigue increased and consumers turned to on-demand audio for entertainment. Globally there is a 42% increase in podcast listening, and the Philippines is at a 100% increase.

With such potential, Podcast Network Asia (PNA) CEO, Ron Baetiong, aims to push podcasting to the mainstream. As a podcast network home to more than 130 shows with around 15M+ listens and 4,000+ episodes, it is no surprise that is houses the top podcasts in the country, namely, Boiling Waters, Punchline with Alex Calleja, Walwal Sesh, The KoolPals, The Eve’s Drop,  and quick rising shows like Tambalan Podcast and Chinkee Tan’s Chink Positive.

Our grand vision of turning the Filipino podcasting community into a thriving industry becomes one step closer to reality with this partnership between PNA and AdSpark. We believe that podcasts are a powerful medium that doesn’t just allow listener understanding and retention, but also great Ad ROI conversions. With AdSpark, we want to enable brands to leverage podcasts since the future of podcasting is very bright!

As an advertising medium, podvertising, allows brands to tap into various demographics, age ranges, and SECs, through the different shows. Also, since it sounds more organic, it has a 65% acceptance rate, majority of listeners listen to the whole episode, so you can count on retention, and at a 0.25 media spend, it is 35 times lower than radio.

Because of the rise in podcasting, at 25% month-on-month growth, it is forecasted that the ad spend would hit 41B by 2026. In line with this, PNA also has its own Podcast Monetization platform, Podmetrics, to make podcast advertising more accessible. Podmetrics allows podcasters to monetize their show through affiliate marketing programs, brand campaigns, and the newest addition to the platform, shoutouts. Shoutouts make it easy for brands to place an ad within a podcast without having to worry about the cost. It is easy, measurable, and effective. Through Podmetrics, advertisers can leverage not just PNA shows, but into global podcasts as well. 

The interest in and usage of podcasts as an advertising touchpoint is exponentially moving upward and more brands are being enabled to communicate and even create audiences. “Part of the adtech play is to deliver the demand for audio content, along with the omnichannel experience we create for our clients. We want to be able to connect brands to their listeners through relevant audio content, and we are committed to rebuild effective audio advertising on digital through Podcast Network Asia.”, said Gretchen Largoza, AdSpark CEO

Learn more about what AdSpark and Podcast Network Asia can offer by sending an email to info@adspark.ph.

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Podcast Network Asia & AdSpark partner to fuel the Skyrocketing Growth of Podcasts in PH Podcast Network Asia & AdSpark partner to fuel the Skyrocketing Growth of Podcasts in PH Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Monday, July 12, 2021 Rating: 5

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