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Fun, Food and some Booze well, also community. That pretty much sums up the scene during the Cebu Blogging Community's 1st Anniversary. The Cebu Blogging Community had its 1st anniversary at some bar in Mabolo Cebu, City.

The event was well attended by the Cebu Blogging Community members, as well as representatives of the sponsors. Everyone was smiling and accommodating in their own way.

So let's just get on with some of the Photos shall we?

Let's not forget to thank the following:
Major Sponsors

About Cebu Blogging Community:
The Cebu Blogging Community is a community-driven group formed to unite bloggers in Cebu under a collective purpose. CBC aims to establish camaraderie among bloggers, improve blogging skills of members and provide support to bloggers aspiring to reach the top of their respective niches.

Photo Credit: Kiat Cebu.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

It's been a while since I blogged something education related since I've been busy with my financial literacy/education blog I've heard and have been exposed to CBE ever since YMA - Young Minds Academy since one of our mentors was from CBE - Coalition for Better Education.

There is a lot of challenges, issues, and problems in the Philippine Education system. From teachers, school maintenance, dilapidated facilities, lack of books, system budget release and distribution, K to 12 and many more. Now multiply that to 40,000 elementary schools and 7,000 high schools in the Philippines? And about 95% of the total 47,000 are public schools. We have yet to even include or factor in Colleges and Universities.

And this is where Coalition for Better Education (CBE) comes in. Their main focus is on public schools for its education development advocacies, because they "believe in the power in numbers" - according to CBE National President and One Meralco Foundation President Mr. Jeffrey O. Tarayao, together with Ms. Marilou C. Flores, during CBE Blogger's Forum.

In that event, they also launched what you called a "Energy Flashcards". It is one of the newest project with Meralco’s Energy Education Program. These Energy Flash Cards will be used by public schools across the country. These are Project-Based Learning (PBL) Do-Cards activities meant to be used in times of disaster.

How can CBE help Educators?

There are a lot of benefits in becoming a part of Coalition For Better Education. The members can have access to educational information and can attend some brainstorming and even acquire a scholarship. Aside from meeting new people with same interests, members can also join some short-term enhancement programs such as:

  • ICT Intergration with PBL Approaches
  • Education Leadership in the 21st Century
  • ICT Applications for 21st Century Learning
  • Authentic Assessment
  • Play for K to 3

In its mission to create empowered learning communities, they conduct training and development programs as follows.

Degree and Certificate Programs:

  • Master of Arts in Instructional Design & Technology
  • NCII Certification: Housekeeping, Bartending, Commercial Cooking, Bread and Pastry, Front Office Service, and Food & Beverage Service

Short-term Enhancement Programs:

  • ICT Integration with PBL Approaches
  • Education Leadership in the 21st Century
  • ICT Applications for 21st Century Learning
  • Authentic Assessment
  • Play for K to 3

CBE Partner Insitutions:
CBE partners with big organizations and companies in realizing its mission to help our teachers. These include Aboitiz Foundation, RAFI, DepEd, Microsoft Partners in Learning, PBSP, VECO, One Meralco Foundation, RP Energy, Globe, Unionbank, BCPD, City Savings, and JP Morgan Chase & Co.

About CBE:
The Coalition for Better Education is a national organization based in Cebu, which focuses on education development in the Philippines. Founded in 2001, they will be celebrating their 14th year Foundation Day on August 8th, with the theme: "Imagine, Innovate, Inspire".

Coalition For Better Education is a membership based group that is now on its 14th year dedicated on improving the education by conducting training, research and development to some teachers.This coalition consists of different sectors and professionals.that helped together to come up with great ideas in sustaining improvements. It also provides policy and action research, school audit, and curriculum development services. Another thing is they also administer Mind Share Sessions, events, exhibits, and fora in relation to Education.

CBE Pillars

  • Shared Governance - iNCUBE, Global Filipino Schools
  • Research, Training, and Development - Center for Teacher Excellence, Global Filipino Teachers Program, Monitoring Evaluation
  • Advocacy - Support for K to 12, Education for All, 10-Point Philippine Education Agenda
  • Institutional Development
CBE is a membership organizition (Php300/year) which is open for all and needs more members from the media sector. If you are interested in this cause for better education, you can visit their website at You can also visit their office at Center for Teacher Excellence, G/F Arts & Science Bldg., Cebu Normal University Campus.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hidden in the baranggay of Jaclupan lies the Igotan or Igutan falls and cave. There are two waterfalls in Igotan, technically - one outside and also inside. Yes, a waterfalls inside the cave (photo above is the outside one). The Igutan waterfalls outside isn't that 'strong' but the tricky thing about smaller waterfalls is that they are most active during the rainy season. I have visited twice already but it was only during the second time that I saw a small volume of water falling ('gamay or hinay og agas' - don't take a dip there unless it's the rainy season since it's murky or stagnant most of the time).

But one thing is for sure, Igotan Cave and Waterfalls is a favorite of locals and visitors because of its so-called therapeutic falls. The falls inside seem to be the opposite of the one outside, it streams constantly during summer or rainy seasons.

Mananga River in Jaclupan side
Take a photo of this fairly long foot/motorcycle bridge
Igotan Cave is at the other side of the Mananga River and we had to cross it using this rusty bridge. The locals also use this footbridge to carry goods from one side of the river to another but during summer, most just use the river bed since it's dried up..

Read and follow the rules of the place before entering the cave
Because there's a waterfalls inside, expect a very damp and wet cave unlike most
Prepare yourself for some crouching, maneuvering, spelunking but you won't need to crawl in navigating Igotan
The Igutan Cave is a fairly small with narrow passageways. There are even some areas of the cave that are narrow; you have to crawl and twist, bend your body to be able to pass through. Probably the most beginner, cool and natural-cave you can visit here in Cebu!

Tales about Igotan Cave and Waterfalls:
Locals have various superstition, stories or legends about this cave. Some say that during the Japanese presence in Cebu, many of these invaders used the cave as their hiding place during the Second World War.

The stories of WW2 may be plausible since the Dead End - Atrium part where the inner Igotan Waterfalls is fairly large
Some locals say that they could feel something eerie and can feel spirits of elementals (enkanto, fairies, and the like) or even the dead in the area being haunted. Well, that makes it more fun and interesting to really check out, isn’t it! I did somewhat felt a 'presence' that I could not describe there as well.

Igotan Cave - Waterfalls - I wasn't able to take a photo inside the first time but I bough some more flashlights the second time and with many attempts to take a picture of this with my Xperia
Don't let that photo fool you, it still quite forceful for one's back
Other people have mentioned (our habal2 driver) that the cave holds a therapeutic power inside it. Well yeah, I could agree but depending on the season (rainy or summer). If it's rainy, the force of the waterfalls is much stronger, hence more painful). But perhaps who knows, it is nature revealing itself and its healing powers perhaps.

My alalays the second time around - admiring the Igotan cave walls, stalactites and stalagmites
Along the narrow way
In the atrium-like place near the Igotan inner waterfalls
Fun Fact: Before there was some lights inside, it has now been taking down because it could electrocute people and was deemed unsafe by the DENR.

Spend = Transpo + Food & Water + Entrance = Php100.00 Max :D
You can see the interactive speculative map for the World of Fire and Ice via
My Theories: basically, these may or may not be related to the current TV or Book plot; I'm just thinking out loud on this one and letting my imagination run wild!

The Horn of Winter - is in the possession of the Night's King. I mean they pretty much had a lot of time in their hands in terms of searching for it. And how would they pass through that magical wall then? Maybe it won't collapse the wall entirely but will diminish it somehow, enough for the wights to climb it (World War Z style maybe).

Other Wildlings
They are a pretty scattered bunch, who's to say that there are still some north of the wall, near Bran and Co. (other tribes and Giants!).

Other Children of the Forest + 1 more lazy ass GreenSeer
They are the natives of Westeros, have lived there for the longest time. The first men have adopted some of their customs, therefore, it is not far of to have a vice-versa effect as well. There could be wandering GreenSeers we may not know of in Essos, I'm sure there's a group in Ibben or even in Skagos Island (Where Osha, Shaggydog and Rickon are). We need there damn fireball attacks against those crazy sword weilding while running wights!

A Hidden Mixed-blood-Stark 1 (Benjen's Child)
I believe not all Starks are 'Victims'; I mean come'on they built a magical wall together with the Children of the Forest. The Kings of the North (let's include that Stark Night King shall we). The King who Knelt, though surrendered to the Targaryens but not out of cowardice, but for Peace and to save the lives of his people. I'm thinking Benjen Stark had a son who's lurking in the Shadows. Heck, not much is known about Benjen except that he is a Stark, and a First Ranger - sounds too simple and fishy.

This one grew up at the wall, acted as a spy among the wildlings, an avid reader and 'mad scientist' of sorts who meddles with magic and science, casted a lord-of-light-related spell on Benjen (which didn't work immediately), sent to be trained as a Maester, failed and wandering about in Braavos as a Half-faceless Man. So he wargs, can wear faces, with multiple personas and probably has Valyrian steel as well; this one will unite all the remaining Starks in the War that is to come?

A Hidden Mixed-blood-Stark 2 (Jon Snow had a twin perhaps?)
Jon Snow is dead, but what about a possibility of a twin that is far more capable at being a warrior, warging (who saw Jon's death from a far), knowledge and sh*t? Heck, let's copy paste #1 above here as well. Hahahah

Half-Faceless Man
Arya is going to fail her final test in the house of Black and White amongst the Faceless Men. Yes we want her to be more bad-ass but we can't have her become a true 'no-one' that just defeats her whole purpose and revenge plans. But she won't be the first to fail, there are many who failed and probably died, but luckily for her there is this Half-Faceless Man who saves her before she is offered as a failure to the Many-Faced God. I'd like Syrio Forel to be back, at least this Man wears his face: "What do we say to Death? Not today."

Benjen Stark - returns as Coldhands. Short story, he got caught by the Wildlings, who got run over by the White Walkers, where the Night King tried to turn him into a wight, which succeeds somewhat but that lord-of-light spell that was casted prior activated which makes him some weird zombie hybrid (not quite alive, but not quite dead either).

King's Landing and the Faith
The crown loses power or basically becomes in modern terms: a "lame duck" while the High Sparrow technically rules King's Landing without sitting at the Iron Throne. An in a weird twist of events, I'd like to see the White Walkers "approach" the city and the High Sparrow's jaw drop. #ShitJustGotRealz

Ramsay Bolton Dies like a b*tch
In the hands of a white walker none-the less, or wait he doesn't deserve that, how about female wights and he'll scream as he is being bitten alive. Or wait, one of the dead whom he had skinned does it.

Starks Reunited
In the Battlefield? Of all places! We'll get a Warrior Sansa, screaming like Brienne and the remaining Starks mounted in Direwolves! yaaaaaaaaay!

Dorne, the last battle ground
An epic clash of Fire and Ice. Is it possible? Heck yeah! I mean the White Walkers are bringing climate change with them (a land and sea battle)!

Lady Whitewalker
She will finally show herself in all her beauty and glory, unlike the converted ones that look weird and old.

Hodor's monologue
Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor!!!

What hodor said, that's all for now!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

This post is dark and full of spoilers..With the shocking conclusion of Game of Thrones S5, TV Series Fans and Book Fans are now on equal ground now that the books and Series has overlapped - somewhat. The TV series has no more references to continue on Season 6, or do they?

People are pretty much worried as to what will happen now that there is no more source material. I'd say that's a pretty bleak analogy/view of it. I can tell you that there are still aspects of the books that have not been shown in the TV Series.

Just some sort of a disclaimer: I'm more of a TV series watcher + Wikia reader person so I'm lazy or my attention span is really limited when I hold a book (though most books I finish are self help ones and rarely some fiction-story ones.

I'm breaking a rule here that I've set for myself. And that is not to get emotionally attached to fiction (or fictional characters - cause I'm supposed to be a grown up). But right now, to hell with that! So this is just my take into the whole crazy world of fire and ice.

First things first, in order for all these theories and predictions to work the current set up of the books and TV series has to continue in terms of "Time." I don't know about you but the 'sense of time' in the books and all the more in the series is pretty "messed up." Basically, it is difficult to tell time in that world, so I'm counting on that to make the predictions work. So, here we go:

Stannis Baratheon 
Dead or dying; even if Brienne showed some mercy, the wounds he has will still kill him

We start off in some swampy area with a pile of bodies. A man approaches an sees wolves, and a big wolf. The man calls out for more Men to dive them away.

Brotherhood without Banners
A group of  men finds a familiar figure among the dead. The body is taken to Thoros of Myr and Beric Dondarrion, which leads to the appearance of..

Catelyn Stark / Lady Stoneheart
We will follow her story, her plans of vengeance, her memories and whatever. It will be a good mirroring journey of Arya and her Mom (kind-of). Also, she could cross paths again with Brienne and Sansa. That should make things really awkward.

Arya Stark
We will see the blind Arya being tested more by them Faceless Men, which means Blind Beth, Cat of the Cannals and other personas she has taken!! Warging, missions and assassinations!

Okay, that's not enough to fill the whole season so what else is there?

Jon Snow 
"All men must die," but they never said anything about staying dead. No John Snow on Season 6 but maybe Season 7? Or we could get a development at the season finale.

More direwolves please! So if Nymeria shows up through Arya's warging dreams (just like what happened to Bran once befoe), Ghost can be Jon's subsitute - wandering, stalking from a distance the watcher's of the wall.

Melisandre and Davos Seaworth
Davos witnesses the stabbing of John Snow, being a righteous man with no lord to serve, he drags John's body out of there and hides it. Then he asks the Melisandre for help. They somehow decided to leave, got out, and seek the Wildlings for aid.

Things have been rough for them south of the Wall. Some settle near and others in the abandoned castles of the wall. The remaining elders meet with Davos and Melisandre regarding the fate of John Snow, of course the Red Priestess demands a sacrifice to bring John back. It is up to Davos to convince the Wildlings (and maybe with the Help of that Cool Giant together with Tormund Giantsbane) to follow the instructions of the Red Priestess, somehow to revive John Snow (I'm guessing it will be too boring/easy if Jon gets revived like Beric or Catelyn and sacrifice is her thing ahahah). 

We will probably see some weird stuff happen between the current Khal and Daenerys. Either they saw her riding her dragon and have come to worship or become her bloodriders or Khal Jhaqo (or the series can totally go south and use another Khal) will take her as his Khaleesi.
Daenerys Targaryen 
She is captured by the Dothraki and effectively sidelined for the time being. We will probably find some familiar scenario of our Khaleesi being 'bedded' by Jhaqo, then she kills him mid 'you know.' Before Drogon strolls in again, only bigger this time, like a boss. Khaleesi mounts Drogon and off they go. Dothraki admire strength to a fault

Drogon the Black  Dragon
Eats more and gets bigger. Yaaaay! Oh and sweeps Dany off her feet when she's in a pinch.

Jorah Mormont and Daario Naharis
Travelling by horseback, there is bound to be some interesting conversation between the two, perhaps even some friction as well. Jorah will be found out to have Greyscale.

Reek/Theon Greyjoy and Sansa Stark
They escaped, yey! They are falling, Nooo! Reek/Theon - has finally found some redemption. Myranda fell and died, Bran fell and became disabled. So, I can only conclude that one of them must die; holding hands, Theon shifts in mid-air to be Sansa's cushion, dies and truly redeems himself. "What is dead may never die."

Roose and Ramsay Bolton
He will get a boy baby! He will be a happy dad in his own way. Until Ramsay snaps. He is a paranoid bastard now that he has a baby (legitimate) brother; Myranda is dead; Reek and Sansa Stark escaped! Imagine a sadistic man getting a lot of bad news - something is gonna snap. He will probably hunt Sansa and Reek down with his hounds first!

He finds Theon's dead body (he smiles, and probably caresses him - because he is sadistic like that) and then off with the hunt. He eventually finds her, tries to contemplate how much of her will he leave behind. Then..

Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne
After fulfilling her primary sworn duty, she leaves the battlefield and finds the damn broken tower with a lit candle from a far. She partially regrets her decision but moves forward anyway. I'd like to think she finds Ramsay and his hunting dogs and decides to tail him which in turn leads her and pod to Sansa.

Since Ramsay likes to monologue with Sansa, this gives Brienne enough time to save the day! We will get a really awesome fight scene with Brienne kicking Ramsay and his men's butt! Ramsay doesn't die but retreats (to die in Brienne's hands is too easy, that bastard needs to suffer). They will try to go to the Vale or end up in the Riverlands while along the way, Sansa asks Brienne to teach her how to fight and wield a sword! That should make things interesting to the ever victim Sansa.

Varys and Tyrion Lannister
The dream team for any "proper" ruler, the imp and the spider get to work and flex their brains by trying to rule Meereen in the absence of Dany. They try but are struggling since Meereen is a different creature compared to Westeros, but are enjoying themselves as they walk through the politics of the ancient city. Call it learning pains.

King's Landing occupy version
Something like that, the Faith of the Seven and the Faith Militant has gotten so much influence that it literally threatens all the nobles and by extension the Crown.

Jaime Lannister, Bronn and Tristane Martell
Technically, they are still within the coast of Dorne and they return to it to bury Myrcella Baratheon. And they all wonder the outcome of this, together with Doran Martell while Bronn together with some Dornish Warriors hunts for the Sand Snakes. They are wondering because whether another War will come and that it will be useless and costly. And would Myrcella want it? Let's leave it at that.

High Sparrow vs. Small Council
Kevan Lannister recognizes the threat of the Faith based on what happened to Cersei and easily convinces the small council or any other lords to somehow suppress the Faith Militant. The High Sparrow reveals his grand plans (that sneaky old fool, Olena was right that he has plans but it is still in line with the Faith!)

King Tommen Baratheon and Cersei Lannister
Depressed little sh*t.. learn's of sister's death (maybe by end of Season)..get's more depressed. Same with Cersei, she wants to go to War, but is pressured by her uncle to think properly. Now Jaime is at Dorne in Myrcella's place and the Faith Militant is giving them more problems now more than ever.

Olena and Margaery Tyrell
Margaery confesses easily, gets her own walk-of-shame but is still beloved by the people, this surprises the High Sparrow. Olena offers assistance to the small council while secretly colluding once again with Littlefinger to kill Kevan and Maester Pycell when during their clash against the Faith Militant.

Petyr Baelish
He is enjoying his position, Lord of the Vale, plotting with Roose Bolton, Olena Tyrell, while also "assisting" the small council in their campaign against the Faith Militant. He later runs off when he learns that Sansa Stark has 'escaped' Winterfell.

Bran Stark and the Last GreenSeer
Bran is exploring the range of his Warging and we will be seeing a lot of visions (past and present), he sees the White Walkers, Wights, Hardhome, Jon's stabbing perhaps, riverlands, basically a lot while the GreenSeer says some mentor-riddle-like advise that Bran is suppose to figure out. A some sort of training arc like that of Arya's.

Direwolf summer is doing scouting duties while being controlled by Bran Stark.

Osha, Rickon and Shaggydog
More direwolf this season means shaggydog too! We will see what they are up to, I want to be surprised as to what they are up to (comic relief in GoT? I'm curious).

Meera Reed and Leaf
Meera is hunting to provide food as well as bonding and learning with the so-called last Child of the Forrest, Leaf.

Hodor: "Hodor" Hodor... Hodor. Hodor-Hodor~Hodor (Hodor) [Hodor] Hodor; Hodor, Hodor? Hodor! 

The Nights Watch and White Walkers
Climate Change just came knocking on the door, I mean wall. Winter has come! A horn has been it a Crow? another horn is heard..wildings! and then a third one.. Although there is only a mounted White Walker Scout with a spear, the Night's Watch jaws fall to the ground. They better be regretting stabbing Jon Snow by now.

There's still going to be some skin shown (if you know what I mean), some death of main-stay characters and some awesome fight-encounters as mentioned above. As for a big fight scene or just a big scene, I'm guessing Dany returns riding drogon with that 20,000 or more blood riders, sweeping into Meereen. Take that Sons of the Harpy! And we here a sigh of awe and relief from Team Dany at the Pyramid.

Note: This post is getting too long, please see here for my theories for Jon Snow, Game of Thrones or Winds of Winter in general!

Finally, I am not pretending to know all or have kept up with every fact, other rumor, theories or scrap of evidence in this Fictional World, so feel free to offer your own predictions in the comments section below. ^_^

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The town center of Badian in southeastern Cebu is a good 96 kilometers from Cebu City and going to Lambug is another 15 minutes travel. Lambug beach is a 400-meter walk from the parking area if you want to explore all of the beach coast.

Lambug Beach has a fine white sand and clean aquamarine water, in which you can’t help but feel you are not in a public beach! Unlike the other overcrowded public beachfronts of Basdako in Moalboal, Lambug offers and has a slightly peaceful and different appeal. 

You can play some beach volleyball
swim or sun bathing

Have a photo shoot! >_<
Even these visitors are bearing with the heat!

Staying there:
There are two ways to stay: either you camp in or stay in a small resort. There's Magic resort, there are other resorts along Lambug Beach like Grandeur, which is located right beside Magic. A few resorts offer air-conditioned accommodations as well. 

From the parking area

Getting there:
Getting to Lambug Beach is fairly straightforward. You can get a bus ride from the Cebu South Bus Terminal to either ride available buses going south. For the pleasant seeking traveler/tourist, Ceres Bus is for you. You can even inform the driver or dispatcher to drop off or inform you once you are near Badian.

You can ride a tricycle for hire to Lambug Beach and that's pretty much it!

Take a groufie!

Budget: This is usually a secondary travel destination for most people coming from Kawasan Falls. No entrance fee, just the fare in getting there!