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Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Everything Yummy [Food + Love] encounter


View from the inside - eBloc2 IT Park
A couple of weeks ago, I was able to meet Mr. Hans Congmon of Everything Ymmy [Food + Love] restaurant. Everything Yummy (Food + Love) is a restaurant that opened in Piazza Elesia in Talamban in October 2011, and just recently opened its second branch in E-Block 2 of IT Park in Lahug. The IT Park branch is a 100-square meter restaurant with a seating capacity of 75 to 80 persons. Prices of meals start at P115.

Everything Yummy markets itself as a “collection of special mom-style dishes” or basically a collection of food which gathers family and friends. BUTTT there are only two things I really like...the RIBS and that CHICKEN.. normally I'm a chicken person first but when it comes to Everything Yummy, I'd go for their AWESOME, MOUTH WATERING somewhat long, baby back ribs!

Those ribs!!! Quarter Ribs - 195.00; Half slab - Php465.00; Full slab - Php775.00

Everything Yummy also serves Spanish chorizo, prawn gambas, lemon grass inasal and beef salpicao, among many other choices.

Fusilli Pasta and Shrimps in Basil Pomodro - Php190.00 (the sides have been devoured - it was that enticing)
Singaporean Pepper Prawns - Php350.00
Adobo Bomb - Php195.00 (It smelled so good we just jumped in before taking a proper picture)
for desserts!! Belgian Chocolate Lace Cookies - Php75 / 5S ~ Php380.00 / box
What I like about this branch is that it's a good place to just chill out, eat, and talk with friends or families. So if you are looking for a different kind of menu or food mixtures, I suggest you give Everything Yummy [Food + Love] a try! :D

About Everything Yummy:
Everything Yummy was born from home and out of the desire, joy and delight of Christmas gift giving. It was in December 2010 when the first signature dish, the barbecued ribs, was crafted. The owners wanted to give something unique, something that can be shared by the family, and something that will be remembered. 

It was a happy discovery that their friends loved! The first 12-seater store in October 18, 2011. The name Everything Yummy [food + love] speaks for our belief that food made with love is the secret to making everything yummy. It talks about taking no compromises in the quality of ingredients and doing no shortcuts.

Their mission is to bring people and fond memories together. And to fill and delight, like mom’s own dinner table. See their motto-ish below:

Good food brings people and fond memories together.
Good food is love from a cook’s heart.
Everything Yummy is about that belief.
Food + lots of love - that is...

visit for more info.!

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Monday, February 17, 2014
Excelsior, Ad Astra


 Excelsior is a Latin adjective meaning "higher" or "loftier", used in English as an interjection with a poetic meaning of "ever upward".

Ad Astra is a Latin phrase meaning "thus you shall go to the stars" or just "To the Stars."

It has been a while since I made a round-up type of post. I'm making this one since I'm feeling once again that I'm in a cross-roads of my life or my destiny. This is also somewhat to sum up to completion the changing of years. This is because I've had a lot of new years like fiscal year, normal Gregorian calendar new year, chinese new year and the upcoming old new year of March. And although I've written a 2013 round up post entitled Carefree 2013, this involves or covers mostly more of my advocacy and work-life; it's just basically a sort-of reminder of how far I have come.

[The Last Crossroads event] (Reference to Avatar's Crossroads of Destiny ep.)
It was also a time when I wasn't totally myself which has led me to doing crazy stuff like doing free hugs in public. I was in shambles due to the events in Q2 of 2011, to make the long story short; a one-sided love story ended and add to that a first encounter of betrayal and the 1st Burned Bridge (I didn't burn the bridge myself, it was more of me watching it burn for my own good).

This was in January 15, 2012; a day I won't forget. This was when I conducted the 2nd Free Hugs Campaign during Sinulog Celebrations. I partied till dawn in Ayala Terraces through an event by Globe and danced under Fireworks and literal Fireworks song by Katy Perry. I was starstrucked by Georgina Wilson to the point that I completely failed to get a photo-Op with her. But we still shared the same floor and partied in the VIP area where socialites, media and bloggers were. I also met a girl, danced, gotten to know and then I realized, the world was so big and indeed t'was the first time I truly believe the quote: there are many fishies in the sea. And for the 1st time, I wanted to be better for myself. To become more than what I was, become a person I want to meet, spend time with, do crazy sh*t with. At that time, I was freelancing and running a start-up online services firm. It made me want to go for a normal job and get to develop myself further.

[The Girl that caught my eye]
It was sometime in October Q4 or was it November of 2011. It was in Talisay, Cebu a village that was a product of a well known NGO in the Philippines. We only shared a glimpse of each other but it was enough to ignite something in me. My sister was one of the facilitators for their group and I didn't want to bother them cause they had an exchange student-person and I did not prepare my english that day. We did not officially meet-per se, but I guess we were now acquaintances.

[Following the Heart]
Have you ever met a person, and that person had such a profound effect on you that you would search for that feeling and that you decide the only way to experience such a 'feeling' was to be close to that person? What will you do? How far will you go just to get to experience that 'feeling,' to get to know that person more, to be close, to be friends and eventually more that friends? What kind of feeling is this? Love, if so, is this how you fight for it?

And so I did, follow the desires of my heart. Aligning my new found confidence and goals from the 'crossroads event.' I pursued her, I researched the people she knows who I discovered to be mutual friends (a few); but that was not enough, so I decided to work for the same company she goes to. But of course, that is not the sole reason. I'm the type of person that must have at least more than 3 reasons or motivations to do something (But this was the anchor, the primary motivation -- to be close to that person [primary RTW - Reason to Work]).

For this case, I get to pursue the new goals I set during the last crossroads event. Get a normal Job. A job aligned to my course. To be in the same industry of my interest (Information Technology, though I'm an Industrial Engineer). And basically just to find a good company to develop myself in terms of skills, of meeting new people and a fairly competitive compensation.

[Often in our existences, we see our dreams come undone and our desires frustrated, but we must continue to dream, otherwise our soul dies.]
I never gave a thought to the possibility of failure. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I did all the things I desired, I followed my heart; I got to experience things I never dreamed of doing. I was able to become her friend, to give her gifts, to spend time inside and outside of work. To watch a movie (fantasy, scary and some other stuff); Of snacks and dinner outs, of writing 23 Love Letters to mark a birth-date (Perhaps the only evidence to this one-sided love story were those love letters with remnants of my emotion) and many more! But free will had to kick in. Just as the universe conspired with my desires, it was as if the opposite happened this time--t'was like a contract end date had come, and on October 2013 I was suddenly crushed. Before I get to utter verbally what I truly felt, she spared me the effort by turning me down when I was about to say it, as if she read my mind or my heart.

At first I felt shocked, & numb but was clearly still acting on emotion. But what I did as a reaction was to give her something..a white rose. I guess my unconscious took on the brunt of blow, for my reaction was like: "you failed, but this time it was much clearer compared to last time.."

I had to contemplate what to do. Thoughts of quitting the Job that I pursued fiercely crossed my mind a lot. But then the twin-natural disasters struck on October-November (Bohol Earthquake and Typhoon Haiyan) and I was on relief operation mode. And I've already reflected on the topic of this 'matters of the heart' in the blogpost: In-Novo (=into the new; restore/renew-the) Heart.

[Fast Forward to NOW]
And so-post valentines, a work-friend just released the news of the that girl is now happy in the arms of another. Well that was unexpected, the news somewhat took my breath away. But surprisingly once again, my unconscious spared me of a normal reaction. "everything seems to fall into it's place, that guy met her criteria more than I it makes sense.."

And so I found myself reflecting; my primary motivation is gone. I've pretty much gotten what I wanted in terms of my goals of getting a job that was in line with my course and desired industry. Should I be angry and hate this person for not caring for my well being at all?  Now what?

[The ANSWERS] I somewhat found part of the answer #CountingBlessings
Reflecting on the year and a half that passed, I've probably gained more than I could ever imagine. I was just too distracted on pursuing a person that I could not really fully enjoy the moments of impact I was experiencing. But I am also lucky; for the blogger in me remains and my habit of documenting remains, which allowed me to rediscover my journey and see how far I've come.

Meeting these Best People in the Best Place 2 be!
These tower, team, adopted, bay, and batch mates; childhood dreams with Jollibee, randome photo-ops, eating foods & many more!
Having the privilege to join and organize internal events for resource-engagement
Participated, donated in the Relief Operations @ old SHS campus in mango avenue through Gawad Kalinga
old program/project replication: Shoebox Christmas Tree project at work and delivery to Northern Cebu and Cebu City homeless people (see old post on Shoebox Caravan project to the south)
The opportunity to do training and facilitation of youth, resources, students and people!
and the occasional traveling, eat outs, night outs and many more!
To make the long story short, #NoRegrets #Yolo

Although my purpose and objective are mostly fulfilled and that the original reason to work is no longer a worthwhile cause, I realized if not for this path, I would not have met all these wonderful people, these co-workers, co-non-work-workers, & friends; I would not have been able to go to these different places (restos, movie houses, islands, resorts..etc..) and I would not have been able to learn work and non-work related skills which I have come to enjoy as well!

Maybe, there are no big things happening yet, but there are plenty of small simple things to be grateful for and in the end, we somehow eventually find ways to co-exist.

As for my purpose and reason to work, I'll figure something out..I always do. Change is inevitable, people will come in and out but we are who we are, because of who we were --we are the sum of our experiences.

I'll probably travel, go on random adventures, continue trying to save the world, delving into social enterprise-start ups, public speaking, investments and develop myself somewhere in the middle of it all.

So for now, my journey continues, it will be 'ever upward, to the stars!'#StartingOver #MadaMadaDane

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Sunday, February 02, 2014
Pushing my own Limits


Have you ever heard that phrase about pushing the limits? Probably lots of times for that sums up this activity and reflection I made. But before we go to the story, let me just say that this post is my reflection on my recent Running Event participation (Cebu Holdings Inc.'s Fast Forward Faster: The Silver Run).

To date, I've participated in 2, 5K (1st is the Casino Femme Run with friends, and 2nd was Globe's Run for home) runs and 1 uphill 7K run. I don't really consider myself a running enthusiast, I join fun runs not for a single reason, it has to serve multiple reasons and goals. Usually, it's when I like the singlet, a personal goal on fitness and 3rd is when it will serve a cause. This I believe makes the preparation, effort worthwhile. This was my 1st 10Km run and I can say it was difficult, but not impossible. Let the story begin:

After my 2nd 5Km run in 2012, I set a goal for myself that I will move up to 10K, but that didn't happen in 2013 (Although this run was scheduled originally in 2013). I can say I didn't prepare enough for this after what my lower body is feeling as of this writing. I did about 2, 30 min. runs after work last Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday with 5-7 laps around IT Park.

Running Day
I was a bit worried that I've warmed up and stretched too much, my body has the tendency to react or overact weirdly. But I did it anyway since some familiar faces were around me and if something were to happen, well shit happens. The only consolation to my confusion was when the 1st music that was shuffled to my ears was "Let it Go" and I did & then carried on running.

The pacing was pretty much constant and smooth, taking the advice of my workmate Greggy, by not caring much of whether people were passing me, breathing through the mouth (keeping it open, and occasionally using the nose) and was pretty much relaxed since my running-music was churning out awesome music (although I shuffled it) until...

..the 1st DAMNED water station (I curse you water station around in banilad). I made a rookie mistake in getting 2 (As if I've never joined a run before) cups knowing that its gonna make my stomach feel heavy and I just acted impulsively upon the site of water. Recalling my previous runs, I never take the 1st water station. And also, another mistake is that I didn't stop while trying to drink...the result? NASUD-IPAN, and that practically ruined my "flow".

From that I thought I en-hailed some water and with an oxygen deprived body and probably including my brain, thought of weird scenarios of something happening to me while on the run. You are your own worst enemy.

Running, breathing, while coughing; that was practically the story going to the Ma. Luisa corner-turn and back towards IT park. I was constantly thinking of ways to recover my momentum earlier. And my playlist was giving me some slow-music (I have no idea why I put slow-dramatic music in there). Before heading towards the small road entering IT park, I had thought of the following motivational activities to get in to the zone again:
  1. Chasing girls - some are really Behind-genic and I tried to slowly chase after them, that soon failed because after about a minute I've lost sight of them. Damn they were fast!
  2. That unspoken competition - I have shunned the thought of competition ever since I was in college. I'm a cooperation type of guy these days for you can achieve more if we help together. Well that logic doesn't really work with people you don't know while running. It can't be denied that you will notice sooner or later that there are some people who have the same pacing as you and you get ahead of them or of you every now and then. That weird realization and moment when you realize you were running different distances (when we reached a corner, one went on to 5K and the other 25K).
  3. Think of one word (or phrase) and repeat - "Push," "move," "forward," "funnuraba," "exselior," "carry-on," "you can do it," "one step closer" --this practically turns into cursing towards the end (for me at least).
Upon going to Lahug-JY, I crossed the 5K mark and I didn't really feel any sign of fatigue or heavy breathing. I was pleased to have passed that mark and then thought: "Here comes the uncertainty, an unfamiliar territory.."

The highest distances I've gone was 7K so when I estimated I've reached this mark, I thought I should just take quick breather and walked. Another BAD IDEA. Within 30 seconds my legs started to stiffened and pain creeped in. WTF. I then recalled in one of the many random conversations I've had with journalists, specifically UNGO runner Max Limpag about not stopping or walking cause it will hurt more compared to if you keep on maintaining the running pace or stride --something like that. So immediately tried to recover that state but the pain was already there.

Pain and Pleasure
You can't appreciate pain without knowing pleasure and vice-versa. For this case, it was not only figuratively, but also literal physical pain. This was a sign that my body has gone beyond it's comfort zone. In the remaining 3K, my playlist suddenly gave me motivational music. And I was literally laughing while running since it's as if the universe was talking, giving out motivational responses to my situation.

My left leg suddenly became heavier (it was usually the right, being my dominant leg) and an added pain to the knee as well; my playlist churned out "Live like were dying," "I won't Give up," & "can't hold us."

Entering Cebu Business Park again, was a sign that the end was near and I just wanted to get it over with. But things had to start getting slower. My breathing was okay, it's just that my legs are not following my orders properly. You want to move your strides faster but it's heavy and slow as hell. The building frustrations reaches it's peak and you suddenly find yourself, cursing just to keeping moving forward. (!@#$, !@%^&, *&^%, F*ck, sh*t, yawa, fishtea, WTFudge..etc.)

Upon reaching Innove building/Metrobank area, my playlist switched to WINDER ~Boku wa Koko ni iru by Sh┼Źnen Kamikaze, the opening soundtrack from Overdrive (Anime about cycling). This was fast paced and gave me a burst of energy towards the finish in which the song also ended!

10 kilometers, at 1:10:45. Booyah #OOTD #Selfie
After the race, we got some water and breakfast and some people, who are my workmates who also ran 10K even participated in the after-run Zumba activities while me was limping on the sides due to stiff leg, painful knee, but I was enjoying watch them do their moves which was painful to watch at times knowing they just came from running and they were squatting. :D

Although the race is over, my lower body is crying and goodluck to me come Monday workday. >_<

Breakfast + freebie
Reflection and Lessons learned:
  • Set a goal with a timeline; basically, decide and then just do it!
  • "if we wait until we are ready, we will be waiting for the rest of our lives." -Lemony snicket
  • No matter how small or whether it took small or large amounts of energy, each step is as important as the one before.
  • Every run is an opportunity to push and improve yourself, but what's more challenging is to apply the discipline in running into one's daily activities. Everyday is an opportunity to be a better version of yourself.
  • it’s just as easy to talk yourself into something as it is to talk yourself out of it.
  • There are no shortcuts. Practice. Just keep running
  • Running with a purpose is rewarding ^_^
  • Enjoy the journey, and view: behindgenic people, sunrise, bystanders staring and drunk people at barcode,..etc.

Goal Checklist:
  • Got an awesome black singlet
  • Pushed myself to finish my 1st 10K run
  • Although I saw familiar faces, talked to work/building mates, this was the 1st run I joined solo without friends #YeahLonerMode?
  • Contributed to helping pitch in the livelihood program for Barangay Bagay in Daanbantayan, Cebu (The Run's beneficiary)
In every run I join, there seems to be random things that happen, but what I enjoy are "The Firsts" - 1st time experiences that the universe allows to occur as well as random things.

TENKYU Phoebe Artemis for this cake :P
  • First time to read the map in reverse, I've memorized the route but when the race began I was pleasantly shocked with reality
  • First time to use my "running music playlist" or to even listen to music at all while running
  • Did not sleep before the run (well I couldn't really)
  • Eating chocolate fudge cake afterwards :)
  • Warmed up and stretched 3 times: 1st was I did myself, 2nd and 3rd was dancing (I'm blaming Zumba)
  • Finished without having to catch my breath; my pacing was good, I was probably more bothered with the pain.
  • Naka #OOTD selfie nako bwahahahahah. "K" just ignore this part.
  • Mistaken (na-aan nga uyab og someone) identity :P
  • Found workmates, building-mates, former class/school-mates
  • Eating with strangers for breakfast
  • Free Food - I didn't expect to be given breakfast
  • oh hello there, "call of nature"

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Sunday, January 12, 2014
Fast Forward Faster: The Silver Run

SAFE technical director Joel Baring, Francis Monera, CHI’s president, and ABS-CBN Cebu’s Sagip Kapamilya’s Leo Lastimosa posing with Fast Forward Faster: The Silver Run's medal and singlet

Fast Forward Faster: The Silver Run, is not only a fun and social-cause run but also the theme for Cebu Holding's Inc. (CHI) celebration of it's 25th Anniversary. The running event will be CHI’s first time to independently organize a running event for usually they only support/partnered with annual runs through the Ayala Center Cebu.

To make this endeavor even more significant, the typhoon stricken northern Cebu will be the beneficiary of the first ever running event of CHI, which is held in line with the company’s silver anniversary. Registration proceeds will be earmarked for a rehabilitation project in the Northern Cebu through Cebu Holding's CSR arm, Agbayay sa Komunidad, in partnership with ABS-CBN Cebu's Sagip Kapamilya.

Twenty five years ago, CHI laid groundwork for today's well known landmarks, such as: Cebu Business Park and Cebu IT Park (Where I work!). These dynamic developments have more than just changed the land but have enriched lives and fashioned a new social fabric where our urban community thrives.

Fast Forward Faster: The Silver Run will happen on the 2nd of February 2014 at the Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu. Assembly time will be 3:30AM with 1st Gun start at 4:30AM. Categories are at 5K (Php300), 10K (Php400) and 25K (Php500) and registration is still ongoing at the Active Zone of the Ayala Center Cebu.

The Silver Run Prizes are as follows:cash prizes, gift certificates and medals for top three finishers male and female for all categories (all 25K finishers will get medals and top 25K finishers for male & female for 5K and 10K will also get medals).

About the Beneficiary:
As mentioned earlier, the run will benefit the Yolanda stricken-communities in northern Cebu, specifically barangay bagay in Daanbantayan. They are located in the tip part of island which received limited relief goods.

CHI will be extending livelihood assistance through fishing supplies (plywood and materials for boat repair, and other fishing tools such as hooks and/or nets). A mangrove planting shall also be done in order to prepare the communities from possible storm surges.

Barangay Bagay's main sources of living are farming and fishing. The focus of the aid will be fishing since farming will take time while fishing is immediate in terms of return. The barangay has three coastal sitios: Tugbungan, Bandilaan and Alinsu-ob.

This will be a great opportunity for anyone who wants to continue helping out or fellow-Cebuanos in need in the north while getting exercise and engaging in Physical Fitness! Join Now!!
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Friday, January 10, 2014
Learn Blog and Social Media Entrepreneurship


Blog and Social Entrepreneur Course Pie source:

Social media is now the #1 activity of Internet users. If you’re not well-versed in social networks, you are missing out on a huge opportunity!! You think it's easy? Don't get me wrong, doing it for yourself is easy, but doing social media for others is another story. I even wrote a blog post about Social Media Fatigue.

Social Media can be overwhelming. But if you have the right tools and the right training, you’ll get the hang of it in no time! It's a great opportunity to Learn Blog and Social Media Entrepreneurship today!

Have you noticed why many of our social networking sites are often updating their user interface or experience? If you look closely, even google's search results keep changing, though they are more subtle compared to facebook.

They're actually not only making our social media experience better but also making social media less intrusive in marketing a product or service, attract leads and eventually generate sales for their clients --the advertisers.

That's their area, but the opportunities are also avail for users or netizens like us. We can take advantage of this opportunity by knowing how these processes work and eventually learn about the income generation that comes with it. We can become individual service providers, middle-men-ish agency, or if you're the creative type, do something unique while making money from it of course!

What is the Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur program?
  • Quick history: The program began in 2010 by Digital Filipino, e-Learning Edge & Ateneo de Manila University's - Ateneo Java Wireless Competency Center; the program spans about 3 months or roughly 14 weeks to complete; I took one module of this program around end of 2011 and beginning 2012 and what I like about it is that it all online--you just need a stable Internet Connection.
  • Course Details: You can actually click the image--course pie above to run through the course modules. But it's basically divided into 3 modules: Blog Launch, Copywriting, & Social Media promotions; Professional Blogging, Social Media Marketing and Advertising; and Make Money from Blogging and Social Media as a Service Provider.
  • Enrollment: For this year, enrollment is currently on-going and classes will start on January 25, 2014; so you need to hurry and seize this opportunity!!
  • Expectations: As a program participant, you'll have your own share of work. Each module requires you to engage into a live project. After project completion, these will be used as part of your own business or personal portfolio (so that's 3 projects in the end) and an added benefit is that you can potentially earn from the live project of course!
  • Investment: Total investment for the Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur certification program is at Php25,000.00 (Or pay per module, see the BSM site for more info.). If you asked me that's affordable and to tell you the truth, I'm surprised the price didn't increase since the time I took one module from this program!
  • Target Participants: If you want to build a career or business in social media, then hop-in and join the adventure! This can also be for those who wish to build a "Personality Brand" and use your skills to create campaigns for product/service, clients, advocacies or just for your own personal brand or career.
Personally, I've learned a lot from the program despite only taking one module. You not only get to meet and network with new people, (even though it's just online -- you still chat, collaborate or even co-create) but also learn about blogging and social media basics, best practices and industry updates with live application.

Register now at to enroll!

If you have questions feel free to message the following channels below (Janette Toral - program Subject-Matter-Expert):
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Thursday, January 09, 2014
no image


Happy new year! Guess what? The Christmas/Holiday Celebration isn't over yet here in the Philippines. Let me greet you in advance: Happy 3 kings, Sinulog, Chinese New Year, Valentines and March-New Year! Anyway, I just wanted to share and document my participation in a challenge; yep, I saw this blogpost-link being shared around facebook and I decided to peek into it. Hence the discovery of this #52WeekMoneyChallenge! It's as if the Universe is telling me, you want money/better financial status for 2014? Here's a plan to get you that money.

I found two versions of it, one that leads to a total of  Php68,900.00 by year end (via Kuripot Pinay) and the other at Php71,656.00 savings by the end of the year (via Geemiz's 52 week money challenge calculator blogpost). So obviously I'll go for the one with higher returns. ^_^

Now after reading and re-reading these blogpost, I had a question; though this one's as it is--is very feasible towards the end of the year due to bonuses and whatknot, What if, we reversed this? You know, just to make it interesting and that by the end of the year, you'll have more money to spend than saving? Talk about extreme delayed gratification!

But anyways, I'll update this post from Time to time to give and document my progress with this 52 week money challenge --in reverse? Good Luck to me!! :)))))


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