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Good Advice Project: Abigail Joy Cesa #13
The Good advice today comes from Abigail "Abby" Joy Cesa #13; Good Advocate, Educator, and Life Shaper.

Thank you sharing your Good advice Teacher Abby! :)

"Do Good and Good things will come to you."
I came up with this advise based from what I have experienced in my teaching life so far. In a way, I'm a believer in Karma - if you have and do good things, you attract good things as well as good things will happen to you; if you do bad things, then bad things will come to you. It is a cycle of how things are.

I'm also aware that the concept of "good" is vague, a good thing for me may not be for another. A good thing for me is like something that helps others, or something that brings the best out of them; perhaps even something that helps us realize to change for the better. A great example for this is a story of a student that I had once before back when I was teaching in high school (I currently teach in the College setting) during my 1st year of teaching.

 I came in as a new teacher and already told who's who in the class, the good ones, the bad ones and particularly there is this one student who was branded as "the worst" student not just in class but in the campus.

If she doesn't like the teacher, she would sleep and yes she slept in my class. As a new teacher having to face this kind of situation, I didn't know what to do really. So the logical thing I did was follow the process -- I reprimanded her but to no avail. From there, things got worse wherein I got more angry and scolded her even more.

But I also found myself reflecting and evaluating myself to the point of question whether or not the rules were wrong? As a teacher it was my duty to help struggling or even difficult students. Then I decided to change my approach by starting with our homeroom activity with an "open forum" of sorts.

There I was absolutely shocked when she volunteered to explain a question, which was: "Do you think you are kind?"

She answered and admitted to the class with all honesty and pride that she was kind. Her classmates were skeptical and didn't believe her obviously. She then explained: Kindness isn't about following the rules, it doesn't mean behaving well either, kindness for her was following the teachings of the bible.

O_O (shocked face)

She believed that she wasn't talking back to teachers, but instead said: "It is said there in the bible that if something is wrong, you should not just accept it, you should correct it. I believe that what I've been doing for the past 16 years of my life was and is always dedicated to what I believe is good. I respect people who respect me, and dislike those who dislike me."

This was one milestone as well as an eye opener for me, not because I learned another definition of kindness, but because I learned something valuable coming from a young mind. A perspective that I didn't have but now have gained/received like a gift.

You cannot be good by just following the rules, you cannot be good by following what others tell you to do, you cannot be good by just complying at school, work or at home; likewise you cannot immediately be a good christian if you don't miss church every Sunday and you cannot be good by simply claiming to be.

Being good goes beyond those things above, it is manifested in the creator as well as through our (consistent intent and) actions. So if you do good, good will come to you!

James 4:17 (ESV/NIV) - If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is a sin for them.

[Now the student is in college and is a candidate for Cum Laude]
What do you think of this good advice?

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Good Advice Project: Danica Blanche Fernandez #12
We have a Good advice from Danica Blanche Fernandez #12; Cafe-Hopper, Local Food & Products Advocate, and Youth PathFinder.

Thank you sharing your Good advice! :)

"Learn to Pause."
I actually have a bunch of advice to give like we should learn to appreciate what we have around us, find and eat local (shops/cafes), drink more than 8 glasses a day for health is wealth, sleep 8 hours a day, whew..that's a lot! But I also want to add that we also need to focus on the now as well as living in the moment because there are so many things happening around us yet, most of us are almost always in a hurry!

"Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy."
- Guillaume Apollinaire

Living in a fast paced world, with the internet and social media at our disposal, we have somewhat become disconnected from the physical world as well as with each other. For some of us who are aware of this, we are having a hard time letting go of technology.

If we can't even do that, what more if you try to do all those things I told you earlier about (1st paragraph above)? Technology, the millennial culture, and perhaps our environment today takes or demands a lot of time from us, which leaves us with limited time to enjoy the little-awesome things in life, like eating slowly, taking time to meet, spend time with friends, and talk to REAL people with all the awkwardness of physical contact and misinterpretations of body language.

We keep doing stuff without thinking, give-in to cravings or urges, even peer pressure or worse get in trouble! But how do we not do that?

One way you, me and we can actually do this is by "learning to pause".

Yes, we deserve a break from all this haste. Pause and pay attention. Savor the joys of existence, of what is real in front of you, or even around you and of what life can show or unfold to you.

When we pause... the urge, pressures, the fast paced world would no longer control us; this gives us freedom to act on our hopes, goals and perhaps even our dreams (and the other advices I mentioned too!).

"He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed." - Albert Einstein


In our lives, we are so busy and easily get caught up in what we’re doing or what's happening to us that we have no space for thinking.

I unconsciously have used pauses like meditation, a change of pace by walking alone to have time to reflect on what happened and what can be done next. Cool!

“Human freedom involves our capacity to pause between the stimulus and response and, in that pause, to choose the one response toward which we wish to throw our weight. The capacity to create ourselves, based upon this freedom, is inseparable from consciousness or self-awareness. (p. 100)” ― Rollo May, The Courage to Create 

What do you think of this good advice?

About this 365 Good Advice project:
-My own version of a 365 project;
-reconnecting with the willing 1,400+ friends of mine (based from facebook)

-"Good" I mean the exact opposite of selfish. How can we give people good advice in order for them to care about others and not just of themselves.
-my friends share their "Good advice” – one every day or every other day or every after coffee talk.

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Sunday, February 01, 2015

Good Advice Project: Sukhvinder Singh #11
Here's a Good advice from Sukhvinder Singh #11; Wandering Volunteer and Hospitality Professional.

Thank you sharing your Good advice, Namaste! :)

"Do not forget about yourself."
It may sound a bit selfish, but it is good to be selfish sometimes. If you think to much of others and you forget yourself, in the end you are hurting yourself. Sometimes I even forget to put myself first, but I realize it isn't selfish, but necessary.

The way you treat yourself can set the standard for how others will treat you. To choose you is to love yourself, this is so we know what we deserve for we can't expect anyone else to.

If you are into volunteering or charity, how can you do charity work if you yourself is in need of charity? At the end of the day, you have to take care of you first before others.

"When you say yes to others, make sure you are not saying no to yourself." - Paulo Coelho


This reminded me that putting yourself first is indeed not selfish while thinking of yourself constantly is being selfish. We must recognize that is the difference.

 What do you think of this good advice?

About this 365 Good Advice project:
-My own version of a 365 project;
-reconnecting with the willing 1,400+ friends of mine (based from facebook)

-"Good" I mean the exact opposite of selfish. How can we give people good advice in order for them to care about others and not just of themselves.
-my friends share their "Good advice” – one every day or every other day or every after coffee talk.

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Good Advice Project: Chatch Calderon #10
Here's a Good advice from Chatch Calderon #10; Youth Volunteer and Student of Life.

Thank you sharing your Good advice chatch! :)

"Do more for others."
Some wish that life only works on a give-and-take basis. But that will never be the case. Some would give more, and some would give less, but it shouldn't matter. If you give, never expect anything in return.

Yes, it is great to care for someone and be there for them, but don't forget that you have to take care of yourself too. You should never expect from those you have helped to give to you the same effort  because perhaps they never asked for it. I think this will make the world would be a better place.

But ultimately, you should give because you want to while not forgetting oneself for that's important too. To do more for others, that's one of the secrets to a happy life I believe. #SelflessnessIsImportant


One word comes to my mind “MAGIS”

 What do you think of this good advice?

About this 365 Good Advice project:
-My own version of a 365 project;
-reconnecting with the willing 1,400+ friends of mine (based from facebook) via coffee talk/dates

-"Good" I mean the exact opposite of selfish. How can we give people good advice in order for them to care about others and not just of themselves.
-my friends share their "Good advice” – one every day or every other day or every after coffee talk.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The photo above of Pope Francis was taken in Tacloban during his Papal Visit here in the Philippines. With permission: Photo Taken by Niecy Garvez via Sarina Joy Odivilas. More below on Pope Francis' quotes about life and in other topics.

Good thing I am not going to Sinulog this year for this allowed me to stay at home and watch the coverage of Pope Francis' Papal Visit here in the Philippines. I've decided to share my lessons, observations in this post. See below for quotes about life, and many more when Pope Francis visited the Philippines.

On Family:
"Just as the gift of the Holy Family was entrusted to Saint Joseph, so the gift of family and its place in God's Plan is entrusted to us so we can carry it forward. To each one of you and us because I too am the son of a family.

When families bring children into the world, train them in faith and sound values, and teach them to contribute to society, they may become a blessing in our world." - Pope Francis

"Begin with your families and communities, in building a world of justice, integrity and peace." - Pope Francis

"Families have an indispensable mission in society. It is in the family that children are trained in sound values, high ideals and genuine concern for others.

But like all God’s gifts, the family can also be disfigured and destroyed. It needs our support. We know how difficult it is for our democracies today to preserve and defend such basic human values as respect for the inviolable dignity of each human person, respect for the rights of conscience and religious freedom, and respect for the inalienable right to life, beginning with that of the unborn and extending to that of the elderly and infirm.

For this reason, families and local communities must be encouraged and assisted in their efforts to transmit to our young the values and the vision which can help bring about a culture of integrity – one which honors goodness, truthfulness, fidelity and solidarity as the firm foundation and the moral glue which holds society together." - Pope Francis

"To dream how will your daughter or son be, it is not possible to have a family without such dreams. When you lose this capacity to dream, then you lose the capacity to love, and this energy to love is lost. I recommend that at night, when you examine your consciences, ask yourselves, ‘Today, did I dream about my sons and daughters? Did I dream of the love of my husband, or my wife? Did I dream of my parents, my family? It is so important to dream, and to dream in the family, please don’t lose this ability to dream in this way. And how many solutions are found to family problems if we take time to reflect? If we think of a husband or wife and we dream about their good qualities that they have? "- Pope Francis

"Families will always have their trials, but may you never add to them! Instead, be living examples of love, forgiveness and care." - Pope Francis

To the Filipino Church:
"The Church in the Philippines is called to acknowledge and combat the causes of the deeply rooted inequality and injustice which mar the face of Filipino Society, plainly contradicting the teaching of Christ." - Pope Francis

"The Gospel calls individual Christians to live lives of honesty, integrity and concern for the common good.. to create circles of integrity.., networks of solidarity which can expand to embrace and transform society by their prophetic witness." - Pope Francis

"As ambassadors for Christ, we, bishops, priests, and religious, ought to be the first to welcome his reconciling grace into our hearts.. it means being the first to examine our consciences, and to embrace the path of constant conversion. Constant conversion, everyday conversion." - Pope Francis

"The message of the Santo Niño is so important. The child Jesus speaks powerfully to everyone." - Pope Francis

On Marriage:
"Don’t ever lose the illusion of when you were boyfriend and girlfriend!" - Pope Francis

On Love:
"Real love is all about loving and letting yourself be loved."- Pope Francis

"It’s harder to let yourself be loved than to love." - Pope Francis

"You must be open to the love of God." - Pope Francis

"To learn how to love is the most important lesson in life." - Pope Francis

"When you lose the capacity to dream, you lose the capacity to love, and the energy of this love is lost."- Pope Francis

"This is the challenge that life offers you: to learn how to love. Not just to accumulate information without knowing what to do with it... But through that love let that information bear fruit." - Pope Francis

On women:
"Women have much to tell us in today's society. Sometimes we're too macho, and we don't leave enough room for women. Women are able to see things with different eyes than us. Women are able to ask questions that men can't understand. ... When the next pope comes, please have more women and girls among your numbers." - Pope Francis

Quotes about Life:
"For this the Gospel offers us a serene way forward: using the three languages of the mind, heart and hands – and to use them in harmony. What you think, you must feel and put into effect. Your information comes down to your heart and you put it into practice. Harmoniously. What you think, you feel and you do. Feel what you think and feel what you do. Do what you think and what you feel. The three languages.." - Pope Francis

"To be wise use three languages: think well, feel well and do well. And to be wise allow yourselves to be surprised by the love of God. That will guarantee a good life." - Pope Francis

"God chose and blessed you for a purpose: to be holy and blameless in his sight." - Pope Francis

"Can you repeat this? Think well, feel well and do well, and to be wise." - Pope Francis

"Allow yourselves to be surprised by the love of God. That’s a good life." - Pope Francis

"Your deepest identity is as God's Children." - Pope Francis

"Only when we too can cry about the things you said can we come close to answering that question... When the heart is able to ask itself and weep, then we can understand something."-Pope Francis

"Those on the margins, cry. Those who have fallen by the wayside cry. Those who are discarded, cry... But those who are living a life that is more or less without need, we don't know how to cry."-Pope Francis

"Certain realities we only see through eyes that are cleansed with tears."-Pope Francis

On serving and helping the poor:
"Only by becoming poor ourselves, by stripping away our complacency will we be able to identify with least of our brothers and sisters." - Pope Francis

"So many of you have lost everything. I don't know what to say to you but the lord does know what to say to you." - Pope Francis

"Today, from this place which has known such profound suffering and human need, I ask that even more be done for the poor. Above all, I ask that the poor throughout this country be treated fairly - that their dignity be respected, that political and economic policies be just and inclusive, that opportunities for employment and education be developed, and that obstacles to the delivery of social services be removed.

Our treatment of the poor is the criterion on which each of us will be judged. I ask all of you, and all responsible for the good of society, to renew your commitment to social justice and the betterment of the poor, both here and in the Philippines as a whole." - Pope Francis

On corruption:
"As many voices in your nation have pointed out, it is now, more than ever, necessary that political leaders be outstanding for honesty, integrity and commitment to the common good. In this way they will help preserve the rich human and natural resources with which God has blessed this country.

Thus will they be able to marshal the moral resources needed to face the demands of the present, and to pass on to coming generations a society of authentic justice, solidarity and peace." - Pope Francis

"Essential to the attainment of these national goals is the moral imperative of ensuring social justice and respect for human dignity. The great biblical tradition enjoins on all peoples the duty to hear the voice of the poor. 

It bids us break the bonds of injustice and oppression which give rise to glaring, and indeed scandalous social inequalities. Reforming the social structures which perpetuate poverty and the exclusion of the poor first requires a conversion of mind and heart." - Pope Francis

"At all levels of society, to reject every form of corruption which diverts resources from the poor, and to make concerted efforts to ensure the inclusion of every man and woman and child in the life of the community." - Pope Francis

On receiving:
"You know how to give and yet you have ever learned how to receive. You still lack one thing. Become a beggar. This is what you still lack. Learn how to beg. This isn’t easy to understand. To learn how to beg. To learn how to receive with humility. 

To learn to be evangelized by the poor, by those we help, the sick, orphans, they have so much to give us. Have I learned how to beg? Or am I self-sufficient? Do I think I need nothing? Do you know you too are poor? Do you know your own poverty and your need to receive? Do you let yourselves be evangelized by those you serve? This is what helps you mature in your commitment to give to others. Learn how to open your hand from your very own poverty." - Pope Francis

On Children:
"Children have a right to grow up in a family with a father and a mother capable of creating a suitable environment for the child's development and emotional maturity." - Pope Francis

"We need to see each child as a gift to be welcomed, cherished and protected." - Pope Francis

"And we need to care for our young people,not allowing them to be robbed of hope and condemned to a life on the streets." - Pope Francis

"Protect the young from sin and vice, so they become outstanding missionaries of the faith in Asia." - Pope Francis

"Why do children suffer so much? Why do children suffer? When the heart is able to ask itself and weep, then we can understand something. There is a worldly compassion which is useless. You expressed something like this. It’s a compassion that makes us put our hands in our pockets and give something to the poor. But if Christ had had that kind of compassion he would have greeted a couple of people, given them something, and walked on. But it was only when he was able to cry that he understood something of our lives. Dear young boys and girls, today’s world doesn’t know how to cry. The emarginated people, those left to one side, are crying. Those who are discarded are crying. But we don’t understand much about these people in need. Certain realities of life we only see through eyes cleansed by our tears. I invite each one here to ask yourself: have I learned how to weep? Have I learned how to weep for the emarginated or for a street child who has a drug problem or for an abused child? Unfortunately there are those who cry because they want something else.

On (Pinoy)Youth:
"A fundamental role in the renewal of society is played, of course, by the family and especially by young people." - Pope Francis

"I want to encourage you, as Christian citizens of this country, to offer yourselves passionately and honestly to the great work of renewing your society and helping to build a better world." - Pope Francis

"There is a real danger of living in a wave of accumulation of information. We have so much information. But maybe we don’t know what to do with that information. We run the risk of becoming a museum of young people that has everything but without knowing what to do with them.

We don’t need youth museums. But we do need holy young people." - Pope Francis
"A challenge for you is to maintain integrity, protect the environment and care for the poor." - Pope Francis

"The Philippines... is the foremost Catholic country in Asia; this is itself a special gift of God, a special blessing. But it is also a vocation. Filipinos are called to be outstanding missionaries of the faith in Asia." - Pope Francis

On the environment:
"I don’t know if climate change is all man’s fault, but the majority is. For the most part, it is man who continuously slaps down nature. We have, in a sense, lorded it over nature, over Sister Earth, over Mother Earth. I think man has gone too far."- Pope Francis

"He created the world as a beautiful garden and asked us to care for it. But through sin, man has disfigured that natural beauty; through sin, man has also destroyed the unity and beauty of our human family, creating social structures which perpetuate poverty, ignorance and corruption." - Pope Francis

Observations and lessons:
There is no doubt that we can learn a lot from those quotes alone but I think some aspects need more expounding from my perspective that is. First thing I observed is the pope's character, attitude, stamina and passion for what he does. In the 3 days that he was here, his schedule was ridiculously hectic and yet still able to smile!

The core of the the pope's visit here is the poor. Though I don't know how true that report about young Filipino street children being caged in preparation for the pope's visit but what an irony that the pope's messages when he arrived centered on the poor, family, children and the youth.

Another thing that showed it's ugly face is our own weird culture of "personality" which also reflects in the majority of Filipinos when elections kick in. That is the last thing Pope Francis wanted, as he said, don't focus on me..focus on Christ and on the poor..or something along those lines. To further punctuate this point, His Holiness even made it clear that he wanted the identities of the people he will be sharing a meal with in Tacloban to be kept private.

Oh I almost forgot, did you see that ridiculous painting? Call it satire, a joke, a tribute.. it is what it is, you be the judge. Wait let me add to the above, a culture of "epal." There were even reports of epal politicians (and perhaps some businesses too) who printed tarps with the pope's face with their photo as well as logo. But let us learn to forgive such things and work to correct our damaged culture.

He has even inspired the bishops to declare 2015 as the Year of the Poor. Hopefully, with Pope Francis' example, our bishops and priests should begin shunning any form of excess like riding "donated" expensive vehicles, officiating a wedding that displays ridiculous wealth, participating or meddling in politics and become simple and humble.

The example of Pope Francis has consistently conveyed to Catholics since his ascent to power is simplicity and humility.

The real test for us Catholics and Filipnos now is to put some action in those words that the pope has left us. Can we shift our mindsets, when the church and our state leaders rise above vested interests and work for the common good to rally against corruption, inequality, injustice as well as elevate the lives of our poor brothers and sisters? Will we Filipinos live the message of simplicity and humility? Are we able to act on his message on caring and nurturing children and youth?

Only time will tell. Are you up to the challenge though?

Sunday, January 18, 2015

I'm staying home for the 2nd time for Sinulog 2015 celebrations. So I decided to reminisce my Sinulog Experiences and so ended up making this blog post. For those who have not experienced any of the lists below, then God Bless you; but for those greenhorn-overly-excited-newbies: please watch yourselves and be schooled! Though the Sinulog Festival is a religious event, humans as we are, there are still crazy people out there and that they can cause these things to happen.

1. STAMPEDE - though Sinulog is a more of a religious observation even during the parade, Celebrities can sometimes cause an uproar and turn people into walking screaming dead and move like crazy towards them. Also, when Celebrities throw 'stuff' to the crowd (and by stuff, most of the time CANDIES - oh you get hit by them too!) and the crowd loose all logic and dive into them as if they've never had a candy in their entire life. Make sure to keep safe and prepare to lift small children to one's shoulders or stay away from tight crowds. This happened to me when I was manning my assigned territory as a CWTS requirement.

2. THEFT - If you have a brand new phone then might as well borrow a simple looking one; Cellphones, valuables, jewelry (Passport for visitors) and the like can be items for opportunists to take away from you!

3. TECHNOLOGY FAILURE - Network can become clogged up; should your vehicle fail you, don't expect to be towed since a lot of roads are re-routed; let's include here Charging SPOTS (outlets) people will cluster here even more if you don't fully charge your gadgets or have back-up batteries. Or stock on multi-gadget power banks; your camera may fail you and it's gonna drive you insane not being able to capture the moments you wanted.

4. WORK (and/or SCHOOL) DISRUPTION - if you're working on a 12 hour shift, night shift, construction or BPO industries, you better plan out your schedule. Whether your going to work or going home from work you better have an awesome transportation plan or else you'll be walking (might as well arrange to spend overnight at work or with a friend who lives close by from your work building). Professionals are mostly not included in the following day holiday (It's a MONDAY!); if you are a student, make sure you don't have morning classes or you may have an exam!

5. HEALTH PROBLEMS - If you're sick, please don't join the celebrations for your own good (know your limits); If you're healthy, don't over-do-it for if you do, you'll probably get sick the next day. Rain or shine, the cold rain and winds or heat of the sun can make you sick if exposed too much to the elements.
  • Viral - If you're hanging with a crowd of coughs and sneezes, chances are you'll get any of those viral infections.
  • Embarrassing - well once again, know your limits and know where to go when the call of nature kicks in. You don't want to find yourself peeing or pooping on the streets (I am still lucky so far)
  • Exchange of Bodily Fluid - STOP THINKING and let me finish. You will be walking and do more walking and if there's a crowd you'll probably squeeze skin-to-skin and feel the sweat (ewwwww!)
  • Grosed-out - if you're sense of smell is hyper sensitive, then prepare yourself! (Lud-on, bahong-anso, singot..atbp.) I heard this year there are a lot of parties, some people may lose their sense of hygiene and just party on the next day without changing clothes or taking a bath (I have friends who shall not be named - though it was a long time ago but hey who knows?).
6. PHYSIOLOGICAL STRAIN - This usually happens to devotees/dancers/organizers or at the end of the long day for most attendees but this can also happen early on if you dive into a heavy crowd of people. You can get:
  • Elbowed - yes, just like in basketball.
  • (Accidental) Tackle/Speared - You watch pro-wrestling? If a person slips and tries to recover.
  • Numb Feet & Legs (also arms & hands too) - if you're not ROTC/NSTP 'volunteer', soldier, police, or the like then good for you, I'd say.
7. MENTAL STRAIN - if there is physical, well here's the mental strain, 'Gib me tisyu coz my Nus is blid' for short. If you are good looking or fairly-pleasant-personality-looking-type, then you better be 'in-the-know' of Sinulog or of the routes/roads or about Cebu. WHY? You will probably attract tourists that want to get around. Why is this a BAD?/WORST Experience? IF YOU'RE NOT PREPARED THEN MOST PROBABLY IT'S GOING TO BE. So be prepared, prepare you're ENGLISH, your SMILE, so you can be a not only a good looking but also awesome ambassador of Cebu, Philippines. :D

8. PHOTO-BOMBED - yes, imagine you found an interesting spot or situation and you're all ready with your poses and all, then all of a sudden some random person just so happens to pass by and then it happens again...then again..then...ugh.

9. LOST - no, not the American TV Series --I mean literally lost, even if you're a local and you know how to get around to places, you will really feel lost as to where in heaven's name did all the Public Transportation go to, so be prepared for route changes and make sure to bring a buddy or be in a group to accompany oneself in getting around. Or better yet, position your Private Transportation in an accessible yet safe area so you can use that to go home, OR BE PREPARED to pull an all-nighter and go home the next day.

10. GETTING DRUNK - it's a community celebration (An event where friends can gather, meet and reunite), a religious exercise and a holiday to relax, enjoy the good life..ooh it also takes your mind off the pain in your legs and body so don't go and do something you'll regret or get arrested for!

11. REALLY REALLY DIRTY - Literally. You think the fancy clothes your wearing won't get vandalized, think again, even my face got vandalized when a friend who came out of nowhere attacked me with a hand full of paint into my face as a 'greeting' (I haven't gotten my revenge by the way) And if you join parties, well you need extra clothing if you care for appearances that is.

12. HUNGER GAMES FOR REALZ - Your stomach grumbles, you respond by looking for a place to eat and realize people --people everywhere or no seats, long lines, no more food, pathway to selected food stall or location is blocked or when your trail or walking food runs out.

13. HYPERVIGILANCE WHILE BEING STRESSED AND ALL JUDGEMENTAL ON ANYTHING - why you, a single parent bring so many kids to Sinulog? Why is it raining, why is it soo hot, where are the clouds? Why are people so stupid? That's not a celebrity! That's a celebrity but seriously people? Stupid car! This is not a mardi gras. UGH young people these days. Soo weird! But I wanna party too. I wanna sleep damnit but damn you friends. Where are the chairs!!? Oh my glob you guys drama bomb! !@#$%^


15. NON-PARTICIPATION GUILT - UGH, why?! #Expat #OutsideCebuProblems #Lazy #Sleep #Work #Old #AntiSocialAgad?