My "Firsts" in 2008

I decided to do this at the beginning of 2007, to record all the "Firsts" for the whole year but at that time i didn't have a blog yet so now I present to you my 2008 Firsts! By that I mean the things or the like that I have done for the first time.

Made a Blog!!! This blog! And I'm @ my 1st year this January 10, 2009
1st Blog Event: Sinulog Stuff
A Record Sinulog for Me (6am-11pm)
First Foodtrip
First semester wherein I had limited extra-curriculars
Co-Organized the Six Sigma Appreciation Seminar

Yes we did the Black Valentines Day Fad
Co-Organized The COOL 2B Green Forum
Started Recycling and made some cash @ the Waste Market Fair

Joined Cebu Bloggers Society
First march in which my dad didn't come home (He's an OFW)

Enrolled in my first Major Thesis Subject
My first company study
Joined a Lecture Organized by the PIIE - Cebu Chapter

First Time I got sick because of school work..overstress and Fatigue 9units of Hell
Went Crazy over our System Simulation Course

Handled 2 Thesis Subjects but was Underloaded
Organized a Continuous whole day Lecture Series (Research methodology & Integrated Plant Survey - Project Chairman)

Joined another School Organization, The Technologian Student Press' & Affiliate Org.
Did my first correspondence and writing for the press

First time I cried for a course/subject
Did insane amounts of field work for our Industrial Research project

Celebrated my Birthday with my whole family!! Yes that's a first for me...
Won 3rd place in a Quiz Bowl (English-Trivia Category)
The month wherein I attended the most number of Seminars Ever!!

First and Last Ringhop Ceremony
Made a speech for the Ringhop Ceremony (1,233 word speech)
Applied for Young Minds Academy Season 3
First time to really Apply SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Attended mt 1st CBS (Cebu Bloggers Society) Meeting/Meet-up
Major Event for CBS through the Digital Filipino Event
I step foot at Cebu Asiatown IT Park & The WALK
Became a panelist for IE and Engineering Presentations

Felt the Global Economic/Financial Crisis
Didn't celebrate Halloween and All Saint's and Souls' Day, Didn't go to cemetery.
Joined 2 seminars at the same time (Well there schedules overlapped)
Was Insanely Lazy
Tried MangInasal for the 1st time...wahahahah I'm such a late adopter
First time to do Actual Industry Standard Time Study

Got Accepted for the Young Minds Academy
1st time to do a Religous/Dramatic/Interpretative skit
Won something in a Christmas Party (Habagat Party) Php3,000 cold cash
Got a standing Ovation for a performance
Gained Weight and a bulging Waistline
Was Invited and Attended Holiday Parties

Met around 30 interesting people for the whole year
Joined 8 Social Networking sites
Invited 2 people to do Blogging
Made 9 Presentations for school and Extra-curricular
Named one of the Best Cebu Blogs of 2008

Now is the time to let go of the past, set aside one’s regrets and despair and now have the courage to step forward! Look ahead, think positive, be filled with joy to the bright and glorious Future. May I be able to pursue my plans, hopes and dreams for this coming year of 2009!

How about you? What are your firsts in 2008?
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  1. congrats on all your achievements in 2008! wish you all the best in 2009!

  2. yehey! congrats sir iggy! wish you all the best for 2009

  3. Thanks...may your new year be full of blessings and surprises!!1

  4. yays! the year that was! ako murag wala ko nka hinumdom sa ako achievements.. haha... lol...

    happy new year bai beernoon!!

  5. yays! the year that was! ako murag wala ko nka hinumdom sa ako achievements.. haha... lol...

    happy new year bai beernoon!!em