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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holiday Party Hangover

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 Posted by vernon go , , , , , ,

OK this Holiday year was the most busiest for me for some reason, I got invited to more parties than expected unlike previous years. I mean Christmas Parties here, New year Parties there..I was flattered, overwhelmed and confused!!!

I didn't just get a hangover from booze but also from wine, dancing, singing and food hang-over as well. And because they kept coming I had to decline some of the invitations and another surprise was I was invited very early, so I was able to plot a schedule on which party to attend and vice-versa. Here are the list of parties:

Advance Family Christmas/New Year/B-day(My Cuz) Party - Hey we are in a recession eh?
Cebu Blogger's Society - Wasn't able to join, YMA application commitments
Habagat Company Christmas Party - I was Forced, our grade and graduation was at stake
Technologian Student Press Holidays Celebration - Joined! T'was a great experience!!
IE Department & Council Party - my buddies invited ourselves - it sucked..we left
Another Family Party (Relatives on Father's Side) - After this event I got sick, Nagkalibang ko!
Christmas Party Neighbors Salo-salo - There was booze, wine and more food..surprise?
Habagat Production Department new year party - Declined, I was encoding by this time
Salo-salo sa Pardo - It was raining, oh well it was another was good tho
New Year with the Neigbors - We gather & eat outside until New year...its a warzone!
New Year Gathering @ Hilton - My mom's friends (Former employees of Fairchild Semicondicters who are now Balikbayans) mom said they wanted to see me? goodness my mom is overly proud of me for some reason...

The reason i declined the others since I knew in advance my body could not handle this sudden abundance of free food although freebies are nice too but that's not the issue here. I knew I had a long list of to do lists this holidays and most of those tasks are WORK. Backlog assignments from my On the Job Training from Habagat, 3 Chapters to cover (brainstorm and encode)for our Feasibility Project, Kaizen Policies to Formulate/create, Feasibility Study Consultation of our FGD (Focus Group Discussion) and blogging.

I still have books in which I want to read but don't have time anymore such as Rule #1 by Phil Town, The Art of War (Edited w/ Foreword by James Clavell), Sheperds Abiding by Jan Karon, A Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, How to Read a Person Like a Book by Geral Nierenberg and Henry Calero, Positive Thinking for a Time Like This by Norman Peale, and Bringing out the best in people by Alan McGinnis. Also I'm also planmning to buy Malcom Gladwell's Latest book "Outliers: the Story of Success," I have finished 2 of his books Blink and Tipping Point already but I hope I can finish those other books before I can by this one.

Oh well T'was fun while it lasted..