Monday, September 21, 2015

Kawasan Falls is located at Matutinao Badian, Cebu, Philippines. It is an hour away from Moalboal (a beach & diving spot here in Cebu) and some 100kms (or 2.5 – 3 hours by road) south of Cebu City. It is my second time to visit and see this multi-tiered Kawasan Falls and explore it's multiple levels with various look, view and water cascades with the source from the Kabukalan Spring!

It is no question that the kawasan waterfalls is one of or the most famous waterfalls in Cebu and that means there are tourist traps there as well compared to when I visited the place when I was a child. But it is still worth the visit despite the many visitors it gets from both foriegn and local groups of people. Expensive or even sometimes overpriced cottages, food, bamboo ride to the 1st level big falls and the like.

But you can still enjoy the place raw beauty in certain spots.

People getting a natural massage from the falls itself
Getting to Kawasan Falls in Badian!
Either you purchased a packaged tour from a hotel or travel agency, you either have to commute publicly (Go to South Bus terminal and ride a bus for about 3 hours!) or privately (Hired Van/Car or heck a motrocycle/habal-habal).

Getting to the Water Falls is a 1+ kilometers hike from the main road. There are no vehicles that would take you there, as the local government is trying to protect the area from things that could destroy it's natural beauty.

Enjoy the breeze and the views along the way from the main road (you will pay an entrance fee of Php20.00 in a government booth along this path)
Two of the many bridges you will pass by (top), bottom is an old bridge
Atop the old bridge, which reminds me of the film - The Bridge to Tarabithia
Do as the local children do, play with rocks or in this case, boulders and the river along the way since it's gonna be crowded at level 1 anyway
You will know you are near the kawasan falls once you see this mini dam
reminiscing the childhood memories
Explore the hidden lagoons in between levels, this one is between level 1 and 2, no one will bother you!
Not as crowded as level 1 but it's smaller but sill somewhat crowded. Best bet is to go overnight in this place so you can have the perfect view and scenery all to yourself!
Trekking from level 1 to 2 is easy peasy, level 2 to 3 however is quite well "not easy"
There are mini-falls and streams along the way and just have fun and go with it!
mini natural obstacle course ahead
mini watery caves!!
Level 3 or the Kabukalan Spings! This is the coldest of all the levels where people are crowding. To the right is where you will come out if you came from Alegria doing Canyoneering and to the left there is a trail if you traversed from Osmeña Peak in Dalaguete
Another way to access the place is if you are already from the south west side of Cebu via Santander (Port Town in which you can go to Dumaguete crossing Tañon Strait) or if one is traversing from Dalaguete via Osmeña Peak by foot.

Go with the Flow! Till next time Kawasan!
It's one of those places where you can just sit back and enjoy nature in certain spots or do people watching. Get some exercise via trekking the all the multiple levels of Kawasan Falls or via swimming. It's still a recommended place to visit as there is none like it in Cebu!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

“Ingles-inglesin mo ko sa bayan ko?! Punyeta!” - Heneral Luna, Movie

I just watched the movie and it was awesome!! Fine, but certainly times have changed and somewhat different since then. English is now a global language at huwag kang gamol dahil ang Pilipinas ay hindi lang puro tagalog; to this day we have 160+/- spoken language across the 7100+ islands Punyeta!!

The Filipino of today I'd argue are more aware, informed individually and socially but it is still not enough as the issues raised by the Movie Heneral Luna still hold true even today. But I believe watching the movie makes things a bit clear in the sense that we now know who not to vote come 2016 elections. At least for me!

Para kayong mga birhen na naniniwala sa pag-ibig ng isang puta.” a.k.a. self interests and "balimbing"

This movie made me hate Aguinaldo even more and the balimbings he surrounded himself with (although not all). You could say he was our first dictator since heck, no one voted for him but instead was agreed by a handful to be "El Presidente." Punyeta!

Although the movie was a mix of fiction and facts, one cannot deny and relate to the "siesta" attitude of Filipinos and for it to be portrayed in the movie (SPOILERS SLIGHT) that one general attending a fiesta in times of war was really pissing me off. It's like our government officials taking a lunch break despite a sign of "no lunch break" or National Officials attending some turn over n another place while leaving their primary job because it's "election season." Punyeta TALAGA!

“Ganito ba talaga ang tadhana natin? Kalaban ng kalaban. Kalaban ng kakampi. Nakakapagod.”

I feel like cursing, so P*****a! I'd say this still is somewhat true today. In-fighting, regionalistic tendencies has limited or held back our growth and development as a country. Yes we have strong family values, we can die for our family but not for our country? Truly, just like what Luna emphasizes in the film, the Filipinos’ greatest foe is ourselves.

From Humabon siding with Magellan to fight Lapu-Lapu here in Cebu; Antonio Luna, Bonifacio, and Aquino were all killed by an unidentified mastermind but without question at the hands of their own kind. Same with Leon Kilat, Gregorio del Pilar, Diego Silang, Macario Sakay, and perhaps more!

Aguinaldo was of course captured due to a tip from a Filipino (take that b**ch) although he himself allegedly became one of the first Japanese collaborators (!@#$%^&*).

Yes, our historical figures/heroes are human. Though this must not stop us from pursuing the ideal, our hopes, goals and dreams for this country. We can't change the past but learn from it to create our future!

Antonio Luna (Antonio Luna de San Pedro y Novicio Ancheta) the Bad-ass: Like Rizal, you could say he was a Polymath (google it! :D)

  • Scientist - he studied literature and chemistry in the University of Sto. Tomas and a license & a doctorate in pharmacy at the Universidad de Barcelona and Universidad Central de Madrid respectively.
  • Writer - he wrote under the pen name Taga-ilog which he used to publish his articles in La Solidaridad
  • Artist - gifted with so many talents particularly in arts and music. In fact, he was an excellent guitar player during his younger days.
  • Educator - not in the traditional sense, he helped establish the first military academy for Filipinos for his desire to have a professional army of the Philippines (as shown in the movie as well). A precursor to today’s Philippine Military Academy, the Academia Militar was Luna’s brainchild.
  • Tactician - studied the art of war under General Gerard Leman who had a major role in WW1. He created the Luna Line which was admired by the Americans and proposed a mountain fortress for Guerilla Warfare.
  • Fighter - was a marksman and student of martial arts, having practiced the art of arnis, fencing, and shooting. 

and it took more than 5 Filipino cowards and traitors who inflicted 40 bullet and stab wounds to put him down. Disgusting, PUNYETA!

Lastly, even his enemies admired him!

"the ablest and most aggressive leader of the Filipino Republic.” - General Frederick Funston
“was the only general the Filipino army had.” - General James Franklin Bell
"The Filipinos only had one general, and they have killed him.” - General Hughes

Aguinaldo et al? never mind.. I recommend additional reading to the following articles/blogs:
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Carry on with our dreams together with the Philippines!

Friday, August 28, 2015

I recently got the opportunity to try out HOOQ’s streaming services through a 30-day trial period thanks to their sponsorship of Cebu Blogging Community’s first anniversary celebration! HOOQ markets itself as a gateway to a world of unlimited entertainment. With just one app, you can stream, download and enjoy thousands of movies and TV series all from your phone, laptop or tablet.

I was pleased to see some of my favorite superhero movies and was amused with nostalgia a considerable list of local Filipino Movies and TV series!

HOOQ is definitely a must for those who are glued to one's mobile device 24/7. Aside from being able to download up to 5 movies or episodes offline, they also offer this feature where you can basically pick-up where you left off if your online viewing was suddenly cut short due to some circumstances. COOL!

About Hooq:
Hooq Philippines is Asia’s brave answer to the growing demand for online video streaming service with more than 10,000 titles of foreign and local movies and TV shows in its repository. Hooq, in partnership with Globe Telecom, is an esteemed brainchild that sprouted from the startup partnership between Singtel, Warner Bros. Entertainment and Sony Pictures Television.

Details are all in and try it for yourself, Happy Watching!

---Here's my general take on using Hooq

  • User interface is pretty straight forward and easy to navigate
  • Search box and that cool bandwidth signal indicator (red-yellow-green)
  • Description or synopsis of a movie/series you may not be familiar with


  • If streaming, it is highly dependent on your internet, so if you are on the move or travelling/commuting, chances are when the speed slows or signal is weak, it's gonna lag and pixelate the whole scene.
  • When downloading, I think one must turn off your phone's sleep feature since that may cancel-out, interrupt or stop the download
  • To be honest the movie library is fairly limited. Perhaps it's due to the free trial? Maybe the premium service one will have additional choices.

My entire viewing experience with Hooq was generally smooth as I watched/streamed two movies and downloaded one.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Another social media platform has been created called YAMBA - which is a new way to fast share your photos and connect the to world. Are you ready for the next big thing?

Yamba Beta Test
As Yamba’s beta tester, I was free to roam around and navigate the site as well as make a post, comment, sharing.

Yamba is a web based (currently) application that functions like Pinterest + Instagram (that's a simple example as to what Yamba is really about). As a beta application, Yamba is still coping with bugs and other flaws of their system. Nonetheless, using it was still convenient and I like how they combined the ideas from existing applications today and also because it was something different and new!

Though not perfect (that's why it's in beta) It is worth exploring as an alternative or if you are looking for something else, Yamba really does rock in it's own way!

Or better yet, try it for your self and register!!

Monday, August 03, 2015

I was researching for some non-mainstream sites, hidden spots and Cebu and I found this little known secret place just in Cebu City, specifically in Barangay Tagbao! One of Barangay Tagbao's secret spot is the Mangasang Falls aside from the local's preferred spot, the Liki Falls. It is not really well known since Tagbao sits at one of the borders or the farthest part of Cebu City (this is right after Barangay Taptap).

The Barangay Hall's Pokemon Gym!! :D
'Mangsang Falls', or also other wise known as Mangasang-a falls was only about 1Km but was a bit tricky in places and you were going to get your feet or your fall into chest deep ponds as well. Guests are required to write their name in the official barangay log book. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay anything but we still paid the barangay tanod-guide for his efforts, we really appreciated his stories and of course for keeping us safe as well.

River Trail
The most tricky puddle-pond-pool-ish. This is where I fell in slow-mo since I was confident in navigating it and also where my bag took a dip. It was full of moss/algae like things and difficult to judge the depth of the water.
A view of the Mountain Trail
The guide said that we had two options: the river trail and the mountain trail. We took the mountain trail heading there and the river trail going back to the barangay hall. The mountain trail is pretty much what one would expect, lots of uphills, some downhills which pretty much takes your breathe away; of course some stunning farmlands and other mountain views. The river trail was very tricky with lots of slippery boulders, rocks, pebbles and all.

Level 2 of Mangasang Falls (unofficial)
There are multiple small drops or waterfalls along the way but there was one that stood out, which I'd like to call a level 2 of the Mangasang Falls. This is a very good shower type falls for the non-swimmers while the main falls is very deep, which our guide mentioned, and my cousins found out.

In between the level 2 shower and the main falls was this really big rock/boulder.
Just to give you a perspective view of the falls with people in it. The pool is that big.
Our guide mentioned that it was once used as a training area for special forces and even the Philippine Army. Indeed, the main falls isn't mainstream or preferred by the locals because it is difficult to get to, and quite deep. It is best to have a guide to go there for safety purposes, even if one can swim. Fresh water is more heavy, meaning it is more dangerous than salt water because, well it takes a lot more effort to float which is a bit more easier in salt water.

Groufie view in the shower level 2
Another view from Mangasang Falls
This place is quite isolated and best kept that way, to not only respect the locals but also maintain it's pristine raw beauty. In short, Leave No Trace! So much more alternative falls and hidden spots in Cebu City!!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fun, Food and some Booze well, also community. That pretty much sums up the scene during the Cebu Blogging Community's 1st Anniversary. The Cebu Blogging Community had its 1st anniversary at some bar in Mabolo Cebu, City.

The event was well attended by the Cebu Blogging Community members, as well as representatives of the sponsors. Everyone was smiling and accommodating in their own way.

So let's just get on with some of the Photos shall we?

Let's not forget to thank the following:
Major Sponsors

About Cebu Blogging Community:
The Cebu Blogging Community is a community-driven group formed to unite bloggers in Cebu under a collective purpose. CBC aims to establish camaraderie among bloggers, improve blogging skills of members and provide support to bloggers aspiring to reach the top of their respective niches.

Photo Credit: Kiat Cebu.