Sun Life ASCP supports public education, launches SOS 4 Face2Face CSR program

Investing in quality education has been proven to improve the lives of many – providing stability, confidence, personal growth and professional success, among others. Committed to supporting and empowering the education sector and marginalized Filipino students, Sun Life Asia Service Centre-Philippines (ASCP) implemented a corporate social responsibility campaign that aims to aid learners and teachers with the tools they need to do well in school and most importantly help empower students to pursue a bright future. 

Dubbed “SOS 4 Face2Face campaign”, Sun Life ASCP, a company providing contact center, business processing, IT, and Investment Research services to Sun Life’s global businesses with locations in India and the Philippines, recently mounted a fundraising program by providing schools and office supplies, health kits and many more to public schools – helping them be prepared and back-to-school ready for the face to face classes. 

The company supported over 19,000 beneficiary students from selected public schools  as the company believes that education is very important for every child to have access to. 

At Sun Life ASCP, we believe that we have a part in supporting our learners in public schools to help them achieve their full potential and eventually take their place in the society in the future. Education opens up the learners’ vital skills such as good decision-making, interpersonal skills, and confidence in life, among others. Sun Life ASCP also understands that not every family and child has the means to support their studies, that is why we are extending our hands to support the public education sector and the students,” shared Aldo Almera, Sun Life ASCP VP and Site Head.

The donation drive was led by Sun Life DBTS Canada Executive Vice President, Chief Information and Technology Innovation Officer Laura Money along with other Sun Life ASCP leaders - ASC Managing Director Tarun Sareen; ASC VP and CHRO Rajeev Bhardwaj and ASC VP and Site Head Aldo Almera, as they donated computer monitors and conducted a feeding program for over 300 working students in Pasay City West High School.

We at Sun Life ASCP believe that technology plays an important role in today’s learning as it enables access to up-to-date information that helps speed up the learning process. We are grateful to contribute by helping learners and teachers in public education to be well-equipped with tools as they continuously adapt to the demands of the changing times.”

Additionally, the fundraising effort was able to provide 450 sets of COVID-19 prevention kits to students of Pundaquit Elementary School in San Antonio, Zambales. Each kit consists of face masks, isopropyl alcohol, vitamins, and school supplies. Sun Life ASCP likewise turned over their pre-owned office chairs, tables, clinic bed, and medicine cabinet equipment to Maricaban Elementary School in Pasay. 

The company also donated office chairs and tables to the students of Daanghari Elementary School in Taguig for a better learning experience in the new normal. 

On behalf of Sun Life ASCP, we thank our school beneficiaries for allowing us to support and provide for their educators and students. Schools are the best training ground for future professionals and innovators, and Sun Life ASCP seeks to contribute in any way to ensuring that the public education sector and the students are well equipped to handle the demands of the changing times,” shared Almera Through SOS 4 Face2Face CSR Program, Sun Life 

ASCP will continue to be committed in supporting public education in the Philippines and be of help to the marginalized students in making their dreams a reality. 

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