Holiday Party Hangover

OK this Holiday year was the most busiest for me for some reason, I got invited to more parties than expected unlike previous years. I mean Christmas Parties here, New year Parties there..I was flattered, overwhelmed and confused!!!

I didn't just get a hangover from booze but also from wine, dancing, singing and food hang-over as well. And because they kept coming I had to decline some of the invitations and another surprise was I was invited very early, so I was able to plot a schedule on which party to attend and vice-versa. Here are the list of parties:

Advance Family Christmas/New Year/B-day(My Cuz) Party - Hey we are in a recession eh?
Cebu Blogger's Society - Wasn't able to join, YMA application commitments
Habagat Company Christmas Party - I was Forced, our grade and graduation was at stake
Technologian Student Press Holidays Celebration - Joined! T'was a great experience!!
IE Department & Council Party - my buddies invited ourselves - it sucked..we left
Another Family Party (Relatives on Father's Side) - After this event I got sick, Nagkalibang ko!
Christmas Party Neighbors Salo-salo - There was booze, wine and more food..surprise?
Habagat Production Department new year party - Declined, I was encoding by this time
Salo-salo sa Pardo - It was raining, oh well it was another was good tho
New Year with the Neigbors - We gather & eat outside until New year...its a warzone!
New Year Gathering @ Hilton - My mom's friends (Former employees of Fairchild Semicondicters who are now Balikbayans) mom said they wanted to see me? goodness my mom is overly proud of me for some reason...

The reason i declined the others since I knew in advance my body could not handle this sudden abundance of free food although freebies are nice too but that's not the issue here. I knew I had a long list of to do lists this holidays and most of those tasks are WORK. Backlog assignments from my On the Job Training from Habagat, 3 Chapters to cover (brainstorm and encode)for our Feasibility Project, Kaizen Policies to Formulate/create, Feasibility Study Consultation of our FGD (Focus Group Discussion) and blogging.

I still have books in which I want to read but don't have time anymore such as Rule #1 by Phil Town, The Art of War (Edited w/ Foreword by James Clavell), Sheperds Abiding by Jan Karon, A Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, How to Read a Person Like a Book by Geral Nierenberg and Henry Calero, Positive Thinking for a Time Like This by Norman Peale, and Bringing out the best in people by Alan McGinnis. Also I'm also planmning to buy Malcom Gladwell's Latest book "Outliers: the Story of Success," I have finished 2 of his books Blink and Tipping Point already but I hope I can finish those other books before I can by this one.

Oh well T'was fun while it lasted..
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  1. Set things first jud bai.. basin dili na mahuman imong thesis or worst dili ka.grad...

    Ako nalang na imong mga books. When will you read it? After the thesis is done?

  2. hehehe..graduation is a priority ofcourse...I'll think about the books YAHA!!!